Choosing a prepaid smartphone depends on customer

The perception of whether or not a consumer saves money by using a prepaid smartphone depends solely on the consumer’s needs. When you compare a prepaid plan side by side with a two-year contract, each has its benefits and challenges. But those are only relevant when the goals of the consumer are kept in mind, choosing a prepaid smartphone depends on customer.

When you are comparing prepaid smartphone services to something like a prepaid SIM card, there are advantages to both. The prepaid SIM card allows you to change phones without losing your important information. But if you are looking for stability in your phone, then having a prepaid SIM card may not be the way to go.

Casual Users
So many people are avid users of their smartphones that there is a large market of casual users out there that can often be forgotten. These are people who have a smartphone only for emergency situations or because they need to be accessible when they are out of the home. They do not use their smartphone for hours a month and are looking for an alternative to the two-year contract. In this case, a prepaid smartphone would be an ideal solution. The consumer only pays for the service that he/she uses, but still has access to the important features such as GPS and phone service. It can save a lot of money and reduce the hassle for the casual user.

Phone Hoppers
Phone hoppers are people who absolutely must have the newest smartphone technology when it comes out. As we have seen, getting the newest technology can sometimes mean having to switch carriers. But if you have a two-year contract, then it could cost you hundreds of dollars to leave the contract before the contract term is up.

A prepaid smartphone allows the phone hopper to buy a prepaid phone and then sell it when the newest thing comes around. It is ideal for people looking for the best way to change plans without paying a lot of money.

Budget Conscious
Budget conscious users like to use their smartphone, but they do not like paying the monthly charges that can sometimes be unpredictable thanks to taxes and service charges. When you have a prepaid smartphone, you determine how much you want to pay each month and control your budget that way.

The only thing that takes some getting used to with this idea is curbing your smartphone usage each month to stay within your budget. It can be difficult at first. But once you get used to it, you can save yourself a lot of money.

A prepaid smartphone can be an ideal solution for the consumer who wants to control costs or have the freedom to change cell providers whenever they want. The savings you will experience by using a prepaid smartphone in the proper way will help you to keep your cell phone usage within your monthly budget.


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  1. Vinceduboir says:

    Good Lord I cannot for the sake of me ever imagine why I would return to the post paying world of wireless. Regardless of being budget conscious, it’s a conscientious method of using a device that could, did, otherwise cost a LOT of money. Me, I was fortunate anough to get out of my contract legit, and moved quickly to tracfone’s straight talk subsidiary – $45 a month unlimited everything, and got the then, oldish nokia e71. Now it’s BYOD…which is the only problem I now have – getting that other device elsewhere 🙂

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