Encouraging Infinity Blade Dungeons gameplay oozes style

Sometime this year a new mobile game will come to the mobile space called Infinity Blade: Dungeons, although the game isn’t being developed by Chair who developed Infinity Blade and its sequel, but rather being developed by an internal team of Gears of War vets, and apparently Infinity Blade: Dungeons is a departure from the standard Infinity Blade formula.

The guys over at IGN have given Infinity Blade: Dungeons the once over and say that the game’s dungeons are intended to take between five and eight minutes to complete, with each being hand-crafted, and rewards the gamer with gold or armour and the like.

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is a crawler game much like Torchlight or Diablo, and the guys say that Infinity Blade: Dungeons plays beautifully, albeit only having a short period of time with the game, with the controls feeling intuitive and natural from the outset.

Players of the mobile game will not find any equippable weaponry in any of the dungeons, but gamers have to craft every weapon for themselves by way of a touch powered mini game with the quicker a gamer works out a weapon’s imperfections the greater the level of the weapon, and once said weapon is crafted the gamer can equip the weapon with ice or fire gems.

In their review of Infinity Blade: Dungeons they guys say the game is quite impressive, and the touch controls are a smart distillation from the PC version and should appeal to casual and core gamers alike, and the guys have made an Infinity Blade: Dungeons gameplay video that can be viewed by hitting up their website.

When it comes to just when gamers are likely to see Infinity Blade: Dungeons becomes available, unfortunately Epic would only say it is coming later this year. So are you looking forward to playing Infinity Blade: Dungeons?

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