More Samsung Galaxy class smartphones on the cards

The Galaxy line of smartphones have thus far done exceedingly well for Samsung, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it looks like the Galaxy S3 will be yet another huge success, but when you have a good thing going it is always best to expand, and as such it appears that old Sammy has no intentions of giving up on their Galaxy name.

According to the guys over at Intomobile by way of Fusible, Samsung on the 10th of May submitted applications for such Galaxy device names as the Samsung Galaxy Lunge with the serial number 85621870, the Samsung Galaxy Wield serial number 85621864, the Samsung Galaxy Rivet with serial number 85621854, the Galaxy Forge serial number 8561866, Galaxy Victory number 85621853, and the Samsung Galaxy Mission with serial number 8561866.

And the word is now Samsung has taken another step to solidify those Galaxy names and had files the names with the USPTO, and apparently all of the patents filed for cover smartphones and mobile telephones, but of course simply filing for the trademarks on the device names obviously doesn’t mean we will actually see these Samsung handset make it to the mobile space.

Having said that, why would Sammy submit applications for a bunch of device names if they don’t think they might possibly use them at some point in the future?


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    1. Gatorproof says:

      If what I read is true, LTE and current quad cores don’t play nice . I.e. the new X and Galaxy S 3 will be duel core in US on LTE ?

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