Resurrecting not so magical Android Jelly Bean 5.0

The next Google operating instalment will be Android Jelly Bean 5.0, but how important is this next OS? There is a lot of news surrounding this, and we would like to hit on resurrecting the magical Android Jelly Bean 5.0.

Google is planning on working with multiple manufacturers to provide the Jelly Bean OS builds system, this will allow a developing range of new flagship Nexus smartphones and tablets before November’s launch according to ZDnet. Google has only worked with one device manufacturer at any one time and this time round they are apparently looking ahead in working with at least five.

Reports have come in suggesting that Google will resurrect a new strategy of selling smartphones directly to its consumers, we all know that they had its very own web portal but this proved less successful than first imagined and it closed late 2010 and replaced it with its current page. Google would like more control over its software and with the new Android Jelly Bean it seems like this is where they can begin its tests with manufactures and operators etc. If you sit back and think about it, software updates would be much faster than waiting for completed tests and tweaks etc via phone operators.

Android Jelly Bean may possibly be released this fall, but are developers really bothered about this? The reason we say “Bothered” is simply down to news via InfoWorld who reports that they are not waiting for the Android operating system update, instead they seem more content working on what they already have to make money building current apps.

The new OS could see new features within such as Chrome browser integration, faster and better power management and a whole new look on enterprise security, there could also be the possibility of dual-booting support for Microsoft’s Windows 8 according to the source above, time will tell as they say. At the AnDevCon event developers were concentrating on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, so the new OS is far from their minds at the moment.

Many developers still have a few months worth of building with ICS 4.0 to worry about Jelly Bean, always best to use what you have today and make sure apps are running smoothly with ICS 4.0 rather than worrying about getting ready for the Jelly Bean 5.0 instalment, do you agree with this?

Toms Guide talks about Google splitting Android Jelly Bean 5.0 to five Manufacturers, this could mean that Google may plan on opening a virtual store front to sell its branded phones and tablets, not forgetting they could also offer retail hardware service rivalling Apple and Amazon. The source above talks about critics complaining about the early Q3 2012 Jelly Bean release, they say that releasing it too early could potentially damage the overall Android ecosystem.

Phones Review Says: In a way it is a little silly contemplating Google releasing the new Android 5.0 Jelly Bean OS seeing as many customers are still waiting on their Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update, at the moment there are many Android users still using Android Gingerbread 2.3, ICS is gradually making its way through devices. Please do let us know if you think Google should release Jelly Bean this year, or do you think it is practical to wait until 2013?


8 thoughts on “Resurrecting not so magical Android Jelly Bean 5.0”

  1. Knowles2 says:

    Google needs to carry on innovating they can’t afford to for the rest of the industry to play catch up. I however think jelly bean will focus on integrating Google
    Into Android and neccessarily adding new features to the core of Android.

  2. Dave says:

    so phones made by samsung, htc, motorola, and sony im guessing? that would be pretty cool, a different selection of official google phones. good move for google/android/device manufacturers

  3. Mk says:

    Why dont Google force a Vailla update to all mobiles. Then Samsung, Sony, HTC etc can then push there overlay and launchers after but it should be a feature to change the launcher ranther than being forced to have one brand of launcher.

    Updates would come on time and in a correct manor this way!!

  4. Sweekar says:

    i think dat google shud wait till 2013 as most of da phones r still running gingerbread and r waiting for ICS update, atleast they shud extend da release till oct 2012.

  5. D 56 says:

    @bf51b7f9c0ba3a172b3b0c9740f55570:disqus  The reason they wouldn’t do that is because it would be confusing for most people. Switching from a vanilla experience to one which is completely different like Sense.

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