Samsung shows it cares with customer support app

There are a number of different applications being released all the time, but today we have news of one that is a bit different and in an effort to keep in touch with its many customers Samsung shows it cares with the release of a customer support application for Android.

The company that has recently announced it latest smartphone has attempted to improve the customer service it provides for users of its devices with the release of the Samsung Cares application. The idea of the application according to Talk Android is to provide Samsung support to users while on the go.

This application covers more than the company’s smartphone products and offers things such as viewing FAQs, tutorial videos, trouble shooting guides, and how to guides. Users of the application can even track their service status if their Samsung product or device is at the workshop for a routine repair.

If users have trouble finding the answer they are looking for and need additional help, they can connect with Samsung at any time via Facebook, Twitter, and even Live Chat by using the contact options given in the app. There are live streaming videos available via SPSN and of course the application is available as a free download from Google Play.

The applications has already been receiving reviews that don’t paint a pretty picture of it, but many users are just using it as an opportunity to attack Samsung and not actually saying whether the app is any good. There are some that have found the app to be a useful source though, and at the end of the day it is available free. Have you used the Samsung Cares Android app?


One thought on “Samsung shows it cares with customer support app”

  1. Richard says:

    Samsung care do they? That’s why they falsely advertise my Galaxy S3 as having 16g internal memory when it’s only 11and deliberately block the copying of apps to the sd card.Just to put the icing on the cake the build quality is rubbish.Can’t wait to sell mine and good riddance to Samsung.

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