Wait for iPhone 5 sees mobile market drop

It appears that quite a few in the mobile space could be waiting patiently for Apple to deliver their next iOS smartphone in the form of the iPhone 5, as apparently global sales of mobile phones have dropped for the first time since 2009, apparently due to those awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5.

According to an article over on Forbes, Gartner is reporting that the drop in handset sales is partly due to those waiting to upgrade their current iOS smartphone to the iPhone 5 when it eventually releases, or others waiting to swap from their device to the new iPhone, and in part due to a downturn in the Asian markets.

In their latest quarterly report, Gartner claims that 419.1 million mobile phones were sold in Q1 of 2012, which is a 2 percent drop or 20 million devices when compared to the same period a year previous.

Anshul Gupta, an analyst for Gartner has said that they were not expecting a slowdown in Asia, and China is normally a big first quarter market; however customers are holding off upgrading and waiting for other high end devices such as the new iPhone from Apple.

The analyst also said that Apple’s new iPhone, currently being called the iPhone 5 will continue to have a negative impact on handset sales.

However, the research company confirms that old Sammy is now the top handset and smartphone vendor in the world, and has overtaken both Nokia and Apple, and Samsung Android handsets now account for in excess of 40% of all Android smartphone global sales in Q1.

So it would appear that drop in mobile market sales looks to be placed at the door of the iPhone user, so we’d like to ask our readers if they are holding off purchasing a new smartphone and waiting for Apple to deliver the next iPhone, feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


27 thoughts on “Wait for iPhone 5 sees mobile market drop”

  1. Necip says:

    I was disapointed with the awful plastic Galaxy S3 reviews although the functionality is good. I do like android instead of ios so if iphone 5 is not around by September I might just get a HTC one x at least the plastic on that isn’t as cheap looking. 

  2. Spoonman_2 says:

    My two year contract is up this month and my service provider is already trying to get me onto another two year contract with the new HTC One X. I’m contemplating it but love the iphone so i am willing to wait. In the end my Iphone 4 is still getting the job done.

  3. Mosttalentedtom says:

    i would never buy an android phone ever! Worst mistake in my life buying a blackberry! So i’m defiantly waiting for the new iPhone because iPhone’s just work!
    The size in upgrades in the past, the iPhone 3g to 3gs, a relatively small one in comparison to the big upgrade to the iPhone 4. Then another small upgrade to the iPhone 4s. if you get what i’m trying to say then you’ll know how high my expectations are for this ‘iPhone 5’i’m hoping this long wait it going to be worth while! 

  4. 01grimwoodl says:

    i’m waiting patiently, recently lost my smartphone so purchased a cheap smartphone to see me through until the iphone 5 merges!!!!

  5. msunderl says:

    My wife and I both have had HTC EVO 4G phones for 2 years now.  Mine still works great, but her’s is giving her trouble.  I told her I’d by her the iPhone, if she’d hold off until the 5.  I like to do things like modify my OS and swap out batteries, so I’m sticking with android and will probably upgrade to the HTC EVO LTE, which will be fine for me here in Dallas where Sprint (unlimited data!) will have rolled out LTE.

  6. chaser says:

    i’m waiting. You’re tied into these contracts for a relatively long time considering its an object you arguably use the most in life, definitely worth waiting for. 

  7. Stellawoos says:

    I have the I phone 4. Could have upgraded to the Iphone 4s but since i have the same software im holding off until the Iphone 5. Think this time around I will buy the phone outright & see what deals can be made with the sim contracts. being so keen with being thrown into the 21st century & wanting the 4 so badly, I made rash decisions with contract, insurance etc.So, see cost of phone,cost of sim contract insurance etc. Think that would be the best route. Simply cannot wait until the Iphone 5!!!!!!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!

  8. Jbob says:

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for the IPhone 5 for the last year!!! So Apple, get your act together and give us the good stuff, no more of the iPhoney(s)!

  9. Well researched user says:

    The only mobile I am waiting for is the Samsung Galaxy S3.  I have an iPhone 4S – don’t like the Apple-only ios, and my ‘normal’ phone, the HTC Incredible, has been one ginat dissapointment.  So roll on Sammy – can’t wait for them to arrive in Australia.

  10. Well researched user says:

    That should be ‘giant’ dissapointment.  So sorry HTC.  I would have liked your phone to win me over, but the persistent problems I have had with it just ‘label’ your product for me.  And you can guess what label I put on it.  🙁

  11. Kdhendo13 says:

    I have the cash… I am just desperately waiting for the iPhone, it better be released at WWDC or I will seriously consider the S3… :/

  12. Chickybabe says:

    I am for sure waiting on upgrading my nokia for the iPhone 5, it hasn’t been easy as sometimes i think i should just get the iPhone 4s so i can have an iphone right now instead of waiting and waiting and you guessed it more waiting lol

  13. Trejo495 says:

    I’m waiting for the iphone 5. However, with the “family shared” plan verizon is coming out with at
    The end of the summer, i won’t be able to afford not even a flip phone! Let see how that goes.

  14. Xenar72 says:

    Yes I’m waiting for the iPhone 5. Then I will compare it with the HTC One X and the Samsung SIII. I’m leaning towards the SIII.

  15. Mohamedfouze says:

    I’ve been using iPhone 3GS for the past 2 years. I’m waiting for the iPhone 5 and have not upgraded any models yet. Looking forward to the new iPhone!

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