Sony Tablet P ICS update release almost here

We are finally seeing more mobile devices receiving the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, months after it became available with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus late last year. Today we have news that the Sony Tablet P Android ICS update release is almost here.

Back at the end of April it was announced that the new operating system was finally landing on the Sony Tablet S, although some of our readers only seemed to receive it in the last week or two. Now according to an article on The Verge Sony will be releasing the software update for the Sony Tablet P from May 24th, and starting in Japan.

Both of Sony’s tablet PCs were supposed to be getting the update during April but Tablet P owners have been left using Android Honeycomb, and it looks like they have at least another week of that to go. Some of the new features include ‘Small Apps’ that allow users to open a miniature browser window, calculator, or remote control on top of supported apps like the browser.

The update will also allow users to access the camera directly from the lock screen and capture panoramic images, and the new browser lets users switch between desktop and mobile versions of a website via a single button. While Japan will be getting the update on this date, there is no word on how long it will take to rollout to other areas of the world, but the international and Japan releases started going out on the same day for the Tablet S.

If you are using your device and are connected to the Internet you should be prompted that the over the air download is ready for your device. The Sony Tablet P was an interesting addition to the market when it was first announced, with its unique clamshell design and its two screens that resembled a Nintendo DS more than a traditional tablet PC.

Do you have a Sony Tablet P and what do you think of it?


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  1. Does Android 4.0 have different code depending on the country? Is it the temperature in North America that vauses the source code to go fuzzy and cause delays? Someone please explain. Google is in North America……. Go figure…i know this one is not Carrier affected

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