Sony Tablet S gets some Android ICS 4.0 love

We often get to hear about the slow process of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich rollout to the variety of smartphones that are still awaiting its availability, but today we have news that the Sony Tablet S gets some Android ICS 4.0 love.

The latest version of the Android operating system is now available for owners of the Sony Tablet S after the company took to its blog to announce its availability, and according to ZDnet they also highlighted some of the new features the software brings to the device. These include some new home screen features along with a reworked web browser, and some new camera modes.

A spokeswoman for the company said on the blog that the next time owners connect their Tablet S to the Internet the device should prompt them to do a system update, and after clicking ok in a few minutes the Android 4.0 update will be ready to go.

Sony have taken to adding some of their own features to Android ICS with multitasking getting a desktop twist with the calculator, browser, and remote control apps having small windows that can be dragged around in and out of view. Other than that the software is pretty close to the stock version, but it’s not currently known if the update is available for UK owners yet.

To check for Android 4.0 go into settings and check updates to see if it’s available to you, and Sony didn’t say when the Tablet P would be getting the new software. This follows on from the update reaching some of Sony’s smartphones such as the Xperia Ray, Neo V, and Arc S, but the company did warn that upgrading may lead to some devices being less stable.

If you have recently updated your Sony device to Android 4.0 let us know how you have found it, and check out the video below of the Sony Tablet S running Android 4.0.


25 thoughts on “Sony Tablet S gets some Android ICS 4.0 love”

  1. Ymer says:

    Sony don’t really care of customers, how many users (android tablets) are asking all the time about roll out outside Japan ans US, but don’t get any answer.

  2. Angelo says:

    Got it today at 4pm in Canada. It was a fast install and so far its a big improvement in speed and small minor changes. So far its been impressive.

  3. Domwhite81 says:

    Puerto Rico before Australia?  Interesting.  BS as far as I’m concerned, my brother just got it for the Samsung S2, nothing for my Sony Tablet yet.  Seriously, what’s the damn holdup?

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