Check out Airplanes 2.0 update for Windows Phone

For the Windows Phone gamer out there that enjoys air plane games you just might like to know that the Airplanes app for Windows Phone devices has now been updated to version 2.0, a network strategy game similar in style to Battleships, but using planes rather than ships of course.

With Airplanes for Windows Phone, the shape of the plane enables the gamer to think in 2D rather than 1D and thus makes gameplay more fun, with a single hit to the head taking down a plane with no further hits to the target required.

Airplanes can be played with friends online even if they don’t own a Windows Phone as Airplanes is available from Facebook and your Desktop PC.

According to the guys over at WMPoweruser, Airplanes 2.0 delivers a few major improvements to the game, the user can now position planes via drag and drop, the ability to share your victory via Twitter and Facebook, new fire and miss effects, and new animations along with a more attractive colour scheme.

There is a trial version of Airplanes available that delivers a 10 x 10 battlefield with 2 planes, and a paid version that has now been discounted to $0.99 available from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We also have a quick tutorial video of Airplanes for your viewing pleasure below, so don’t forget to head on down and hit that play button to check it out, are you playing Airplanes?

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