In the know about Samsung Galaxy S3 DC-HSPA

We are just over a week away now before we see the Samsung Galaxy S III being released to certain regions around the world. The highly anticipated handset was revealed to the world with a number of new features, and today we have news of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and how it will offer faster 3G connection speeds for UK users.

It has been revealed that Samsungs new Android smartphone will connect to the Internet via DC-HSPA, which according to Cnet is a boost compared to current 3G speeds. The handset will allow users to surf the Internet and stream music and video up to a speed of 42Mbps, while using the quickest type of dual-channel HSPA that is currently available in the UK.

It is now known that carrier O2 will be the first to have the version of 3G available to its customers in certain major UK cities. It has to be remembered though that the 42Mbps speed is reliant to which area of the UK you live in and the strength of the signal.

Vodafone launched DC-HSPA around the year ago but that only has a top speed of 28.8Mbps, and the company currently has no plans to upgrade to a faster version. The carrier has also got exclusivity to the 32GB version of the Galaxy S3 for the first month of it being released.

Rival carrier Three are also planning on launching a 42Mbps DC-HSPA network later this summer and Everything Everywhere are planning on doing the same by the end of 2012. DC-HSPA is one step nearer to the next generation of mobile data network with some companies calling it 4G. The new iPad and Nokia Lumia 900 are both recent devices that are making use of the technology.

The technology will keep UK residents going until a 4G network is finally rolled out after the much delayed spectrum auctions take place. Are you getting the Galaxy S3 when it is released?


4 thoughts on “In the know about Samsung Galaxy S3 DC-HSPA”

  1. Bertie Badger says:

    Probably going to upgrade my iphone 4 to this beast,  fingers crossed the network providers keep up with the tech otherwise its a bit like having a Ferrari in a traffic jam.

    1. Tony Hodder says:

      I am considering the same move but it’s a big decision to give up the iPhone 4!! What has been your main factor for switching?

  2. Bertie Badger says:

    Mainly because my contract is up today & you know how tempting it can be. It’s down to the larger screen & hopefully faster tethering. I’ve had every iphone out & even switched mid term to the Nokia N900 which served me very well but is now showing its age its just not zippy enough. My iphone 4 is not tied down to its OS as its a jailbroken one so if I wish I can play old school arcade emulators or what have you on it, but it seems I can do all of this and more on the Sammy S3 out the box. I just think the mobile web experience will be much richer with the Sammy + I’m porting over to an all you can eat data contract.

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