CordLite compliments iPhone charging with illumination

There can be times that you are trying to plug a piece of equipment into its charger or other accessory, and for one reason or another you may be doing it in restricted light levels but the CordLite compliments iPhone charging with illumination.

The CordLite is another accessory that is available via the Kickstarter Project, and is basically a charging cable that provides illumination. This will allow you to see your charging port in any low light situation, and works by simply illuminating as soon as it is picked up. The touch design does away with the need for buttons or switches, which in turn make it look clean and simple.

It is manufactured from a rigid plastic for the body with bead blasted aluminium for the touch plates, with the cable itself is a standard USB cable that allows users to charge and sync their iPhone, iPad , and iPod. Below you can see a video of one of the working prototypes that were manufactured using a time consuming and tedious methods, but it was this that helped iron out any early glitches with the product.

There is a microUSB version but for now the iPhone version is being focused on because of production costs and schedule. The CordLite will be available in black or white plastic body and the cable will be coloured to match. The product will require a variety of manufacturing processes such as injection moulding and stamping, and the high initial cost of this is why the CordLite is on Kickstarter.

The project is due to finish at the end of June and production will begin straight away, and you can find out more information here and make your own pledge. Do you like the look of the CordLite?

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