HTC confident about custom issues, lacking specific device list

In the last few days there has been a lot of news surrounding the fact that HTC have been unable to get some of its handsets out to consumers in the US as they have been held up in customs, but now we have news that HTC are confident about having a solution but there is still a lack of a specific device list.

The company’s smartphones have been under review by US Customs because of a patent dispute with Apple, but it seems that handsets have begun to slowly be allowed through into the country according to a report on Engadget. The smartphone manufacturer has revealed that some of its models were being allowed into the country, but unfortunately the company didn’t reveal which models had passed through the inspections.

Recently we told you that the HTC-Amaze on T-Mobile was being delayed by the checks being made by custom officials, and before that the One X and EVO 4G LTE were also being held up. The statement released by HTC stated that “some models have gone through inspection and been released to our carriers customers”, but continued that the company didn’t “have the status of each specific device at this time”.

HTC stated that it remained confident that the holdup would “be resolved soon”. Each HTC handset that is imported into the US has to be reviewed by the US Custom officials and only released once the checks are completed.

It is believed that HTC has made some changes to the handsets operating system software to get around the injunction put in place by the International Trade Commission, which came after Apple complained about some of its patents being infringed and the ITC made the decision in Apple’s favour.

Are you currently waiting to get hold of a HTC handset involved in the hold up?


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