DirecTV app for iOS and Android

If you enjoy watching the same TV shows you view in your home on the go on your smartphone, there is of course the DirecTV application for both Android and iOS devices, mobile apps that let you watch all your favourite TV programs whilst on the move.

The DirecTV app enables the user to search for any TV show up to 14-days in advance, see shows descriptions, parental info, suggestions, photos, and cast and crew, and record shows by single episode or complete series to any DirecTV DVR in your home.

The DirecTV app for iOS and Android allows the user to browse movies on DirecTV based on category, set recordings to view DirecTV Cinema movies so you can watch any time, order events and movies without the receiver connected to your phone line, and add an additional time to begin and end a recording request, or select manual record.

With the DirecTV mobile app you can browse thousands of on demand titles, share what you are watching via Twitter and Facebook, and get information and set recordings from Facebook and Twitter friends who have posted their DirecTV posts.

Users of the DirecTV mobile apps require a residential home account registered on the DirecTV website to be able to access the recording functionality, and is available customers in the United States only.

For those that would like to take advantage of what the DirecTV mobile apps have to offer, if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad you can download the DirecTV app for free from iTunes, and if you are on the Android platform the app is also free from Google Play.


2 thoughts on “DirecTV app for iOS and Android”

  1. TomasHunter says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think this app is anything special as most TV providers have apps that let you tinker with DVR settings and watch video on demand. I want to know when they will start letting their customers stream live TV outside the home. It is a distinct possibility that I have been spoiled by my Dish Remote Access app. There are a lot of things that people do outside their home that would be complemented by a little TV. I, for instance, like to meet one of my coworkers from Dish down at the park on weekends to play chess. I have been bringing my tablet along so we can watch the Rockies game while we play. As far as I know Dish Remote Access is the only way to do things like that.

  2. also i was just told that non ipad devices cannot live stream. i have an ASUS tablet and can only use pay per view. i have netflix so at this time the app is useless

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