Final reminder to Windows Mobile 6.x customers

If you happen to be a Windows Mobile 6x device user you probably know that Windows Mobile 6x will be discontinued as of today the 22nd of May 2012, and Microsoft has sent out a final reminder that the Windows Mobile 6x Marketplace service will no longer be available.

According to the guys over on The::unwired, Microsoft is putting all their efforts into Windows Phone 7 or above, and Windows Mobile 6x user that own a device such as the HTC HD2, as of today will not be able to browse for or download any apps to their Windows Mobile 6x device via the Windows Mobile 6x Marketplace.

However apps and games that are already installed on Windows Mobile 6x handsets will continue to work after the Windows Mobile 6x Marketplace is shut down, whilst additional downloads will not be available.

However according to the guys there is a bit of a problem, as all will work fine until such times as a handset requires a hard reset, which means all apps acquired from the Windows Mobile 6x Marketplace along with phone data, user specific settings will obviously be deleted from the device.

Windows Mobile games and apps that are compatible with Windows Mobile 6x might be available from 3rd-party marketplaces or even directly from developers, or a user could opt to use a Marketplace hack that has recently been published and is a modified Marketplace app for Windows Mobile that quits after an app is downloaded and before installation, and leaves the app available as a cab file that can be backed up for later use.


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