Mounting Galaxy S3 confusion over release dates & colors

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III) is definitely the hottest smartphone of the moment with a launch in some regions only days away now. However release dates for the U.S. have been rumored but never confirmed and now it seems there’s mounting confusion over release dates and also color availability everywhere.

The Galaxy S3 release date for the UK and the rest of Europe is May 29 and the latest news suggests that this is still unaltered although whether there will be plenty of stock of both color options (Blue or White) now seems to be in question. As for the much-awaited US release date this has been rumored varyingly from June 1, the first week of June, sometime in June or as Samsung itself said, sometime in the summer. Now this is where it starts to get confusing so please bear with me.

Yesterday we told how a leaked screenshot about a release in Canada showed June 20 as the big date, suggesting that the US may see it at the same time. Further news today seems to back up the June 20 release date for the US, where it looks likely to be released on all four of the major carriers. TMO News tells of leaked info passed to them regarding T-Mobile US release dates in which the Galaxy S3 16GB and 32GB Blue versions will be launched on June 20. However the Galaxy S3 16GB White version has a release date listed of July 11, seemingly suggesting shortages of the white model. Interestingly the list doesn’t mention the 32GB White version at all.

The plot thickens though as a further report, this time from Engadget, sourced from XDA Developers, says that the Pebble Blue version will be in short supply and so its release may be delayed in some regions. The report tells how potential customers in some regions have been warned that the blue option will not be available on launch, with only the Marble White option available. Regions affected are apparently mainly in the Nordic countries, but also Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Persian Gulf states but of course if there are problems there it is also likely to affect the North America launch. There is speculation that there has been some problem in the production of the blue plastic backplates and that it’s this that has caused shortages.

As you can see then, the news from these two sources is completely contradictory with one suggesting the white versions will be in short supply and the other pointing to limited amounts of the blue Galaxy S3. Confusing stuff and it becomes even more bewildering if we remind you that the other day we told how the Galaxy S3 had already gone on sale early in Dubai but that only white versions were available! As for what this does for release dates it leaves everything completely in the air. Although we imagine the launch for the UK and Europe will remain the same, even if only one color option is available, it does leave the possible June 20 release date for the US and Canada in question, and remember this was only a leaked release date and not confirmed.

It seems then that the only news we can really believe right now is that there may be shortages of one color, or both and that those shortages could affect the release dates in the US and other regions, or not! That about sums it up, so you can see why we describe this as mounting confusion. We’d like to hear your thoughts on all this.

Are you a potential Galaxy S3 owner waiting for the release of this long-anticipated Android smartphone? If you’ve been informed that the Galaxy S3 will only be available to you in one color option at present then please let us know and remember to tell us your location please. If you’re in the US are you worried that this whole saga could delay a release there? Let us know with your comments.


32 thoughts on “Mounting Galaxy S3 confusion over release dates & colors”

    1. IDIOT says:

      Lol Samsung didn’t put anyone in confusion sites just like this one is why everyone is confused and making everyone panic. Its very funny to see everyone believe everything they read on sites like this. Its pretty obvious European countries are getting the phone before U.S. because of our crap carriers. If our carriers operated the same way as europena countries we would have the phone same time. Anyhow people stop worrying its just a damn phone and sites like this want to add turmoil to new releases as large as the S3. They know alot of people are reacting about this phone so they are taking the opportunity to add suspense to the situation and get people to read their garbage. There’s nothing more to say about the phone until its released and until that happens there is going to be sites doing what this one is doing. And its normal because this happens with every product that is very popular.

  1. Mail_man843 says:

    I am patiently waiting for the release of this phone in the US. I just hope it has the quad core processor for Tmobile. If it doesn’t, I won’t be getting one. I like all the specs but right now I have the HTC Sensation 4G with the dual core and I don’t feel it is worth the money to purchase a new phone it the specs will be similiar.

      1. JimmiHendrix says:

        yeah, they announced that the quad core version didn’t run on most of the American networks, so they had to modify phone..  we’ll be getting the dual core 1.4 ghz..  still an epic phone though

      2. Biker-Boy86 says:

        Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will have the Snapdragon dual core due to their 4G network being LTE, which the Exynos Quadcore doesn’t operate on.

        T-Mobile, having 4G non-LTE means it will come with the Exynos Q.C.

  2. Adrianmedina555 says:

    Went to a tmobile store and the clueless sales rep there said october is most likely when the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be available in the US. I hope that is not the case. I cracked my screen recently and found out I am eligible for a full upgrade on tmobile May 29th so I am waiting until hen to see if things have changed otherwise I will go to the HTC one… I don’t want to but I will have to. The Ice cream sandwich operating system and S voice make the galaxy S3 a no brainer up against the HTC one but I don’t want to wait too long witb a cracked screen. Tmobile should at least put out a statement in the US

    1. Antonzieglerrule says:

      My sales rep, has told me it will be out soon. Hes going forward r the phone demo tomorrow, to learn about it. Should be out soon. But im in canada.

  3. Ian_longdon says:

    I havea pebble blue on order on vodafone via dialaphone in the uk. Ordered 2 weeks ago for d3liver 29 or 30 may. I really hope the same thing doesnt happen as did when i ordered the desire and ended up witha legend (which has been great) due to 4 week delays in supply.

  4. Jess says:

    I asked a clueless Sprint sales person multiple times and all say well we need to sell the S2 so it looks like OCTOBER release… all I know is they need to sell these phones on a release date set by the company, no one will buy a S2 when they already know S3 is coming out, why should I buy S2 when I know that S3 is coming.. and S3 being the hottest phone talked about even before it was announced.

  5. SickMyDuck says:

    Seriously if this phone comes out on October I might as well go for the iPhone 5. I was hoping a June or early July release date. Maybe I’ll even go for the HTC one X…

  6. Daindamousone22 says:

    This is stupid there was rumors of galaxy s III all the way when the s II came out and you mean to tell me you didnt divide the color up properly!? save the freakin suspense and put a release date out samsung I have an upgrade sitting waiting on you guys its not rocket science its a release date sheesh

  7. Calizwanted says:

    how wack is that.  so unprofessional.  im in ca waiting for the s3 to come out i want it in white. be organized and get it together samsung,.   If this phone doesnt come out in june i might as well wait for the iphone 5 which i am not even a fan of apple. 

  8. Radar says:

    I am just hoping to get the 16bg white version on verizon… The blue color looks terriible anyway. I can’t see waiting till June 11 like the Tmo leak suggests and only the 32gb version at that. Looks like there is a lot of fumbling is gong on for such a hyped poduct. Looking at you Samsung… Spend some of your billions and get it right.

  9. samsung-galaxy-s3 says:

    what?? i’ve been looking forward to getting the samsung galaxy s3 in white for ages and i was looking forward to getting it on the 30th but i dont want to wait till july????

  10. Peter says:

    This is the problem with Samsung. They are not very good with distribution and sales. Same thing happened with SII last time. I was looking to buy the 32GB but never came out. Now is the same for 32G and 64G version. First they (Samsung) create a big hype and make you willing to go and buy it, then they drop the ball. Just look at their web site so unprofessional! Not even a word or date about the phone advisability in 32G and 64G version. I was very close to buy the SIII but now I will wait fro iPhone5!  

    1. Hdubc5 says:

      What difference does it make when you can add your own memory card? The problem with the iPhone is that they force you to pay for extra memory! I can get my own mini or micro sd card for little money and add it to the Galaxy as I please.
      You talk about the website and your piddly memory “version” complaint, but you make no mention of the S3’s features or content. Do you buy phones based on how much you like the website??

      1. Peter says:

        I believe your are new to android. Many apps in Android do not allow you to install on memory card, which means the data for those apps need to reside on the phone self rather than the memory card. Many games and the its content can be only saved on phone memory. Memory card are only useful for storing photos, videos and music. If you use your phone daily for business use with a lot of attachments and docs saved on your phone 16 GB is not enough! The question is why they announce 64G version and then they don’t deliver!!!!

  11. i am switching carriers. the one i have now is just too expensive. so i have been shopping for a new phone.  the s3 is the one i like the best. i am waiting for the release date so i can get it and dump my expensive phone bill. i am hoping to get it in blue. it would be nice to know when it will be available. and a price would also be nice to know.

  12. Peter Tysoe says:

    Well I’m not bothered, I think I’ll just get a Note instead!
    I had been hanging on for the S3, but I’m not over-impressed with the specs – there seem to be lots of gimmicks (voice control, hovering video, burst photos, watery sound effects, to name but a few) which I don’t need, but the overall look and build quality seems to be a step backwards!
    And there are hardly any apps, now or for quite a while, which will actually make the most of a quad-core processor.

  13. I’m in California, anxiously waiting for news on the release. There is an enormous response to this phone, matched with an explosion of supposition regarding the specs, release, and production issues. I am patient but I hope there is more transparency within Samsung. Apple has a very guarded and controlled vice-grip on their entire organization that I find unattractive. I would only hope that Samsung, an android proponent would realize that the veil that Apple has is a turn off to those who appreciate a heightened sense of fluidity regarding information which Google boasts is the defining difference between various Android platforms and iOS. 

  14. gutted123 says:

    Pre Ordered about 3 weeks ago only to receive an email today saying that the 16GB blue is delayed by Samsung in the UK and now I will not be getting it on the launch date  Should have guessed that one was coming. I have cancelled the order and will wait for when my upgrade is due. Hopefully there will be more available on the 14th June and I will get a better deal too. Well you can only wish.

  15. S 74 says:

    I’m from Kuwait. I got my galaxy s 3 on may 25th.. and there was only one color option which was marble white.. pebble blue was said to us that it would be available next week.. I myself wanted the blue one but at the end I got the white one and i don’t regret it!

  16. Iaintheworm says:

    In the UK was an early pre orderer, Ordered a blue one on the night of the announcement 3rd May. Phone got delayed due to blur colour probs, I’ve been told it was a colour miss match front to back but have seen some pics where white patches suggesting lacquer failure. I was offered a white one with no delay but I wanted blue (I’d wreck a white phone). Anyway less than a week later and I’ve been told my new phone is winging its way to the shop. As to the US release I guess You’ll get it later this month with the white one in plenty-full supply and blue limited supply until they catch up. As to 32GB and up I dont think they’ll be out until mid July/September but cant see the point of paying for extra space when you  could get a 64GB card for half the price, surely 16GB is big enough for critical apps, and although I’ve not used android yet(I’m on maemo) I’m sure theres a way to get apps to run from sd card.

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