Lumia and PureView future devices gaining waterproofing tech

It appears that Nokia wants to deliver a little extra protecting to their future Nokia Lumia devices and future Nokia PureView devices in the form of waterproofing, and apparently Nokia has decided not to go with the waterproofing tech that is already out there for smartphones, but rather go with a new technology.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Daily Mobile, the vice president of Nokia Western Europe, Conor Pierce, has said that their research team in Cambridge UK has been working on what they are calling ‘Superhydrophopic’ technology.

Apparently this Superhydrophopic tech makes liquid run off the face of Nokia Lumia devices, and according to the Nokia tech guys, it’s much like when water lands on a lotus leaf, Superhydrophopic tech makes water bounce, stops it, rolls it off of a device and that’s the magic, and that’s what they are bringing to the party.

So, rather than me trying to explain all the technical shenanigans of Nokia’s Superhydrophopic technology, we have a video for your viewing consideration below that shows the guys at the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge using the Nokia Lumia 710 to demo the nano tech, so head on down and hit that play button to check out the footage.

Of course at the moment there is not word on just when this Nokia nanotechnology will be implemented on Nokia devices so they become waterproof.

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