22-inch Android ICS slate coming from ViewSonic

It would appear that there is no limit to what size a tablet can be before it becomes somewhat too big to be called portable, after all isn’t being portable what a tablet is supposed to be all about? But it looks like tablets are getting bigger and bigger, but at what point does a tablet become too big to be classed as a tablet?

One could say that the preferred sizes of a mobile tablet is between 7-inches and 10.1-inches, such as the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, and 10.1-inch Apple iPad, although probably the smallest tablet to date is the smartphone/tablet Samsung Galaxy Note, whilst Apple is rumoured to be bringing an Apple iPad Mini to the game at some point.

But when should one call time on how big a slate should get? Well not at that 10.1-inch size, as according to the guys over at Ubergizmo, by way of Android Community, the word is ViewSonic is to deliver a tablet sporting Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and with a 22-inch display.

Apparently the 22-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is to be part of ViewSonic’s ‘Touch and Connect’ range that will make their debut during Computex 2012 in Taiwan, and apparently ViewSonic has dubbed the large Android slate as a ‘smart business tablet monitor.’

However, the 22-inch ViewSonic ICS slate isn’t all that big when you consider the earlier article we posted to Phones Review, ‘Ballmer’s whopper means 80-inch Windows 8 tablets will arrive‘, which basically means even if the device isn’t at all portable it can still be referred to as a tablet.

So what we’d like to ask our readership today is, what size do you think makes for the perfect portable tablet, and do you feel a limit has to be set to call a device a tablet?


One thought on “22-inch Android ICS slate coming from ViewSonic”

  1. HookedOnTabs says:

    Not the size but the weight. As long as I can set it on my chest in bed or on a sofa and it is not uncorfortable to rest on me then it is not too large.

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