Now Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak updated but problems

On Friday we brought the news that a lot of you had been waiting for, the public release of the Absinthe 2.0 iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak. Now we have news of an Absinthe update with some bug fixes but it appears that there are still some problems and we also have news of a simple fix. However we hear that some are still having problems and we’d like to hear from you about any issues you’ve encountered with the jailbreak.

The release was met with plenty of enthusiasm from the many people who couldn’t wait to jailbreak their devices and many have found the jailbreak has gone smoothly. If you still haven’t tried the jailbreak, remember we can’t recommend you jailbreak your device but as we know many of you enjoy tinkering with your devices you can find full details of it in our earlier post. Since then though the Chronic Dev Team has also released Absinthe 2.0.1, which addresses a small number of bugs and is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. iDownload Blog reports that hacker @pimskeks states that the update is for “fixing a hang that could occur in certain situations.”

The latest update then is now recommended if you are going to use the iOS 5.1.1 untetethered jailbreak. You can find the download for Absinthe 2.0.1 at this downloads page. However another iDownload Blog article tells how some people are still encountering errors even after using the Absinthe 2.0.1 version. Both @pod2g and @pimskeks have acknowledged the problem that occurs randomly and creates a timeout. The errors mainly show as “Error detecting device (lockdown error -5)” or “Could not connect to lockdown.”

There is a simple fix though, which hopefully will address this. By heading to Settings>General>Reset>Reset all content and settings then downloading and running Absinthe 2.0.1 again the issue should be sorted. Despite this some people are still reporting problems and we want to hear from you if you’re one of them. In yet more jailbreak news some of you may have read of the iOS 5.1.1 firmware update that was released a few days ago specifically for the iPhone 4S GSM version and now Absinthe has received a further update to 2.2.2 to handle this. This latest update adds nothing to the previous version except for support for the iPhone 4 GSM but is also available from the downloads page linked to above.

For now that’s about it on the Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak but we’d really like to hear from any readers that have encountered problems. Did you manage to solve any issues you had and how? Maybe you’re still having problems or could answer queries from other readers who need help? Let us have your comments on the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak.

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236 thoughts on “Now Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak updated but problems”

      1. Campflo says:

        Yes. You need to start all over. Delete the absinthe file & redownload. You also have to restore software 5.1.1 again. Yes it is a pain but it seems everyone who has had this error had to take these steps & were able to jailbreak. Me on the other hand I’m still trying to JB but I don’t get that error anymore when I take those steps.

  1. Trinide says:

    i have a problem when i update the database of cydia, it downloads some packages but then stops and shows me some error, like error fetech to cydia or smth like this…i first thought it was my wireless connection but it happens even though i tried to another  wireless connection, any idea ?

  2. Bill Mohns says:

    Problem encountered with MyWi 5 on an iPhone 4: as a WiFi hotspot, other devices could join, get an IP address, but couldn’t connect to the internet via 3G. Worked fine as tethered using redsnow.

    1. Jamie says:

      I also encountered the same problem.

      We’re you able to revert back to the redsnow? If so, can you provide the steps to do it?


    1. Campflo says:

      Yes. You need to start all over. Delete the absinthe file & redownload. You also have to restore software 5.1.1 again. Yes it is a pain but it seems everyone who has had this error had to take these steps & were able to jailbreak. Me on the other hand I’m still trying to JB but I don’t get that error anymore when I take those steps.

  3. Staks says:

    I Jailbreaked my iphone 3gs.. When i went to open cydia my iphone restarted.. And then it turned back on.. Suddenly most of my apps were gone; for example- App Store, Messages, Safari etc.. Basically it was all built in apps that were missing.. Anyone know what was wrong and how i can fix this?? Plz..

    1. Mind Hunter says:

      i also had the same experienced, then i connect my iphone 3Gs to my PC through i tunes and update ios it has fixed the problem and my all builtin applications cames back then reset all settings with erase data….hope this will help you out 

  4. mous says:

    After I extract the zip folder and getting into the created folder, I can’t run absinthe, I always get YOU MUST RUN THIS APP AS ADMINISTRATOR! but I am admin, RIGHT CLICK RUN AS ADMIN but also same error message! Please HELP
    I set the compatibility properties for the Absinthe executable by right clicking on the EXE file, choosing “properties”, switching to the Compatibility tab, and selecting “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)” and “Run this program as an administrator”. and also same problem HELP

    1. Ron says:

      I’m having the same problem, but I haven’t been able to find a fix anywhere. My guess is that it has something to do with compatibility settings, but I’ve been unable to find a compatibility setting that works.

  5. Convictapply says:

    Elements of my UI have gone missing and the UI itself is just bugging out. The battery Icon in the top right has totally gone the black tinted bar at the top of the screen is gone. My signal strength is gone all that appears is the time and my network name 3.
    When i go into apps things are black and white IE buttons and the on and off sliders like in the wifi settings has disappeared.
    Im running the Ipad 3 16g 3G model

    1. Convictapply says:

      I tried to reset the springboard many times downloading multiple apps to reset the springboard.
      I cannot reset the device in the reset options because the confirmation box that should appear doesnt. The screen goes tinted black and the box doesnt show up.

      1. Fayaz Rahimi says:

        thats exactly what i am experiencing with my ipad 2. the icons have became small and i cant open setting,cydia ,activator or any other cydia app and also the “dock” icons completely disappear i rebooted my ipad many times but to no avail. please help

        1. Milad Hamzeh says:

           i have an ipad new wifi model, when i try to jailbreak my device after i have reset the new ipad the and run the absinthe it says beginining the jaillbreak, this may take a while…
          after more than 15 mins it stop working abd ask me to debug or close the program (i am using a desktop) and i can not work with the linux version…

          1. Mattsilberman says:

            download 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 i had same issues and now it works fine.

  6. S Sina12345 says:

    push message not working after 5.1.1 unthered jailbreak.

    however its working for newly installed apps, for older existing apps (including SMS message) its not working .

  7. I have a iphone 4s on 5.1.1 and i downloaded the absinthe 2.0.1 i had so many errors come up and i did everything possible i still cant jailbreak it . then i downloaded 2.0.2 still same thing i have so many errors what wrong with this jailbreak…. I need help

    1. Campflo says:

      same here. I have now moved on to 2.0.2 error waiting to reboot………never reboots or finishes jailbreak. My screen is on home screen & I can see sync symbol move for a couple seconds each time & it flashes out my signal & then the signal comes back & the sync symbol is gone & absinthe stays at the message waiting for reboot………never completes the process & I have waitied up to 1hr before I discard the absinthe & redownload it, restore to new phone thru itunes & thru the phone itself erase all data, restart my computer & still no JB. Help me too

  8. WiFi-NY says:

    Remember the BEST way is to backup your iPhone do not restore backed and then jailbreak. after you jailbreak manually put back your APPs. thats the cleanest way. The jailbreak team is nothing short of amazing.

  9. kittycpawz says:

    When I open the Absinthe file, it opens a window like a DOS file.  It runs code in the window for about 30-45 seconds.  Then…NOTHING.  After trying it several times, there is a second DOS window that pops up and the last character is a “?” after the word .  Anyone out there with some answers?  I am running Windows 7 on a Compaq computer this is just a little over a year old.  Thanks!!

  10. Oarms33 says:

    my jailbroken ipad2 bricked after i did restore settings: as there were performance issues after install  Swirly MMS Swirly mms.
    no problems
    after 2 weeeks ipad unbricked with ios 5.1.1 but now it not restore setting nor take absynthe 2.0 nor 2.01 jailbreak,
    ipad reads itunes ok but lost abt $200 of ios + cynthia apps sad really as jailbroke devices are sooo much better than jailed iospad

  11. Davidkim1492 says:

    This Is Very Annoying! I have jailbroken my ipod touch 4G 8gb and as I waited about 5-10 minutes the program finished the Jailbreak and now I’m stuck without any main apps. (ex: SETTINGS, Mail, Music, etc.) when I open a link to saffari it says unsoportted URL!!! HELP PLEASE! AND MY HOME BUTTON IS BROKEN! I’ve tried to restore and everything with TinyUmbrella and it gives me the 11 error on Itunes!! PLEASE HELP!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. push?! says:

    I have everything working fine EXCEPT for push notifications!!!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS?!?!?! whats the point of the jailbreak if it doesnt let you use the features the phone comes with!?

  13. Taz97 says:

    Ok like i did this and it jailbroke whent on cydia it was doing its thing than my home buttone went on sfari which then restrated and nothing is on it now

  14. Nicolasfernandezs says:

    I have jailbroken my ipad 3 but since then im having problems with my wifi connection. It works a while until there is no internet connection. Turning wireless off and on helps but its unconftarble

  15. toolazyforalogin says:

    If you followed the directions and made sure to turn off passcode lock and backed up first – then erase all content – run the jailbreak in admin mode then sync with itunes and then restore your data everything runs smoothly.

    My battery life seems to be draining more but I’m not sure if I’m just noticing it more now b/c I’m looking for it.

    Great job to the Chronic Dev team.

  16. JeffGarcia_5 says:

    My iPhone got stuck on the apple logo but during the jailbreak I accidentally exited out of the page. The bar said the jailbreak was done but now it is stuck!!!! Can anybody Plz help.

  17. CP says:

    I jailbroke my iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3GS yesterday using Absinthe 2.0.2. Jailbreak went smoothly, however both phones are having connective issues with data. Sometimes I can receive data and sometimes I can’t. I unjailbroke my 4 and it seems to have solved my issue. Anyone have any ideas?

  18. ming says:

    im very new to jailbreaking..please be patient with me..i have an ipad 2 IOS 5.1.1 and im planning to jailbreak it..will it delete all my files after jailbreak? if anything goes wrong during the process can i just restore it back to the original unjailbroken ios 5.1.1?


  19. gunawan says:

    I tried to jailbreak my ipad 1 with absinthe 2.0.2 and followed every step correctly. It was successful until I open the cydia in my ipad and then lost everything… I dont see “App store”, “Compass”, “Maps”, even “Cydia” is no longer there.

    Then I tried to reset again but nothing change, please help….

    Btw, i also tried to jailbreak it once more but the absinthe said that my ipad is already jailbroken..

    Please helppppp

      1. Hurley240z says:

         Same with my 3gs. Jailbroken successfully then clicked on cydia. it opened and when the phone restarted all the apple apps including the phone, messages, and settings. they cannot even be found with search function.
        restored factory settings and from backup fine, re-jailbroke 3x with the same results.

  20. Curuchupa says:

    I have some problems with folders when reboot the Ipad 3, all inside the folder go back to the springboard. So I have to putba ck into the folders and still there until I reboot the Ipad.

  21. problematic Jailbreaker ;) says:

    I jailbreaked my iphone 4s ios 5.1.1 with absinthe 2.0 and after installing tweaks and some apps. after two days my mobile suddenly rebooted and then it stucked at apple logo. I restarted many times but it did not solved and finally I restored from Itunes and re-jailbreaked again. but soon after jailbreaking and backing cydia tweaks via Xbackup my mobile again rebooted and stucked to apple logo. I jailbreaked my friends iphone 4s and that also once hanged to apple logo and I had to re-install for him and re-jailbreak again. Now I am really tired of this restoring and re-jailbreaking. Can any one point out what actually the problem is??

    What I think is Xbackup which is doing this problem for me.  and this time I am not using xbackup for restoring my cydia tweaks and i installed them one by one. Waiting to see any response from you guys

  22. Dee says:

    I had an issue with my iPad jailbroken. Was working fine for about 3 days and then Loaded cydia up, it pushed the device into a reboot loop. I put it into restore mode and DFU mode. The device was then viewable on iTunes but was unable to restore. Even with the latest mobile substrate I was unable to enter safe mode from boot. Tried multiple computers, downloaded the firmware manually etc, absolutely nothing resolved it. Even using the CLI cinject command line tool I was unable to access the iPad. Even a brick had more functionality than the thing at this point. Had to take it into apple, they replaced it. Looked for hours on forums to see if any others experienced anything similar, none that I could find so would be interesting to see if anyone else’s device was destroyed.

    1. Allenjacob54 says:

      Exact thing just happened to me. It is soooo annoying. I was trying to edit a pic and the app kept crashing so I did a hard reset and then tried to turn it back on and it never turned back on it just constantly tries to reboot.

  23. SergioV. says:

    i had my phone jailbroken on 5.0.1 and after updating and jailbreaking to 5.1.1 i lost al lmy customization (Springtomize, FolderEnhancer, etc) and cant get it back via restore, would i have to download everything manually all over again?

      1. leetut says:

        It’s a better idea to take screenshots of all packages and sources in cydia then back up the images and reinstall only the stuff you used

  24. Klbyrd99 says:

    My dad has been trying to jailbreak my iPod but with the version I have on my iPod there are a lot of problems  that might occur. My best friend jail broke hers and now her iPod is messed up and is unfix-able.

      1. leetut says:

        *unfixable, all software issues can be fixed by restoring as a new device, if iTunes won’t do it turn device off put it into DFU mode connect to iTunes and your in business

  25. Shafer44 says:

    Backed up my Iphone 4, restored it to 5.1.1 and then set up as new phone.  Then I restored from backup and then I ran Absinthe 2.02.  Everything went like it was supposed to go, loaded some typical stuff thru Cydia, but now when texting, the texting will only work thru wifi, it will not send any text messages if I have wi-fi turned off.  Any ideas???

  26. Snicol58 says:

    I have a iphone 4s on 5.1.1 and i downloaded the absinthe 2.0.1. added a few Cydia aps…Everything seemed ok until I tried to play music and some recorded shows.       (won’t play any recent stuff!)  The error says “The requested URL was not found on this server”  Older movies and music work fine!  Any answers or fixes would surely be appreciated !   Thanks!

  27. George Pugeva says:

    I jailbreak my iPhone 4s running on iOS 5.1.1 using absinthe 2.0.4. It was successful and I’ve been using it the whole day today. Just few minutes ago something happened when I open all apps. They all minimizes to the top left of the screen. I cant close them but I couldn’t view them. I received texts from my friends, it appears on the screen but when I click on it, the message page minimizes to the top left corner, which happened to all apps I want to view. I tried to jailbreak it again but I couldn’t cos it say its already been jailbroken. Any idea? cos I’m using iTune to restore it to its factory default. I don’t know what I am doing but hope it goes back to its normal default mode!! :) 

  28. Heisbrad says:

    I’m using Absinthe 2.0.4 and I keep getting the error that says program has stopped working, this has happened about 6 times now. Any advice?

  29. Doplease says:

    just jailbroke my ipod 4g 5.1.1 using absinthe, and then all the
    original icons (Settings, Map, iMessage, Facetime, Contacts, AppStore,
    Music, Itunes,Safari, Massages, etc..) are gone, but the one’s that i
    downloaded are there, such as games. 

    i backed
    it up before i jailbroke the thing,  and i tried to restore from the back up on iTunes, and it’s
    still the same. i tried power & home button reset to and nothing happened?

    daym what should i do?

      1. antwaun smoots says:

        same exact thing happend to me i just have my apps and newsstand and the settings safari music ect: got deleted I NEED HELP

    1. leetut says:

      Search for them in spotlight, if the apps are still there but without icons get sbsettings and use it to fix user dir permissions

  30. Nimukam says:

    After successfully jailbreaking my iPhone 4 CDMA I noticed that incoming messages do not play the alert sound.  The notification banner does display, but I have to be watching to see it.  If I have Messages open the sound WILL play!  But if the app isn’t open in the foreground, no sound.
    Restoring my iPhone to stock 5.1.1 causes the alerts to properly sound, but when I re-jailbreak (Absinthe 2.0.2) the same problem occurs in messages.  The phone seems to work properly in all other apps.  Help?

    1. Myrnanieves1106@gmail.com says:

      My jailbreak with asbi 2.0 was great o problemsat all untill this moment but what i need is a unlock software to use iphone with other carries also very easy as with the 5.1.1 jailbreak

  31. Esmeralda581 says:

    Well I have no sound on any of the apps or even the clicks on the keyboard… I used absinthe to jailbreak my IPad 3 on 5.1.1 … Is there a fix?

    1. Ernestoana77 says:

      Put it in DFU mode just click the power button and the home at the same time and it will restart and eventually it will delete all the data

  32. HI. my iPhone is PARTIALLY jailbroken. YES partially. because i have my pin lock when i was jailbreaking and i accidentally deleted cydia. my iPhone is currently running on iOS 5.1 and i used Absinthe v2.0 to jailbreak my iPhone. now im still trying to crack my head how to REJAILBREAK my iPhone and get back Cydia. i’ve tried restoring and back up then run Absinthe v2.0 to rejailbreak again but it wouldnt work. i received ERROR: iDevice aready jailbroken! Detected stash. ive also tried redsn0w tethered jailbreak to bring back the Cydia but NOTHING CAME OUT. 

    another question, how do i know whether my iPhone is already jailbroken? any signs? BESIDES having Cydia. because i dont have Cydia apps with me.

    1. Gaminggod1993 says:

      Restore your iphone to the back-up you have before jailbreaking your device, after that re-open absithe, and click jailbreak and don’t touch it till the jailbreak program says it is done.

  33. leetut says:

    None of the above works, tried up to version 2.0.4, my i4s jb no problem but sisters i4s same version and build always fails at waiting for device to reboot, it hangs never reboots, also can’t update any AppStore apps anymore, get the Steve rim jobs user id even tho these are free apps that I got after jb, gotta say I’m happy with my jb but absinthe2 is the worst jb tool to date

  34. Ashley says:

    okay I successfully jailbroke my phone but when I click my ipod all my songs come up but they do not play what can I do to get them to play?

  35. Ernestoana77 says:

    I jailbroke my iPod touch 5.1.1 with the newest version of absinthe
    And after it finished I clicked cydia and I waited so it would do its thing and when it resprung
    Most of apples built in apps including settings were missing
    What should I do please help

    1. Toby says:

       restore it and do it again, happened to me left with about 3 apps…but worked the 2nd time i done it, but to be honest i think it is unstable 2.0.4…

  36. Lfbaeta says:

    Um Problema que aconteceu, após o Jailbreak fuincionando certinho, em um reboot o Device voltou sem o ICONE de Fazer Chamadas – deixando apenas 3 icones na barra fixa inferior. fiz 3 reboot e o icone voltou.

  37. Bryent38 says:

    Guys do not use unstable jailbreak software like me then after jail breaking my 3Gs runs very slowly no matter what and hangs and have to restore

  38. kaka says:

    After i used Greenpoison on my 4s, i restored my iphone. But after i restored it the cydia icon is always there, how do i get rid of it? I tried restoring it to factory settings but it stil didnt work. I also tried restoring it with a different iphone account, but it always shows cydia. How do i get rid of it ????

    1. Gaminggod1993 says:

      You were spposed to back up your phone before you jailbroke your device for there, now you have to restore it as a new Iphone.

  39. Sanmanas says:

    so what do i do if everything went smoothly but i can’t use certain apps, and i havnt even downloaded any new packages in cydia yet

  40. Frank San says:

    If i download an app or tweak that needs to reboot my device it reboots and lloks fine till i open an ap and the screen becomes smaller and put in the upper left corner … its only when i have to reboot the device and only way to get rid of it is to restore and start all over so i am unable to put winterboard on

    1. em says:

      you can actually fix this by rebooting in safe mode by using SBSettings. then respring after your phone is in safe mode. it should go back to normal.

  41. Toby says:

    I have the latest version 2.0.4 ant like many it last for a day or two, starts to go in a loop cycle..like if the battery is dead, then in the end goes into recovery mode…i think i had SB settings installed and siri extensions..and still crashed..as anyone else had this problem, or has anyone j/b it and is working days after??

      1. Jjfeliciadedam says:

        do restore from iTunes and it will do an automatic update. Then click last update info from your last back-up you saved

        hope this solves your problem

  42. Japji says:

    Help!! My AppStore apps will not update after I jailbroke my iPod touch 4g. Everytime I try to update a message comes up saying that the app could not be downloaded at this time.

  43. WhySoSerious? says:

    So I jailbroke my Ipod 4g 32gb yesterday and since then some of my game apps wont even open or they close randomly 

  44. QWERTY23 says:

    i jailbroke my iphone 4 with abstinthe 2.0.4 my iOS was 5.1.1 

    after jailbreaking everything went off, i only had the youtube, newstand, weather and voice memo left in it. others was all gone! please help me. what should i do? m.r_15@hotmail.com.

  45. Bro7373 says:

    My iPhone 4 was successfully jailbroken. Everything seemed to work until I tried playing music. None of the songs work. I tried going to iTunes and removing all the songs, but they’re still there and don’t play. When I tried resyncing, it added duplicates of each song and none of my songs worked. It still shows that I have 4 gb of music and the songs won’t go away. Please help!

  46. Aldrin242000 says:

    I am using iPad3 iOS 5.1.1 and it was successfully jailbroken but i have encountered one problem signing in, in iMessage, Facetime and the Youtube apps. Everytime I sign in in one of this, Facetime Activation or iMessage Activation pops-up saying “Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again”. Please help me with this problem!

  47. Jamie Lin says:

    I still have a problem with push notification AND imessage/facetime activation even after re-jailbreaking it. I have followed the instructions on resetting all content and settings. I have iphone 4 ios5 5.1.1. and have jailbroken it with absinthe 2.0.4

    Please help! 

    My email address is jamie.lin.84@gmail.com 

  48. Chris says:

    i am trying to install absinthe on my ipad and i have cleared all settings and content and then restarted it selecting country etc and reactivating it but it fails during connection between absinthe and my ipad 2 gsm 

    anyone know a fix or reason 

    it says absinthe has stopped working and windows will try to find what the problem is 

    1. Yoinkii says:

      Me too! And my other jailbroken apps as wel…. and i’m afraid to turn off my iphone to restart it because the previous time i did that, it just stayed at the apple logo!!! Also, when i connect my phone to itunes, itunes does not detect my phone! What’s happening and how do i fix this??? 


  49. Bradthompson95 says:

    my iphone 3gs was jail broken but had no choice to update the software via itunes now my iphone will not work. i have removed the jailbreak software but the phone is stuck on set up mode and will not work regardless of the sim being in or not 

    itunes is reading my iphone – have done tests through itunes and it reports everything working fine. slighty confused as i have tried everything and nothing will work at all.  have been told to take it to an apple shop but then got told will take off me if found is jailbroken

    1. Pdi says:

      how do you mean? did you rest the phone?
      Did you try to restore it?
      you can always restore it to factory settings by setting the phone in DFU mode and then connect it to itunes. 
      Otherwise check with tinyumberlla if you have SHSH blob files so you can downgrade or see if the hone is in DFU mode or not 
      mail me if you need help

  50. bob says:

    i have an iphone 4s on 5.1.1, i jailbroke it and works perfectly but when ever i turn it off the apple logo appears and i have to do a hard reset while plugged into itunes to restore. is this normal? Am I not meant to turn my phone off ever? 

  51. Pdi says:

    If I Reset all content and settings when the Ipod reboots the absinthe says “activate the device” but then I end with back with a activated restored Ipod and I ended getting the same message “Error message”
    it is a catch 22!

    any thoughts ???

  52. Stan says:

    I jail broke
    my ipad 3, 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0.4 Win. The process went smooth and I was so
    happy I could see my file structure with ifile. Just when I was getting excited
    about being free, all hell broke loose. My Ipad started to hang on the apps.
    Click on any app and it just blink and nothing so I rebooted. When the ipad
    came back up, I noticed the icons had been rearranged and all core app icons
    were missing including cydia and settings. Without some other hack to get back
    into the system, you are pretty much up a creek without a paddle I had to
    restored the ios then restored my files from backup.

    I want to be
    free from the Apple’s prison so badly but I need my ipad for an event next week
    so whatever Apple wants on their ipad, that’s it. With so many having this same
    issue, I will wait until the fix is applied before I try this again.

    Good luck

  53. The_don_c2003 says:

    I jailbroke my 4s to 5.11 and all core apps are gone, settings, messages, even phone and when I get a text message says URL not found what do I do

  54. Rotten_Apollo says:

    Anyone experiencing problems with the new Cydia upgrade (missing apps):

    I just had the same problem.  Respringing did not help, but REBOOT instead.  As soon as it booted back up, all my apps (including phone, text, ect) returned.

    Hope this helps

  55. Adman says:

    When I downloaded the jailbreak it was all fine until I discovers that all my other apps won’t update it always says you need to buy full version for 100%free apps

  56. donald says:

    I can’t jailbreak my Ipad 2 is there a certain way to do it? I have tried absinthe 2.0 and it does not recognise the device. I have also tried wiping the Ipad but still nothing.

  57. Bobdobib says:

    Cant click jailbreak on absinthe 2.0.4. It keeps prompting me to connect my device but it is already connected. I have a 4th gen iPod touch.

  58. Lomaspj says:

    jailbreak was successfull in my ipod 4g touch but after jailbreak and cydia registration.. all of the stock icons like settings, music, safari, even cydia are missing. some of games are still there though.. how can i fix the problem? help please!!!

  59. Powassinxo says:

    I got someone to jailbreak my iPod I got it back he said it didn’t work n my setting photos music messages notes app are all gone how do I get them back?

  60. Jen Sossong says:

    i used absinthe to jailbreak my ipod touch and after it was through all the apps and cydia appeared, then about 30 mins later it all disappeared. i have no settings, music, browser, etc. how do i get all of my apps back? 

    1. loki says:

      i have same problems too! . i erased all settings and media to restore it. it took long whole day or until the batery’s dead. i repeat the steps and its still the same.

    1. Juan_m2525 says:

      Try restoring to your IPSW firware 5.1.1 and it should work or just look up on youtube how to restore ipod 5.1.1 hope this helps or message me

  61. Thegame1010 says:

    I initiate my jailbreak and I get the message saying “sending inital data” about 4 minutes after that, I get message that there was an unexpected problem with the download windows is trying to repair it.  It never repairs.  I’ve tried multiple times.  Any thoughts? I’ve even restored my Iphone 4 to factory settings and the same thing happens.  I’ve done everything I can think of doing.

  62. Wow, I can’t describe how horrible of an experience this has been.  First, I successfully jailbroke my iPhone 4S on Win7, but only after having a lot of issues. Had to restore the phone to factory settings and re-activate. Then Absinthe worked like a charm.  Phone was working great. Then I clicked on Cydia and everything went to crap. Only the Music (iPod) app appears. No phone, no text messaging, no internet. Can’t even access contact list, make calls, or send texts. But I can receive calls and texts.  Also, I can’t restore.  Keep getting message 3194.  Re-downloading 5.1.1 9B206 in hopes that’ll work.  There’s a bug these guys have not figured out yet.  Maybe it’s because I have a factory-unlocked iPhone 4S; not sure.  But I’ll say this, if you have a factory-unlocked iPhone 4S on 5.1.1 (9B206), stay the hell away from Absinthe.

  63. Akj7bg says:

    Well I have iTouch 4G on. 5.1.1 which I jail broke with Asinthe 2.0.4 and now my iTouch randomly restarts , luckily I have SSH blobs going from 4.2.1-5.11 well I’m lucky.

    Sent from a buggy jailbroken iPod Touch 4G

  64. eugene moore says:

    Call of duty…Black ops 

    Can anybody help me; I have a jailbroken 32GB ipod touch 4g, running iOS 5. Unfortunatly, I am not able to play this game. Every time I try to play, the app will crash just before the map loads. It is also worthy to note that for a split second after the app crashes, the top bar on the iPod/iPad containing the battery, clock and wifi/3G briefly flashes red, but then resumes its normal color. This happens if I try to play solo or multiplayer. It is sad because I spent countless hours playing the original COD zombies app, and I have been waiting for the black ops version ever since black ops came out.Any help at all would be appreciated.

  65. noobuser says:

    hi I have a jailbroken 5.1 OS, but my battery drains quite quickly. I read that if you reset settings it will work fine, but also read that if you reset a jailbroken phone there will be issues. Please guide me

  66. mookie82 says:

    I have a jailbroken Iphone 4 and I can not see any of my email folders other than inbox, sent, trash and drafts. How can I get my phone to see the other folders?

  67. i hav an ipod touch 4g .. was very happy before jailbreaking n after i did cydia was not dere n i also saw dat settings, music, mail, videos, itunes, appstore, everthing was gone !!  plzz help plzz

  68. Beninati20 says:

    I restored my iphone to get rid of the jailbreak but activator, springer, stride etc. are all still in my settings.  How to i get rid of everything jailbreak related COMPLETELY?

  69. Theaimbothd says:

    i jailbroke my iphone4 with absinthe-win-2.0.4 and it worked very well for a day, but now my phone just has the white spinning loading sign on it. no buttons work, its just a black screen with a spinning circle thats loading. any suggestions on how to fix. im currenting updating my itunes and restoring it to factory settings to see if that will do anything but if not some plzzzzzzz help.

  70. amanda says:

    I have jailbroken (untethered) my iPhone 4 (GSM) on iOS 5.1.1 using absinthe 2.0.4 and it seems to have worked considering I have successfully downloaded the Cydia App. Yet my 3G will not work unless I am connected to wifi — help!!! How do I get my 3G to work without being connected to wifi?

  71. Self Kristin6 says:

    Since jailbreak I can only receive text messages if I have an active phone call..I have MyWi installed, previously had PDAnet.  I think it has something to do with data connections not fully closing out.  I have uninstalled all non core cydia apps and still no luck.  Will attempt restore and re-jailbreak.  Anyone else having a similar issue?

    1. yeah im having problems too i cant see my messages, my calls, my pictures, my contacts, my camera, my videos, my notes, itunes, settings, clock, the app store, maps, and my calendar. they dont show up on my screen. can someone please help me.

  72. willclark says:

    i jailbroke my ipod 4g and worked great 4 a week but then i try to open up safari and it stays on a blank screen for like 10 seconds and then exits out of it. it does the same thing 4 the app store, itunes, and most of my apps. please help

  73. aqib.16 says:

    i jail proke my ipod touch 4g and now i can’t download the already free apps on the app store. is it normal or some sort of bug? And is there any way i can make it work?

  74. Brittany says:

    I have an iPhone 4s and if I’m not in wifi reach it will say I cannot connect to network data. Why is that ? Help please . I can’t go on any apps needing Internet and it will not let me get on the Internet either.

  75. cee says:


  76. phoenix says:

    Hi, I jailbroke my ipad 3 yesterday with 2.0.4 version but for some reason my springboard keeps crashing! All my iphone apps on my ipad wouldnt open big or give me the magnification option!! please help, there are a way i could fix this issue without restoring my device!

  77. curiousmonkey says:

    Anyone experiencing problems with missing factory standard apps (phone, messages, mail, settings, camera etc.) after jailbreaking with absinthe, you must connect your device to itunes on your PC, click on your device and do a ‘RESTORE’, not a restore from backup. itunes will then download the factory software to your itunes and then restore the factory settings onto your iphone, thus leaving it in a state as if it was brand new. You can then do a restore from backup to restore your contacts and pictures etc. I had this exact problem it seemed to have worked but as soon as i clicked on the cydia app everthing went to sh*t and i nearly soiled my pants when i realised these apps were missing! Won’t be trying a jailbreak again anytime sure thats for sure, long live apple!!

  78. Guest says:

    Anyone experiencing problems with missing factory standard apps (phone,
    messages, mail, settings, camera etc.) after jailbreaking with absinthe? You must connect your device to itunes on your PC, left click on your device, and in the right hand summary window, next to ‘version’ click on ‘RESTORE’, a restore from backup will not work. itunes will then
    download the factory software to your itunes and then restore the
    factory settings onto your iphone, thus leaving it in a state as if it
    was brand new. You can then do a restore from backup to restore your
    contacts and pictures etc. I had this exact problem it seemed to have
    worked but as soon as i clicked on the cydia app everthing went to sh*t
    and i nearly soiled my pants when i realised these apps were missing!
    Won’t be trying a jailbreak again anytime soon thats for sure, long live

  79. curiousmonkey says:

    Anyone experiencing problems with missing factory standard apps (phone,
    messages, mail, settings, camera etc.) after jailbreaking with absinthe? You must connect your device to itunes on your PC, left click on your device, then in the right hand summary window next to where it says ‘version’, click on ‘RESTORE’, dont do a restore from backup as it wont work. itunes will then
    download the factory software to your itunes and then restore the
    factory settings onto your iphone, thus leaving it in a state as if it
    was brand new. You can then do a restore from backup to restore your
    contacts and pictures etc. I had this exact problem it seemed to have
    worked but as soon as i clicked on the cydia app everthing went to sh*t
    and i nearly soiled my pants when i realised these apps were missing!
    Won’t be trying a jailbreak again anytime soon thats for sure, long live

    1. Krystal says:

      So you’re saying all I have to do is Restore [like its a new phone] then when thats done do a restore from my last back up and everything will be back to normal?

      1. CuriousmonkeyS says:

        Yeah that’s it. I tried doing restore from backup first but the settings/messages/phone etc icons were still missing. Factory restore reinstalls all those icons, and afterwards restore from ur last backup will put all ur personal stuff back on there : )

  80. timdtoolman says:

    I have been jailbreaking my iphone about the time Absinthe was released so I am relatively new to the jailbreaking world but I have jailbroken 5 or 6 iPhones and my iPad 3 and the jailbreak has gone smoothly except as time passes (2 to 3 weeks) my iPad has become more and more unstable. I totally love the freedom I get with jailbreaking but I cant deal with all the glitches im having,like apps suddenly crashing and some not opening until i reboot my iPad. The problem is so bad I am ready to go back to stock. I would love for someone to give the the answer on how to stabilize my iPad and iPhone so I can stay jailbroken without all the headaches.

  81. sasa says:

    Um my ipad just wont turn on it was working fine but after going into safe mode it just shut down and stayed in the apple logo screen what happend?

  82. I have installed Absinthe 2.0.4 on my iPod Touch 4th Gen everything seems to be working super fine accept that my “Music” App shows a Black border in the artists or song page in the place of the original light blue border. I tried googling it but it seems like no one’s addressed this issue before. Is there anything i could do to restore the original light blue border without removing the jailbreak as such? I like to keep a level of originality to my iPod if u know what i mean.

  83. mcmje says:

    I tried to restore ipad 2 with itunes after I jailbroke it (wanted to make it back to normal), came up with an error 1015 i think. It now either shows a blank screen or the connect to itunes screen. When connected to computer it makes a low 3 beat sound (not normal when I used to connect would make different sound). Will not show up in itunes or on computer!!!? Please help

  84. mcmje says:

    I tried to restore ipad 2 with itunes after jailbreak, came up with an error 1015 i thinkor 1051. It now either shows a blank screen or the connect to itunes screen. When connected to computer it makes a low 3 beat sound (not normal when I used to connect would make different sound). Will not show up in itunes or on computer!!!? Please help

  85. beasto says:

    I’ve jailbroken my iPad 2 and using it as a hotspot. I can get a wireless connection with my Windows7 Laptop but cant access the internet :(, can anyone help me with setting this up?

  86. beasto says:

    I’ve jailbroken my iPad 2 and using it as a hotspot. I can get a wireless connection with my Windows7 Laptop but cant access the internet :(, can anyone help me with setting this up?

  87. Domingo says:

    I jailbroke my iphone 4s to the 5.1.1 and the only problem i’m having is that I can’t change my email tone because it is missing from sounds. Everything is there like I can change text tone, ringer, mail sent, anyways the one is missing where I can change the mail recieved tone. Anybody with some help. I done restored the phone and after that I check to see if it was there and it was, so i jailbroke again and got done and checked again and it was gone. No where to change recieved tones. Anyone have some info for me.Thanks guys

  88. Haydz says:

    i just connected my iphone 3G in my PC to rename the owners name, but i observed that some of the games like temple run, angry birds, fruit ninja lite are now not functioning! anayone can help me to make these games functional again!?

  89. chandler says:

    So i have a iphone 4 with 5.1.1, and have tried jailbreaking with both absinthe and redsn0w, abd both of them wont work. redsn0w backs up my phone, gets to 89% and then stops working. Absinthe sends some of the jailbreak info, and then stops too. I have deleted and reinstalled them, backed up and restored my phone to the factory settings, even jailbroke another iphone with no problems, but my phone will not work. any thoughts?

  90. blazer says:

    hey i have jail broken my phone and well now i cant send messeges anyone know how to fix like i can send messeges n call then next minute i cant for ages its hell frustrating and i need my phone

  91. tipu says:

    my fone got stuck at lock screen i reboot it from the lock button when it restarted it does not passes the boot logo screen u can only watch apple logo at boot screen n i does not go further and when i connect it to itunes for reinstalling the software the itunes does not detect my fone connected to it . please help me out

  92. Guest says:

    I jailbroke my iphone3gs everything is working fine until i notice when i update my apps from the apple store i’m getting this message ‘application can’t be installed rigth now’ but tried it several times… But i can’t update any of my apps,, and yeah i tried reinstalling any apps thats having problem or the ones that won’t update.. Please help what will i do………

  93. Tim says:

    Ok so i got a iphone 4S version 5.1.1 (9B206)from my girlfriend, carrier Fido, with firmware 2.0.12, cydia installed( jailbreaked) and also SAM installed. The thing is, no matter what i try, ultrasn0w, SAM, even an R-SIM card she bought, i just can’t get it SIM unlocked, it’s a bit frustrating since she wants to call me, so i bought such a small sim card that only works on an iphone, making my other sim card useless, i also can’t use itunes from my computer, for the rest it works perfect, so what should i do to make it would? Hope someone can help me

  94. Ariel Leiva says:

    my iphone works well, but i lose data connection while in a call, i thought it was just the data connection, but then i check others that have the same iphone, there data connection is on while in a call. i’m just wondering why mine loses cellular data network

  95. William says:

    i lost all my factory apps and when went to do restore from baqck up they are not there still and i dont know why but its scaring me now and i want it fixed so i can use my iphone 4 again someone help email me if you can


    send me links that could fix this and tell me what i could do to fix it.

    Thank you

  96. Alex says:

    I have a Ipod touch 4th generation and it was jailed broken then the keyboard barely worked when u pressed on it so i reset it and the keyboard still isnt working properly i even updated to IOS 6 and the keyboard still barely works

  97. Stuart says:

    I used reds0w latest version and have jail broke twice on 5.11 ios 6.15. I ticked the box to install cydia the first time and unticked it the second time. When I first jail broke it cydia opened and I ticked the hacker tab as I want to unlock it. It then never opened again. This is a iphone 3gs old boot and was done tethered. Can anyone help please.

  98. i found a fix!

    you can actually get all the missing apps back i had this problem on my iPod touch 4G and i fixed it by downloading i fun box then clicking on my device clicked on search and typed in cydia all the folders and stuff that came up i deleted and vala they came back 🙂

  99. I Jailbroke my iPod Touch 3rd Gen on iOS 5.1.1 and used absinthe-win-2.0.4, I can’t even get on my iPod now, the lock screen is active for about half a second, but then freezes for like 5 Mins, before the iPod restarts itself, I managed to get on once, and most of the Apps had disappeared and even after restoring my iPod to an earlier date where it had all of my pictures and music, but when looking on iTunes, there is no music at all, and I have significantly less Pictures, please, can someone help!

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