UK Samsung Galaxy S3 Clove & Vodafone stock delay

We have more news covering the Samsung Galaxy S3 stock delay, it has been said a couple of days ago that this handset will release in the UK and the rest of Europe on May 29th, but this was a little shady until now.

On Saturday we reported that the SGS3 smartphone would release on the date mentioned above, and also covered a few details about the possible lack of stock for both Blue and White versions.

Well today we can report via Pocket-lint that customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 white 32GB and 16GB/32GB Pebble Blue versions may not get these handsets when they officially go on sale on May 30th. Pocket-lint was told via a Vodafone spokesman that it is unlikely that customers will get their phones on May 30th, Vodafone did however mention that they are working very hard and close with Samsung to make sure that these devices reach its customers as soon as possible, and yes they will be contacting then directly to let them know on the orders progress.

Apparently it could be around 2 to 4 weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most pre-ordered device to date and it is unclear why there is a delay, there has been a few speculations that it could be something to do with the back cover of the pebble blue version, but not sure why about the white version.

We decided to look into this a little more and came across clove.co.uk; they have news about the Samsung Galaxy S3 stock and report that their information is correct as of today. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Marble White has been delayed and will start shipping on June 1 and not May 30, and the SGS3 Pebble Blue could see stock arrive by June 5 but this has yet to be confirmed. This means that Clove will not be able to deliver these smartphones as planned.

Please do let us know if you have pre-ordered your Samsung Galaxy S3?


16 thoughts on “UK Samsung Galaxy S3 Clove & Vodafone stock delay”

    1. Trevor says:

      I got 2 emails from vodafone 1 saying it will be delayed 2-4 weeks and another saying “yours will be delivered on 3th May” both emails came exactly the same time 7:42 pm.

  1. Sean says:

    Here is the Email I got from Vodafone tonight:

    Samsung GALAXY S III – An update on your order Hello We wanted to update you on your Samsung GALAXY S III pre–order. Due to shipping delays, we’re still awaiting delivery from Samsung – which means we aren’t able to get it to you as soon as we’d hoped. We understand how disappointing this is, but we’re working closely with Samsung and aim to deliver your new smartphone within 2–4 weeks. Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch as soon as we have a confirmed date for your delivery. Thank you,
    VodafoneHave to say I am NOT happy, I Know Vodafone are saying its a shipping delay to them but I have 5 contracts in my house with them and THEY called me asking me to take out a 6th contract with the Galaxy s 3 last Friday (25th May ) I feel sure that they would have had a good idea then that they were not going to have the handsets, so I am going to be calling them when they open anc cancel the order and to discuss if i will be remaining with their network as i feel they have missold me the contract.

  2. Rebecca_dawn91 says:

    Well I have received the same email as listed below yet when I phoned Vodafone the man on the phone stated that I should pick up my handset tomorrow from my local vodafone store an there are no delays, however I asked him to double check this information he provided me for him to say Ohh no sorry actually there is a stock shortage 2-4 weeks the thing is though as soon as the s3 became available to preorder I placed my order yet if it was a matter of vodafone to have a stock shortage why does it yet still leave me with no phone on the official release date! considering I placed my order straight away, I have ordered the 32GB blue extreamly unhappy with Vodafone an shall be looking else where tomorrow for handset with better service provider!

  3. Wouter says:

    I can confirm (vodafone customer service | dutch) that the problems related to the pebble blue version is due to a productionfault in the back cover of this version. Due to this fault 600.000 sgs3 have to be reproduced (or at least the back cover). the 2/3 weeks delay is the result of the above

  4. Janie4now says:

    I called Vodafone today following those 2 different e-mails and was told that my order – the S3 16gb white – was delayed and that it wasn’t their fault.  Got cut off and spoke with another person who said that the actual delay is with pebble blue 16/32gb and the white 32gb so I should have mine in next day or so.  They also credited my account with the extra money they have been charging me since my pre-order.  Let’s see if that phone arrives by the weekend!!

  5. Rebecca_dawn91 says:

    An update on last post I have phoned Vodafone again to speak to the Vodafone retentions deparent regarding cancelation of my contract before I mentioned cancelling my contact I explained this email an the last person who I spoke to who had given me conflicting infomation I explained that I had ordered my handset on the day of pre orders becoming available an she checked the date etc an she has told me that my phone will be available for collection tomorrow from my store as that is the date my order status has been issued/ assigned to she also explained to me that the email that had been sent out was an automated email sent out to all s3 preorder customers but if you had order by a certain date you are still getting your phone on the 30th /5 yet if past a certain date your not looking at receiving your handset until the eariest of the 10th june so fingers crossed the Vodafone store should have my 32gb blue in tomorrow however if this information is incorrect then I shall be puting in a cancalation

  6. Shaz says:

    does anyone know what t-mobile are saying about the delays because i have not recieved any information from them

  7. wildcat1935 says:

    The back cover is really flimsy. Hopefully its going to be changed.

  8. vin100uk says:

    Going on holiday on the 1st June so looks like I’m not getting it until I get back 🙁 Or I might pop into a Pin store in London, hoping for a white one!

  9. Cj0508 says:

    Just had a call from T-Mobile to say my white 16gb will be delivered with 5 working days!

  10. Sean says:

    I Called Vodafone today and was told my  pre  handset was delayed by 2 weeks ( white one ) but local stores have stock in. I cancelled my pre order that was done on the net went in to store and got my S3 with no problems.

  11. M.. says:

    Vodafone have made no effort to contact customers regarding this matter! When i called up to find out what was happening i was told that i could be 1-2 weeks and that I would have to keep calling them to find out when it would be delivered. or they will text me on the day (Which is no good to me) Poor Customer service.

  12. Sonia Ahmad says:

    I’ve ordered the pebble blue samsung galaxy s3 and ovbiously it’s being delayed… I wanted to know which colour is best to get, the marble white or pebble blue? Thanks!

  13. Jason says:

    Received mine, yesterday and it is faulty. It keeps turning itself off. Really disappointed.