Google Nexus tablet running Jelly Bean tested may arrive soon

The rumour mill has been hitting top gear in the last few weeks about Google’s plans for a Nexus branded tablet PC, and today there are new claims that a Google Nexus tablet running Android Jelly Bean has been tested.

Some of the recent rumours about a Nexus tablet being in the pipeline now seem more likely, as an article over at the Android Community is reporting that a benchmark result has appeared on Rightware’s Power Board for a device listed as the ‘Google Asus Nexus 7’. The benchmark was only run the once, but the specifications outed featured the quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and a 720p resolution.

It was found that the device in question had the codename of ‘Grouper’, which keeps the tradition of the search engine giant giving devices codenames after fish. More intriguing was that the Nexus 7 seemed to be running Android 4.1 that was labelled ‘JRN51B’, which may be the Android Jelly Bean update that has been in the news a lot recently, but was, thought to be Android 5.0.

We reported a few days ago that the tablet may make its debut at the Google I/O event next month, and this is being claimed again. It is also being claimed that the device will arrive at the $200 price point that may sound unlikely if there is a Tegra 3 processor on board, as currently tablet PCs that use the processor are a lot more expensive, but Nvidia has previously said they would like to produce a tablet around the $200 price bracket.

Having a price of around $200 will allow the device to take on the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire amongst others. We recently reported about the rumours that Google may launch five Nexus devices later this year to celebrate the Android platforms fifth birthday, so whether the Nexus tablet PC gets its big unveiling next month before being released later in the year remains to be seen.

Would you purchase a Nexus tablet if it uses a Tegra 3 processor at this price?


7 thoughts on “Google Nexus tablet running Jelly Bean tested may arrive soon”

  1. Nds216 says:

    afraid not. 720 res just won’t cut it anymore. Google needs to challenge the retna screens of Apple.

  2. i-s says:

    The benchmarks showed 1280×768, which with the 32px notification bar suggests a screen of 1280×800. On a 7″ screen that is 215dpi, which although not up at the new ipad’s 265dpi it is still a significant step up from the ipad 2 (130dpi) and Kindle Fire (170dpi).