T-Mobile & Orange Everything Everywhere £50-million investment programme

There’s big news today for the UK mobile industry as Everything Everywhere, which runs T-Mobile and Orange has announced plans for a £50 million investment programme, intended to give customers a new service approach. The overhaul will bring several changes to T-Mobile and Orange customers.

The revamped customer service will be the first in the UK to be designed around phone operating systems and the devices that use them. Specialist agents will be highly trained to offer customers advice on specific devices and operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry as it’s acknowledged that smartphone use and growth has completely changed the way people use their phones.

Experts in customers’ digital needs will be able to avoid the need to constantly transfer customers to different departments and will be able to offer advice on technology, devices and accounts. Being switched between departments can be a real bugbear to many consumers so this will be a welcome change. The £50 million will be spent on contact centres, high street stores and customer-facing staff.

Up to 12,000 employees will also be able to receive training at a special Development Academy. Around 7,000 customer service employees will receive training in operating systems and eventually they will be accredited with their area of specialty. It’s hoped that this will create excellent communication skills as well as engagement with the customer and also instill loyalty. Everything Everywhere Chief Customer Officer Jackie O’Leary said, “Being the first in the industry to champion something new is exciting and we are extremely pleased by the amazing feedback we are receiving from our customers, our people and the handset manufacturers and operating systems we represent.”

Trials have already been taking place and have proven to be successful with significant improvements in resolution of customer issues at first point of contact. There was also a double-digit increase in Net Promoter Scores that measure customer service and now the new approach is rolling out across the organisation. The companies previously announced that both would be offering T-Mobile and Orange products across stores.

Is this an impressive step forward by Everything Everywhere? Are you a T-Mobile or Orange customer and happy to hear this news? Do you think customer service needed revamping? Send your comments to let us know.

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