Sony quash rumours of an Xperia Play 2

Quite some time ago the Sony Xperia Play came out to play, and of course was the first smartphone to sports a dedicated slide-out gamepad, so users to play Sony PlayStation games with ease, although back then of course the handset was known as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

There have been some rumours hitting the net waves that Sony could possibly deliver a next generation Xperia Play in the form of the Sony Xperia Play 2, although these were only rumours. However it appears that there is not a Sony Xperia Play 2 on the cards.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of The Inquirer, during the Open Mobile Summit in London, Sony said losing Ericsson was a wise move that enabled them to bounce back into the mobile space, with the chief marketing officer for Sony Mobile, Steve Walker saying that with Ericsson they were affiliated with the rest of the Sony group, but now they are fully integrated.

Walker also made a slap at such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S by saying that you don’t need to release something exclusive to grab customer attention, you just have to offer a connected experience. Walker also noted that one of the main priorities of Sony is to ‘beef up’ PlayStation integration on mobile devices, essentially dismissing the rumours that Sony might be looking at launching a next generation Xperia Play, or Xperia Play 2.

Furthermore it appears that Walker also praised the Motorola Droid RAZR remarking that when the Droid RAZR came along they where shocked , the device was a true innovation, and Sony will continue to focus on this with their future devices as well.

Thus it would appear that if you love playing PlayStation games on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and were hoping an Xperia Play 2 would eventually come out to play, it looks like those hopes have been squashed, for now anyway, as the old saying goes…never say never.


7 thoughts on “Sony quash rumours of an Xperia Play 2”

  1. Jakelatham says:

    Sony I’ve been a gamer since Super Mario Bros, and I own the Xperia Play and I gave my iphone to my wife.  I got the Play as it said ICS was coming for it (all lies I guess).  Sony is missing out on an opportunity for millions of dollars.  Yes the Vita is a great gaming device.  I’m a 30 something year old person but I’m not going to bring more than one device with me wherever I go, thats why my psp stays home and I settle for th slow camara, and emulators of the play.  Your CEO should be FIRED for being stupid and not supporting the Xperia Play and continueing that product lines with future hardware upgrades. 

  2. Ralphsmith1000 says:


    You nailed it!!!! This is rediculous. In my opinion the xperia play has had the most potential out of all phones! Just wait and see When another company comes in and makes their version of an xperia play. sony is going to regret this decision.

  3. Jordan Hoffman says:

    I’m so sad the Xperia play didn’t sell well. It’s the true definition of an idea ahead of its time. People haven’t yet accepted/realized the true power and capability of smartphones for gaming. I guarantee in the future every smartphone company will have a model like the xperia play, and smartphones will ultimately replace portable gaming devices.

  4. MIA says:

    I have to agree with everything so far this is a step
    backwards I thought with the integration of Sony Ericsson and Sony it would
    bring about more integration to the PSN and also more powerful devices I gave
    up my PSP to have an Xperia play and never regretted it but this is a bad

  5. All4monies says:

    I have had my Xperia Play since it was launched on Verizon a year ago, I love the device, it looks great, gamepad performs remarkable (sans touch pads) and has been a smooth android experience from the get-go.

    It is not fair for Sony to treat this device so disrespectfully.  Getting shafted on updates (I’m not talking about ICS), shoddy made-for-touchscreen pick-me-up games getting ported to xperia play controls, artery-severing lack of Playstation games making it to the device, lack of PSN (or equivalent) connectivity even though they promised it.

    Ugh, I’m so pissed off.

  6. You can read this as debunking the play 2, or you can see it as confirming it. If they want integration with the PSN, the play would be the first step. Look at smart glass, you can use your phone as an Xbox controller. If Sony follow suit, which they will as Microsoft are their biggest rivals, the play 2 will come out headlining the integration, and most importantly, a second controller or screen for details on the game you’replaying. Maybe even a general remote control like for your tv??
    With Microsoft having your live account on your phone, Xbox and pc, with the former being the most recent, it only makes sense for Sony to follow.
    and even if they don’t, a comment earlier states that other companies will in time have their own gaming models. At which point, Sony will realise their poor decision, and follow up with a newer sleek model.

    All that aside, the neglect the play has been receiving is astounding!
    They said that the phone was unstable with ICS, yet they have all the sam features and games for their new tablet.. running ICS. Maybe it’s hardware, but does’t that tell them it times to hit back with a new model now that mobile gaming has really taken off, Maybe even buy gameloft or something to help with ps1 ports?

  7. Mia says:

    Jamie great point well made but I feel it might be a while before Sony realise there mistake but this could all be a ruse say that there not makeing a succeeding device so that avoid the rumors and leaks that they had with the first one we will have to wait and see

    Sony pull it together in the world of gameing your world leaders act like it

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