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A while back we posted some video footage of the Nokia Lumia 900 being nailed on camera, where some guy decided to find out how tough the display is by hammering nails onto the screen, and then using the Nokia Lumia 900 as a hammer, and now it seem this practice has taken off, as we have another video for your viewing pleasure below, this time of the HTC One X being used as a hammer.

The Using HTC One X Display Screen as a Hammer video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of Droid Dog and YouTube user ched2468, which shows some guy using the HTC One X as a hammer to whack a nail into a piece of wood for some reason.

The guy in the video, apparently an HTC engineer takes some time to drive that nail into the wood with the display of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset, something that personally if I owned the device wouldn’t attempt even though the HTC One X has Gorilla Glass.

According to the Ubergizmo guys, the video footage was taken down shortly after being posted, but not before someone else grabbed it, and word is HTC were not that happy about this particular HTC One X display stress test video, which word has it could lead to the sacking of the engineer.

Anyway, I’ll leave it right there and simply let you head on down to hit that play button to check out the guys beating a nail with the One X…would you use your HTC One X as a hammer?


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  1. Forget hammering. The onex cannot even take normal usage. The display of my Onex concked within 30 days! The service guys tell me display is not under warranty and i have to pay Rs 6500 for replacing the display! And the service network of HTC stinks!! None of the company officials are ready to speak to customer, it is between a franchisee who is interested to make money at the cost of hapless customer, or the outsourced helpline executive.
    Avoid onex like plague!!

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