Asus dual boot Transformer tablet teased in videos

Away from the Apple iPad one of the most popular alternatives in the tablet market in recent times has been the Asus Transformer range, and it seems the company may have something special up its sleeves as an Asus dual boot Transformer tablet has been teased in videos.

It seems if the videos below are anything to go by that we will see a dual booting Android/ Windows 8 tablet PC at this year’s Computex, and as SlashGear are reporting the company introduced the PadFone to the world at the same event. Asus will be looking to make the same sort of impact with this latest device, and the PadFone went through a number of changes though before being released that saw Android Ice Cream Sandwich provided instead of the Android Gingerbread/Honeycomb combo.

This time round though instead of a tablet that has a smartphone mounted into it, a dual booting Android 4.0 and Windows 8 device, may mean a new range of Asus Transformer Pads being released in time for that Christmas present wish list being left on the side at home. The videos below doesn’t reveal an over lot besides that we’ll be treated to a machine that has two systems installed on it.

One of the videos shows two sides of a single board that say Chi and Tai that flips around in the wind to create one object, and is titled ‘When Two Sides Unite”. In the other video the company really throws us a curve ball with some water droplets that part to reveal both the Android and Windows logos, and this one is titled “All-in-One is No Longer In One “.

While this is only a teaser we could see a laptop running Windows 8 that transforms into a tablet with the option to run either Android ICS or Windows 8. It is not the first time that we have seen dual boot tablets, but these were quickly forgotten as they weren’t that great. Do you like the idea of a dual boot tablet PC?


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  1. Nickmair1 says:

    all looks fantastic, but how much longer have I got to wait for goodness sake?