Bored of SGS3, hello Samsung Galaxy R Style ICS phone

Samsung has been really busy in the last few weeks showcasing and pushing out is new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S3, but if you are bored of that device now the company wants you to say hello to the Samsung Galaxy R Style phone.

This handset is yet another addition to the company’s ever expanding range of Android smartphones, and according to The Droid Guy the handset is heading to South Korea. The device joins the list of other smartphones that will run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and is being released at a strange time considering the company is still pushing the Galaxy S3 to other countries such as the US and Canada.

The handset is similar to last year’s Galaxy S2 except a few new extras here and there, and is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a 4.3-nch AMOLED display. The handsets 4G LTE connectivity is being pushed by the company, but other than that it is a regular Samsung smartphone. It has a similar form factor to the Galaxy R that was released last year, and is also being released in white.

It measures 128 x 64.5 mm in size and is only 9.78 mm thick but still manages to pack in an impressive 2,000 mAh battery pack, which will help the handset cope with the 4G LTE compatibility. There is also NFC connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 but the camera is a little disappointing at only five megapixels, which when compared to some other recent Samsung handsets is surprising.

Owners will get 16GB of built in storage and will be available from sometime this month and priced at $594 via three carriers, currently there is no news if the device will be launching in other regions.

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