Boost Mobile to possibly gain iPhone 4S in Sept

Although the word is as of the 22nd of June Cricket will begin offering its customers both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and will be the first US pre-paid carrier to offer the iOS smartphone, it appears that Cricket wont be along on that score if the latest rumour turns out to be spot on.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, apparently an unnamed ‘trusted source’ has informed Technobuffalo that there is a possibility Boost Mobile will be joining Cricket and offering both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to their customers later in the year.

Word from the unnamed source says that Boost Mobile could be offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by September this year, although there isn’t any word on how much Boost Mobile will be asking for the iconic iOS smartphones, but the guys say it wouldn’t surprise if prices stand at $400 for the iPhone 4 and $500 for the iPhone 4S just like Cricket.

Apparently though Boost Mobile does have a popular 50-buck plan with Shrinkage whereby the rate drops to 35-bucks after 18-months as long as the customer pays the bill on schedule, and if this deal was paired with the iPhone it could turn out to be a very good deal.

Naturally one has to remember of course that this hasn’t been confirmed and as such the iPhone coming to Boost Mobile in September should be treated as rumour for now; more on this as and when we hear.