HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 the good debate

As you probably know the latest big deal smartphone out of the Samsung camp is the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the HTC One X, another high end Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone is out there, so can the Galaxy S3 steal all the thunder from its rival the HTC One X?

Well over on Zee News in India there has been an analysis that pits the Samsung Galaxy S3 against the HTC One X, so we must stress here that this analysis between the two Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices is not from us at Phones Review.

Anyway, the analysis starts off with a debate about the two Android handsets with an Indian businessman known as Po, who apparently has an insatiable appetite for cell phones. When Po was asked what he thinks of the HTC One X he answered its a good phone but wont last long as the Samsung Galaxy S3 will soon steal the HTC One X market.

When asked if Po was a Samsung Galaxy fan, he responded no, he is using an HTC One X, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better with a bigger screen, bigger batter, bigger processor, and more, to which the reply was, so you think bigger is better? The reply was simply…exactly, thus it would appear that Mr Po believes bigger is better.

Thus the article moves on to a specs comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X kicking off with hardware and design which the advantage is given to the One X due to being slightly smaller than its rival and weighing lightly less, and having a matte finish polycarbonate shell whilst the Galaxy S3 has a ‘hyperglaze’ finish that some might consider ‘plasticky.’

Moving on to the display, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is given the advantage here with its 4.8-inch Super AMOLED 720 HD, whilst the HTC One X sports a 4.7-inch Super IPS LCD 720 HD screen due to AMOLED doing justice to outdoor lighting.

When it comes to processor it appears that both the Galaxy S3 and One X come out even in the analysis, with the Galaxy S3 having that 1.4 GHz Exynos quad core processor that is twice as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S2 dual core processor, against the 1.5 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor of the HTC One X that walks seamlessly through apps, streaming 1080p videos and such.

Turning to the battery, the analysis gives the advantage to the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the Galaxy spots a 2100mAh battery whilst the One X only has and 1800mAh battery, and they say that extra 300mAh should come in handy.

When it comes to the camera and video recording, against the Galaxy S3 wins out over the One X even though both sport the same 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and can shoot both 720p and 1080p video, but the SGS3 wins due to its camera features, although they do say in this case it is a matter of personal taste rather than tech.

Touching on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich software its a matter of Touch or Sense that tells the smartphones apart, with HTC Sense 4.0 adding an new dimension to the Android OS and how Android should look like, whilst TouchWiz on the Galaxy S3 could be the ‘new trend’ and is how Android should function.

When it comes to price in India, the Samsung Galaxy S3 loses out slightly coming in with a price tag of Rs. 38000, whilst the HTC One X costs Rs. 36,500, but would Rs. 2000 be a deal breaker?

Finalising, the analysis decides that for now the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the ‘mother of all spec sheets’ nut it is too early to declare an outright winner between the two.

So what do our readers think of this analysis, in your view does the Samsung Galaxy S3 beat the HTC One X when it comes down to it, or do you feel the HTC One X can hold its own in the mobile space?


74 thoughts on “HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 the good debate”

  1. I definitely go with Samsung S3…. it is really awesome phone. And also IPS LCD screen is much better than AMOLED screen. So my vote goes with Samsung S3.

  2. nick says:

    @c688ae1ae15fc86f12d87318eb17300d:disqus  isn’t it the HTC One X that has the LCD screen and the Samsung the AMOLED?

  3. MAdarchod says:

    Gudu gudu papa morya ..khake peeke sogaya …gand marake ho gaya ..

  4. yogini says:

    i m using the htc 4 last 5yrs i agree that samsung is better according to ur analysis but for me i just loe htc ever

    1. Trob6969 says:

      I can relate to that because I have the htc rezound and I’m STILL very impressed with it, especially its 4.3″ display that has a ppi of 342 which beats any other smartphone’s sharpness and fine detail…however, I must admit that the s3 is the only phone that has the appeal to lure me away from it!

    2. Rajesh says:

       I am having HTC One X mobile. Samsung TV/Mobiles display isn’t bright enough when compared to other brands. The casing of the Samsung wasn’t good. But the battery backup was more in Samsung S3, this is the only one advantage it does have.
      HTC One X mobile looks elegant. The remaining Specs are similar in both the mobiles.
      Samsung should have taken better care of finishing as the glossyfinish doesn’t look good.

  5. Waseemkahn says:

    no argue specs clearly who’s king of smartphones and its none other than samsung

  6. Waseemkahn says:

     no argue specs clearly show who’s king of all smartphones and its none other than samsung

  7. ANTI-FOOL says:

    I believe that in physical form it appears that the HTC does have a superior and more solid casing but as far as software and power SAMSUNG’s Galaxy S3 has done it justice. The galaxy s3 is without doubt the most powerful smart phone available and nothing is really competing with it. I recently watched a video of the HTC ONE X vs GALAXY S3 and they turned them on at the exact same time. It took the HTC four times as long as the S3 to completely turn on. Not only this but the galaxy appeared so much more effortless and gentle to use. I have had this consistent problem with HTC’s (i have owned many of them) of which is that everything seems so boring and as if the processor is working mega hard on the simplest of orders. I am not trying to be entirely one sided with the Galaxy S3 as the ONE X is a brilliant phone but i am afraid it does not make a strong enough competitor for the S3.

    1. Trob6969 says:

      Samsung has confirmed that the s3 DOES have a polycarbonate casing AND Gorilla Glass 2 so despite people complaining that the phone feels plasticy, its actually very durable. There’s a video on YouTube showing a guy continuously bending the battery cover of the s3 almost in half and it just pops back in shape without any damage!

      1. Akhilkply says:

        ha ha ha ha…….. battery cover???? one x dont hav one…………

    2. kawagaze says:

      I’mm replying to this from my brand new samsung galaxy s3 and personally I got to say that this phone doesn’t feel all that plasticy and it runs just seemlesly and I don’t really need to wait for anything to open. Comparing to my old crappy iphone 3gs this works like a dream almost like out of this world. When some people say that one does not need this much power from the hardware side I just got to say thay it is nice that the phone can run as fast as it does and it can run just anything from the app markets. And man this screen is HUGE!

  8. Xenophon says:

    S3 will be sold at over 43k INR, not at 38k as the review mentions.  That’s a 6500 INR price difference vs the 1X, something to think about very carefully. I’m going to replace my old iPhone with one of these two but want to handle them first.

  9. rn says:

    I had gs2 and switched to hox. Sense is much much better than touch. As far as performance, ics increased performance on gs2. I think future software tweaks and upgrades will take advantage of the hardware of these quad core phones. Gs2 updates were slow. Samsung still hasn’t upgraded to ics on my tab 10.1 . HTC has had 2 oTA updates unlike my gs2 that required me to connect via PC kies. Which was really a pain. I might get the s3 just for comparison. But so far loving the hox.

  10. David says:

    Replying from my new HTC one x had the choice of both the devices but the HTC had more appeal over the Samsung due to the HTC sence 4.0 with the Samsung I felt the os was a bit basic but that’s my opinion overall I am extremely happy with the HTC .

  11. yarrellray says:

    Personally i applaud BOTH Htc and Samsung for the yearly competition and contributions they bring to our platform of android it’s a blessing. I have had both Evo 4g and Evo 3d as well as Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and Galaxy Nexus and one thing that is true Samsung just understands the brillance of software and overall ease of operation. We all benefit from this ride.

  12. I’ve been testing both the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. The screen on HTC One X is so much better. The outdoor sunlight visibility is amazing. I’ve been using the S3 today in sunny weather and I can’t see anything unless I manually maximize the brightness. One X automatic brightness is better and the screen works better outdoors.

    1. Bkaradeniz says:

      “One X automatic brightness…” that means phone will increase battery usage automatically… ops no thanks.

  13. Dwayne Thompson says:

    One X is much better for the simple reason that the clutter of SIII like S Voice, S Beam, Pop Up play, etc are either ideas already available in the Play store (like pop up play) and on all recently made phones already (like S Beam) or they have gone out of fashion rapidly like S Voice due to their lack of usability and awkwardness. A spec sheet of treats is only a tempting lure to trap you with TouchWiz 4, the evil of all android evils.

  14. Arthur Day says:

    one X is much better than Galaxy S3, excellent design ,light and good quality camera, I like my one X 

  15. i regret life!!! says:

    I have to admit that the gs2 wasn’t a really good phone but it was hell fast compared to my cute HTC incredible s, but when s3 came out the only thing that blew my eyes away was its speed I have it and its fast but I regret getting it cause my mate has the HTC one x and it was soooooio beautiful and the camera was Zippo gud like taking pics at the same time while its recording now that’s awsom, Wats more awsome is that the display was way more betta then s3 why? Outdoors HTC one x was way clearer to see and betta viewing angles and betta natural colour reproduction although the blacks on the s3 was way betta but the whites on the one x was way betta, over all I regret buying it and wanna sell it and get the one x hope that helped

    1. Krav says:

       You do of course realize that the S3 can also take photo’s while recording video too….yes?

      1. Kimbrownbill says:

        that is correct, but thought the s3 had to make a compromise in pic quality do it though (down to 5mp) – Htc one X does at full 8mp, happy to be corrected though.

  16. Texas201128 says:

    To many phones coming out to fast, this is
    annoying, I cant keep up with latest hot phone out, I had just bought galaxy s2 and now we got quadcore phones, do we really need quadcore phones????? Wtf

  17. HTC One X says:

    I waited for ages for the GS3 to come out after having an iPhone 3gs for 2 years. I must admit I was very disappointed with it when it was launched, so I went for the One X, what an awesome phone.

  18. ONE X (#1) says:

    I waited for the S3, but it looks cheap, and feels cheap. it reminds me of the ugly Nokia Lumia 710.. and also kinda looks like the old skool HTC XL from the front.. I went for the ONE X, class all the way.

  19. Jack E says:

    I have had my S3 for a week and it is scratched to bits already. keep an eye out on ebay when I sell it, I am going back for a ONE x. I knew I should have  got it (instead I waited for the S3, designed for humans? what? …and now very dissapointed in Samsung..) sorry Samsung, you have lost me.. ONE X coming at ya.

  20. Danny P says:

    Both phones are great, and both are capable of doing etherything you could posibly need, yes on paper the S3 has  the better spec but if you take into account userbility i.e Tochwhiz vs Sence and build quality then the One X wins, camera I think are even yes on amolide screen the S3 pictues look better howerer print them and there is no differance. The only down side to One X  is seald battery and no micro SD slot howerer with new updates One X battery will easly last a day of heavy usage and with online storage (Cloud) inturnal memory is not inportant eather.

  21. Julio Helder says:

    Always loved the nokia but when i got the nokia N900, danm! I got really disapointed so i decided to wait for the best ever mobile, as I hate the apple, I was looking forward for a mobile which would takeover the iphone, came the samsung galaxy s2, guess wat? it ddn’t convince then the xperia, neither when the One X arrived it was love at the first sight, as said above the down side of the One X is the memory slot but apart from that the one X is just the best, I love that future of the One X where you get the snapshots frm the videos u watch or film, no more missed gud moments.

    1. Pvanherpen says:

      I have had Nokia all my life and right now i also have a Nokia N900. I am thinking of buying another phone and was not sure about the Galaxy S3 of HTC One X. But reading your review i quess 1 should go for the HTC.

    2. Sebasbasti says:

      Julio, you could be my mental brother! I was disappointed of my N900 as well, I hate apple and now I am ready to fall in love with the ONE X! Thx for your comment

  22. Himu says:

    yes yes yes HTC wins.. i actually had galaxy s2 at the time it was released (best mobile at that period my favorite mobile) but  now as galaxy S3 and HTC One x has launched ,after comparing both of them i must say that now my vote goes to HTC One x.. cz its better than s3 (design,UI,nvidia Tegra 3,price etc etc..)  samsung good days are over now cz they dont knw what to do,i think they were over pride of their galasy s2 release (bcz majority of buyers like us make them rich)
    so they r trying their luck on s3. haha failures, they disappoint  us with their s3… public wants best quality products like s2 (2011) and now HTC one X (2012).. my choice of smart phone changes cz i always support the better.. yoo

  23. Bosiu DK says:

     I bought my HTC One X 3 Days ago…I wanted the SGS3 but they didnt have it,so i took HTC,and…I am very freaking satisfied with this phone.Its fast,very good looking (white color),camera quality is very good,sound is awesome.I mostly use my HTC for Youtube,music,internet and navigation.And i wouldn’t change One X for SGS3.Cheers.

  24. unknown says:

    Samsung S3 is the best smartphone ever designed. Its features and specs are way better. S3 is more powerful than the HTC One X. S3 have expandable memory and better audio visual abilities. Basically s3 is good for multimedia. but HTC have a neater body.

    1. dang~ says:

      sir,da way u talk is like u didn’t know that HTC One X have expandable memory too..free DropBox for TWO YEARS!!

        1. Elliott says:

          Btw the HTC One X specs wise is more powerful than the GS3 get yours facts straight

    1. Goldeneagles_69 says:

      You don’t have f the htc one x, it not f able. Just go for SG3 then f it later too. it not about people is you and you 🙂 so be cool don’t f too much about the phone. it only electronic devices with the market games play.

  25. Kazuya says:

    Alright, so everyone has different opinions. Some might like HTC, I agree with them. Some might like the S3, I agree with them as well.
    The thing is, there isn’t a “better phone” in general, there is a better phone for each and every person. There is a better phone for me, a better phone to you. We all can make choices, it just depends on what fits you.
    HTC One X apparently looks better outside, whilst Galaxy S3 looks better inside.
    The displays are different on each phone, so are the processors.
    In conclusion, if you guys want to buy one of these phones, go test them both and buy which one you like best. Ask the company to let you take the phone outside, inside, look at the structure, battery, sealed-battery(on the HTC).
    I think that sealed battery is an advantage to people that drop their phones and keep them into pockets.

    Cheers to everyone.

  26. Abbish Ashok says:

    I would prefer the smausng S3 because its features like the 
    S-Voice and S-Beam, with the bigger screen and a better feel towards it software as well as having a MORE user friendly interface. I would think the Samsung S3 as a HTC one x but with more features therefore there is no reason why I wouldn’t go for the Samsung S3

    1. Hammadminhas says:

      which one is good ? because i m an iphone user n now want to buy a new phone… should I go for GSIII ?? or One X ?

  27. Nicodrew says:

    It’s amazing how a review this biased can make 100mhz less seem like more.

  28. Samsungs are crappy phones. they break so easily, feel cheap, look cheap. Dont have software for macs or anything. I usually do get Samsungs phones but I took a risk and got a HTC and I love the One X. 
    A bigger screen doesnt mean its better

    1. Andres says:

      HTC One x is far better, although take real good care, the screen is really, really fragile. Broke my HTC on the second week with a seidio case on it. 

  29. helpmedecide.com says:

    the only features i want in my phone is good cameras and i can play games for many hours with it. so guys , which phones should i go for ? S3 or HOX ?

    1. Elmaleh Ahmed says:

      the camera is better on the one x but the battery lasts longer on the s3

  30. Spiglet28 says:

    I have the one x it a very smart phone I was disappointed with the s3, don’t get me wrong it a dam good phone aswell, But remember last year the galaxy s2 came out it was king of the hill as the best android phone nothing else came near it  and had apple shaking its.now look the s3 is out and is it the stand out phone of the year again not really because Htc has brought out a phone Htc one x that can go toe to toe with it i’ve seen many reviews and to me they are so close that if you want to buy one of these phones it down to personal preference. Samsung caught apple napping last year with the s2 . it just seem that htc has done it to Samsung this year with it one x. it to close to call on which is better each has there pro and cons. think thats why i gone for the one x not the s3 yes I guess the s3 will top the charts until the iphone5 is out, But for me the phone of the year is the Htc one x (David) because it goes toe to toe with the s3 (giant). 

  31. Jrlevy says:

    I’d rather go for the HTC, as Samsung seems to only be able to try and fail at copying Apple…
    If I were stupid enough to buy an Android phone, the first place I’d go is to HTC or Moto

  32. Guest says:

    Both the phone has its own advantage and disadvantage. HTC one X has Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and SG3 has Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The difference is, AMOLED produces more vibrant and
    richer colors while SLCD creates a sharper picture and a warmer tone.

    Picture would be richer in the AMOLED display, however expanding it one would stuggle to read the characters

    Picture would be sharper in the SLCD display, then again one could understand richness of the picture would be dull.

  33. Vipul Verma93 says:

    we cant do video calling even haveing front camera in one x and it also does’t have 4g connectivity but both the feature is available in gs3

  34. sherif says:

    i have the s3 and i must say one x is better 

    the THD games is enough to make it better 

  35. lennyvonlenny says:

    with the same version of android namely 4.04 the htc one x is scoring higher than the s3 in benchmarks !!!the previous benchmarks at the launch of the s3 had the htc one x running an older less optimised version with 4.03 with the s3 on 4.04 .
    its level ground now and the htc one x is the clear leader .