Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S drop test comparison video

As you probably know, when a new smartphone hits the mobile space it usually ends up at some point being compared against the top dog in the mobile arena, the iPhone, and as the latest popular handset is the Samsung Galaxy S3, this too has now been compared with its closest rival the iPhone 4S in a drop test comparison.

Of course we have that Samsung Galaxy S3 versus the iPhone 4S drop test footage for our reader’s viewing consideration below, which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of the guys over at Android Authority.

In the footage below we get to see both the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset and the iOS smartphone being put to the test by dropping both on their back, side, and front to see which smartphone can come out the better off.

However when put to the drop test on concrete both smartphone do suffer substantial damage especially to their displays, although it does appear that the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out the worse for wear, as the iPhone 4S touch screen continues to work even though cracked, whilst the Galaxy S3 no longer works.

Having said that of course probably any smartphone would suffer the same damage if dropped onto a hard surface, so basically the moral of this is owners of a smartphone are probably best off protecting their handset regardless of which device it might be with a protection case.

That said I’ll leave you to head on down to hit that play button and watch the smartphone carnage…enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S drop test comparison video”

  1. Etherkeiffer says:

    FWIW, the iPhone hasn’t been “top dog” for a very long time. Even the Galaxy S II outperforms in all key areas.

    1. Harris1987 says:

      Iphone will always be top dog whilst developers of apps continue to work on iphone apps first before android releases

  2. andrewi says:

    I was going to say the same but Etherkeiffer beat me to it… which brings me to my next point. Are all journalists secretly paid by Apple to spout little subtle remarks like this about iPhones being god on earth?

    It really does help sell iPhones to dumb masses, in fact I can see quite a few of the ‘simple folk’ buying an iPhone over a Galaxy S3 based off your first sentence alone.

  3. Sayedsab says:

    well, what the hell is this. Where is this girls logic? So what I phone 4s got less damage and its screen still works.. hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray. will you still use it in that condition? stupid comparison, just wasted £1000.

    1. Lol says:

      Such a non scientific pointless video. You should do that to at least 10 o each phone under exact conditions, stress test etc.

  4. Jreeingsk8 says:

    This test is funny… first of each drop isn’t going to be exactly the same as eachother… second… the bigger the screen the more vulnerable it is… try dropping an ipad once… done…

  5. Shazi842 says:

    To be honest, I think they smashed the galaxy s3 with a hammer before they let it fall!! No way this can be true.. I agree with Andrewi.. Paid!!