Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fall release possibility

When Samsung first released the Galaxy Note last year some quarters questioned the thinking behind the handset and its sizable 5.3-inch screen, but the device has gone down well with consumers and today we have news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a fall release possibility.

According to an article on UbuntuLife the Galaxy Note 2 is down for release in October of this year, and will feature a slightly larger 5.5-inch display and a dual core Exynos 5250 processor. The original Galaxy Note has proven to be quite successful so far shifting over seven million units so far worldwide, and the company is planning on selling around ten million altogether.

The success of the device has led Samsung to begin work on its successor, but currently information about the upcoming handset is rather scarce. It is believed that the handset will be inspired by the recently released Galaxy S3, and will feature some of the same features and services such as S Voice, SmartStay, S Beam, and NFC amongst others.

It has been suggested that the Galaxy Note 2 will feature a slightly larger 5.5-inch which will again be of a Super AMOLED variety, and have an even higher WSXGA+ resolution at 1680 x 1050 pixels, and these displays last longer and require less power. Sources are claiming that the Galaxy Note 2 will feature an eight megapixel camera with an improved lens and image sensor to provide better images and videos.

The handsets RAM is believed to be increased to 1.5 GB and 4G LTE connectivity will come as standard for the international version. Above you can see a mock up of what the handset may look like, and it makes sense for Samsung to release a new version of the Galaxy Note in October considering it will come around a year after the original was unleashed to the public.

Have you got the Samsung Galaxy Note?


35 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fall release possibility”

    1. Ctweller says:

      Me too: it messed up my home and power buttons. Getting sent back to be fixed…

  1. Sajith says:

    This one will be a little wierd as samsung note is doing well and people who’ve bought it is facing difficulty in using it as an everyday phone. Now they are going to increase again the screen space which is going to make it more difficult to fit into pockets. Moreover what is samsung trying to give a phone or a tablet. A phone is for daily use and a tablet is also in daily use category but not as usable as a phone. So if you want a tablet why not buy one with a bigger screen. Here samsung is trying to confuse people by giving them a phablet istead of a phone or tablet.

    1. Andrei Jedidiah says:

      not for you doesn’t mean itz not for others…i hate the size but the stylus is freaking awesome!

    2. What?

      “[The] people who’ve bought it is facing difficulty in using it as an everyday phone”

      With all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about. Do you even own a Galaxy Note?

    3. Ajr says:

      I’m guessing you don’t own one 🙂
      I no longer reach for my ipad
      My note is the only device I need

    4. Anarchosyndicalist1922 says:

      I don’t understand what information this comment is based on.  I recently purchased a Note and its fantastic.   It has performed flawlessly.  It’s size has not been a problem at all.  I have no problem fitting it in a pocket (fron or back.  I suppose I have big hands since I can hold it securely iand use my thumb to reach 95% pf tje screen for easy navigateio (when I am not using the stylus  that is) .

      And finally I can assure you, Samsung has not confused me, nut your comment has  (a little).  You have made some very strange assumptions. 

      1. Anarchosyndicalist1922 says:

        *95% of the screen for easy navigation

        I did not type this on my Note, btw.  I just need to wear my glasses when I proofread.

    5. LaurieMann says:

      My husband has an iPhone, and, other than for making phone calls, I find its “smart features” tough to use because the screen and keyboard are both a little too small.  So I just have a cell phone that makes phone calls, but I would like something with a bigger screen than an iPhone but smaller than a tablet. Ideally, it would replace my phone and eReader.  Saw the Note at a store today and was impressed.  I won’t upgrade until I get a job, but I’m much more likely to by something like a Note 2 than an iPhone.

    6. thisnickistaken says:

      I am guessing you dont own one. Prior to Note, I had the IPhone. For me, small screen and small keyboard is the single limiting factor in using the ‘smart’ features of any smartphone and this one delivers on it. I have never owned a tablet since to me its more of an entertainment device than a full fledged laptop. Any gaming, serious form filling, document authoring – cant beat a Laptop with hard keyboard and processing power + windows. Everything else – Galaxy Note (reading books, Pulse news, browsing, searching, music, watching videos on treadmill, GPS on the road and the list goes on…)

      I dont fancy the idea of lugging a tablet every time i step out of the home. Similarly, i dont fancy the idea of fidgeting with  a small-screen smartphone like iPhone while outside OR at home, for searching / browsing.  Have had enough of scrolling back and forth, miss-types on small keyboard…Note is such a relief !  I interact more with it than I do with my laptop

    7. thisnickistaken says:

      Oh and BTW – it fits very well in ALL my formal and casual wear pockets – be it denim or trousers or jackets. And I have had no issue or weird looks when using it as a phone. You have to own one for a couple of days to weigh its usability against form factor 

    8. TechGuy says:

      You obviously don’t own a Note. All the people I know with one have no problem using it as a phone and the size is no problem – it fits easily in any pocket. Even if the screen size of a Note 2 is bigger, remember that it is the diagoinal measurement so depending on the bezel, the Note 2 could be exactly the same physical size as the original.

      I rarely use a full sized tablet or iPad anymore as the Note is great phone/tablet replacement.

  2. Sandeep says:

    I own a galaxy note. I would like to find one pocket where the Galaxy Note doesn’t fit in. It is an awesome device, which you need to own to be able to appreciate it. 

  3. Gatorproof says:

    Love my Note have A US version with download speeds as high as 82 ping, 49,449mpb and uploads at over 10,000mb. The only thing I would change , I already did, 5000mah battery and a custom made case. But yes higher res screen would not matter, I dont think I could see any better with my cataracts.

  4. Anr7 says:

    I’m very pleased with my note and will certainly be liking forward to the new one

  5. Worth314 says:

    The wait is on!  Now, please God on Cellphones, let Verizon offer it!!!

  6. George Av says:

    meh dualcore i will get it if it rapes the galaxy s3’s performance 🙂 but like 2 times
    then were talking 😀

  7. I’ve got a SGN currently and my word its good!!!

    Looking at the assumed stats – i don’t see this upcoming SGN 2 as a real competitor since it would be sort of like this S3 with no real out of the market updates e.g. S Voice (Copycat of Siri)etc.

    And whats with the Dual Core – if Apple uses Quad on their Iphone 5 then people will opt for that handset but tbf…. since having a 5.3in anything below this screen size doesn’t seem right anymore!

    1. Hotkidkris says:

      They use dual cores so they won’t drain battery combined with the lte radio… Take out lte and you’ll probably get quad cores. considering most carriers want to ride the 4g wave I don’t think they’ll put quad cores in their (unless they also put in a huge battery which would destroy the form factor and lightness and feel)

  8. Willy says:

    I love my Galaxy Note, all this crap about its size,,,is just BS of envious people who have never used this wonderful phone. A new Galaxy Note 2 with better screen resolution, double battery capacity of the actual SG Note, 2GB Ram, Quad Core over 2 Gz and 124 GB plus extension slot also for a Microcard up to an extra 124 GB will do for me in the future. Glad to know about the new size 5.5in screen.

  9. bigdaddy says:

    I am willing to bet this phone is a 1000 times better than the i phone.I want sprint to carry this phone,because I will buy it on the spot no matter how much it costs.The apple phone is a real drag.

  10. jeffo1 says:

    Talked with verizon and the guy i talked to said verizon will get the 5.5 inch samsung.

    1. Hello Jeffo1 Excuse Me For Interrupt But did the people at verizon store said when will 
      Samsung Galaxy Note 2 be release ?  

      1. jeffo1 says:

         hi:  he wasnt absolutely sure although he guessed it would be 3rd quarter.

        lets hope maybe sooner

        1. Jinhua 1969 says:

          Wow What a great information i got here haha i was so disappointed that verizon didn’t get the galaxy note1 hope it comes to verizon lol my contract ends in june but i will wait for that galacy note 2(:

      2. Do you think the people in those store have idea about new phones?
        Few of them really knows about the products they already have displayed.

  11. Whoaa  thats crazy already 
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming out with 5.5 inch screen wow even bigger lol i love phone with huge screen but dang let me get used to my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 first

  12. Guest says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2? That will be wonderful. I can’t wait. Hope it debut in the UK.

  13. General Hordak says:


    Right in time for my long awaited upgrade in January.

    Galaxy note 2, jellybean. Perfect. I think I might be able to live with another 2 year contract for this phone although I thought the note could stand to be substantially bigger.

    T-Mobile uk, if you don’t make this phone available on upgrade, I will come and rape your dog in the ass.

  14. I doubt about it rumor.
    Many of that into if very probably, but…
    -5.5″, 1680×1050 SuperAMOLED screen: the actual Note has a Pentile pattern screen and the reason Samsung is not going higher right now is the limitation in the AMOLED line factory. They are changing for new laser-based procedure to go higher than 240pp using a regunal RGB pattern.
    -1.5GB RAM? why not 2GB like the GS3?

    For me, a Galaxy Note 2 will come with the same wonderful 5.3″ screen, a more GS3-styled design, 2GB RAM and probably the Exynos 5 with a lightly bigger battery. Obviously using all the software capability of the GS3.

  15. Hotkidkris says:

    If it doesn’t come out on Verizon ill kill myself… Or maybe switch carriers

  16. edwarc says:

    Hello people, this is an illusion this phone will come out in DEC 2012. buy Iphone 5 rather than waiting to this none sense.