4.08-inch iPhone 5 possible resolution 1136×640 & 16:9 ratio

Obviously the closer we get to that day all the iOS faithful are looking forward to, the day Apple unveils the next iPhone, anything to do with the upcoming iOS smartphone is news, unconfirmed rumours obviously, but still news, and the latest of these is that the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen.

According to the guys over at Apple Insider, they have got hold of a research note which claims that Mingchi Kuo, an analyst for KGI, who is known for having sources within Apple’s supply chain, expects Apple this year to deliver a taller iPhone sporting a 4-inch 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

Apparently Kuo wrote in a note that they expect the iPhone 5 to have a 4.8-inch in-cell IPS panel with a display resolution of 1136 x 640 and 500-nit brightness.

Kuo also noted that those specifications would be a valid compromise of the firm’s values of one handed operability, battery life, improved user experience and backwards compatibility with the iPhone , and further speculated that Apple has ruled out displays over 4.3-inch as resulting handsets would be difficult to operate with a single hand along with suggesting that there is an inflection point at 4.3-inches where bigger screens need visibly bigger battery capacity.

The analyst has also stated that he expects Apple to keep the battery capacity of the next generation iPhone at about 1400mAh which is similar to that of the currently iPhone 4S, and he believes that lengthening the iPhone 5 without making the handset wider would save on application redevelopment costs as legacy apps would be letterboxed, whilst the 16:9 would deliver more viewing space when typing in portrait, films would be displayed more naturally in landscape and a longer iPhone 5 would place the receiver closer to the mouth and speaker closer to the ear.

Of course this is all only one analysts speculation and as you know when it comes to Apple gear nothing gets confirmed until Apple is good and ready to do so, but it is looking more likely that the iPhone 5 will be a longer smartphone with a bigger display if the rumours turn out to be spot on.


7 thoughts on “4.08-inch iPhone 5 possible resolution 1136×640 & 16:9 ratio”

    1. phila says:

      (late to the conversation)

      Why don’t you want 16×9 screen? Do you LIKE having black borders on the screen when you watch a YouTube video, or a recent TV show?All video in the last few years has been 16×9, so not having a 16×9 screen seems like saying “I like watching things in letterbox or cutting off the sides”

      1. widernothigher says:

        because the “size problem” with the iPhone right now, especially when browsing, is the width, not the height. when holding it upwards stuff is either unreadable because too small, or if you zoom you have to scroll like a maniac. and if you hold it sidewards you also have to scrall a lot because only a few lines fit on the screen. making it higher will do exactly nothing to solve this.
        the main use imho is browsing and not video watching. for a few youtube clips i watch i really do not need a different aspect ratio.
        there’d be 100x more reason to make the ipad 16:9, because there videos are much more important, and they didn’t do that there either.
        making the iphone just higher but not wider just makes it larger and harder to handle, but won’t solve anything for the phone’s major use, which is browsing.

        1. phila says:

          erm, the iPhone’s major use is as a phone or texting (or rather as a fashion device), and since Steve Jobs had said that the iPad was the “perfect size for browsing” and that a 7″ display would be too small, then the 3.5″ display is PITIFULLY small for browsing
          since my phone is a Galaxy Nexus, it has a 16×9 4.65″ screen – the fact that it’s larger in both dimensions than an iPhone screen, by your definition it’s infinitely better than the iPhone for browsing 😛
          even for reading, the iPad is the wrong dimension, magazines/books aren’t 4×3, they’re closer to 7×10, let alone videos being 16×9, so all Apple 4×3 displays are basically a decade behind everyone else moving to 16×9!
          IF you’re using a phone for browsing then you want the biggest screen possible, so I’d suggest moving to a Samsung Galaxy S3 as it has a 4.8″ 16×9 screen with over 300PPI (the highest that the human eye can see), so you have a larger screen of the same visual quality as the iPhone 4(S), or a Galaxy Note which is a 5.3″ 16×9 screen, but a lower PPI (roughly 250) – there, problem solved by NOT buying Apple

          You’re welcome 🙂

  1. Fruin81 says:

    They should go for a bigger screen, thats why most people buy other phones cause of the bigger screen, thats why i bought the galaxy s3 

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