HTC One X sales not as successful as hoped for

The HTC One X was a much-awaited Android smartphone featuring an NVIDIA quad-core processor (Snapdragon dual-core for the US) and as such garnered a huge amount of attention on release. Although this looked set for phenomenal sales, and indeed seems to have been flying off the shelves where available, we now hear that the HTC One X has not been as successful as hoped for.

The HTC One X is a high-end smartphone with top-notch specs but its launch on AT&T in the US was delayed following a customs issue although it is already available from Sprint as the HTC EVO 4G LTE. However, despite HTC’s new One Series of handsets being well received, and in particular the flagship HTC One X, it seems that HTC have hit a rocky road in terms of sales. During 2011 HTC achieved six consecutive months of increased revenue but news now tells us that even with the big launch of the HTC One X, HTC has reported a consolidated sales drop of around $1 billion in May, that’s around 26.13% down on the same month last year.

BGR reports that a one-time write off of last year’s inventory plus lower sales than forecast in the US and Europe has led to HTC cutting second quarter revenue targets to $3.03 billion, down by 13.3% from its original forecast of $3.5 billion. However it was noted by analyst Mike Walkley of Canaccord Genuity in a note to investors today that the delay in US customs for the HTC One X led to less Q2 sales than expected as well lesser sales than expected in Europe. On a more positive note Walkley also pointed to strong HTC EVO sales on Sprint and an expectation of HTC One Series sales in Q3 as encouraging.

Because of HTC cutting its second quarter revenue targets Walkley’s guidance on the company has lowered although he does stick to a Buy rating on HTC stock. Are you surprised that the HTC One X doesn’t appear to have met expectations for sales? Maybe you’re still waiting for the AT&T variant to become available? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. I have the international version of the htc one x, I live in Calgary Canada, my previous 2 phones was a Galaxy S and S II.  I can say without a doubt, the htc one x is by far the best phone I have ever owned!  Thanks htc.

    1. Ifrsmith says:

      I appreciate you input and I believe you! Also, I think the international version is the way to go because you get the quad core and 32g of internal memory, however, there are two things that bother me. We pay a lot for these smartphones and before you get the life out of it LTE is going to become a factor. Right now HSPA+ is adequate but before your ready to upgrade to another new phone LTE will be the only way to go and if you buy the international version thinking you can resell it, remember it’s going to be hard to sell a phone w/o LTE capabilities. The other problem is the unremovable battery. New it’s probably fairly adequate for most users but in about a year these batteries began to wear and they won’t hold their charge nearly as well. I think it’s a great phone. It’s just sad that HTC couldn’t have solved at least one or two of these issues. I’m thinking they will soon. Let’s hope so…

      1. dave says:

         I had a HTC Inspire 4G with removable cover and battery and used to carry a spare battery or two while going away or travelling which worked great. I got a One X and do miss the backup battery especially when playing games and it goes flat quite quickly then having to wait for hours to charge.
        I do like the One X though and love HTC’s. I’m sure I’d be happy with a Galaxy S3 also

  2. Daleos says:

    The unremovable battery sadly stopped me buying one. Everything else about it was perfect for my needs. It’s a shame they had to ruin it with such a schoolboy error.

  3. Themooncat says:

    I had eleven faulty One X handsets and I think the poor build and terrible quality control is becoming well known and am sure a lot of people will become unhappy with their HTC phones as the months roll by. I switched to the S3 which is world’s apart (better) in build and software I will not be surprised if HTC fail to stay afloat in this market!

  4. Ifrsmith says:

    I am more than surprised that few reviews and comments are mentioning the fact that the HTC One X with LTE capabilities do not have 32g of internal memory but only 16g and that the quad core chip is removed and replaced with dual core. So many reviews are stating it’s a quad core smartphone with 32g of memory which is true if you buy the international version unlocked from Amazon, etc. but this is so misleading to United States buyers. So, in the U.S. to get it with LTE there’s no removable battery, only 16g internal memory with no external memory chip and it drops down to dual core. I think this phone is a much better looking phone than the S3 or any other Android. I would have already bought it but the 16g locked in memory is a deal breaker for me. With no place to go (external memory) for Pictures and Videos 16g is no longer adequate. I don’t know if I’ll buy the S3 until I get my hands on it but it’s capable of up to 64g memory and with the removable battery and quad core it’s a no brainer. If HTC can somehow upgrade  the LTE version to 32g or add external memory and a removable battery they will see this phone take off in the U.S. Those who are buying them are going to be very unhappy when they find the memory is inadequate not to mention the battery not being removable. I think they could live with dual core but it does lower the specs too!

    1. Ibarkthereforim says:

      Storage is a non-issue.  Portable information is going the way of cloud storage like Dropbox.  More permanaet information may be stored by a web-drive. 

      1. Tugboat33 says:

        Cloud nstorage is useless in the clouds or out of 4g reception when you want to watch a movie on the plane. My son who is a techno nerd was given a Chome book for a couple of weeks to test drive as a possible replacement for his school issued Toshiba Tablet PCs. He thought they we very limited and the “cloud” made it worse.

    2. rwagner21 says:

      No it won’t. Most people don’t even use 16GB, let alone 32GB. Also, the Qualcomm S4(the dual-core) is faster than the Nvidia Tegra 3(the quad-core) in everything but 3D performance. Just as how Intel’s Ivy Bridge quad-cores are faster than AMD’s eight and sixteen-cores. In order to squeeze more cores into a chip, you need to make cores smaller, and therefore slower. 
      Basically it’s a choice between multi-threading capability or pure speed. 

      Anyways, having had Samsung’s for my last 3 phones(random flip phone, Eternity and Captivate) and experiencing their “quality” and “customer service”, I decided to learn from my mistakes finally and go with another brand. It definitely was not a mistake. The HTC One X is the only phone I can remember where I had no complaints whatsoever.

      1. Harvey Krodin says:

        “In order to squeeze more cores into a chip, you need to make cores smaller, and therefore slower.”  Wrong.  All else being equal (e.g., two devices made on the same technology node), a smaller core will run faster than a larger core because the parasitic capacitance of the smaller chip allows faster clock speeds.  The Qualcomm dual-core may be faster than the Nvidia, but not for the reason you stated.

        1. rwagner21 says:

          A die twice the size of another is not going to have the same amount of transistors unless it’s on an inferior process. “All else being equal” is not possible in your scenario.

          1. Sdotfitz says:

            Nvidia quad core processors are 45nm the s4 kraits are 28nm, they are in fact smaller, I do not know all the tech reasons why they are faster but they are and they use less battery so better battery altogether from these chips. To the earlier poster you can’t just assume quad is better the tegra 3 quad is in fact slower than the s4 dual s4 is the first chip with the new arm technology. The quad exynos is the fastest, according to benchmarks, but they are built on 32nm chips so better than tegra 3. The us gs3 does not get the quad exynos tho it gets the same s4 processor.
            I was Samsung all the way but now they are just trying so hard to be apple and I liked the look and specs of the one x, I was not disappointed it blew away my captivate and my buddy’s skyrocket. I have the opportunity to return to get the gs3 but the phone is literally perfect I absolutely love it and oddly enough I like sense coming from touch wiz it’s odd to like the ui the phone came with.

    3. Tugboat33 says:

      I agree, I have an EVO 4G, I was thinking about uprading to the LTE but when I realised it had no remouvable battery that killed the deal for me. I always have an extra charged battery or two with me. I don’t want to worry about carrying a charger and hunting for an outlet waiting at the airport for hours. I also use most of a 32gb sd card for backup, movies and music.also LTE woun’t be in NYC for a year or more so I would be downgrading to 3G. I’ll pass

  5. jtv says:

    I’m currently using HTC Sensation. I rarely open the back cover, just sometimes when i feel like adoring the design HTC made of it. The fact that i have lived with my Sensation’s battery life would sure make me live with One X’s. I also currently have 32GB of mem card which I haven’t even filled halfway. The main reason im buying this rather than SGS3 is the Sense UI, f2.0 cam, unibody build like iPhones, better screen, and gorgeous looks that feels premium in hands as HTC always has been. Those extra features SGS3 has to offer are all in the App market anyways and people wouldnt really need them at all.

  6. Markibh says:

    A cellphone with a 4.9″ display…?!? Muahahahahaha…! Get a tablet instead…! Its not much confortable to carry an enormous cellphone in the pocket…! Trust me…cellphones with large displays will not compete with 7″ ~ 8″ tablets…! Cellphones were made to be SMALL…!!!

  7. Phil Randal says:

    I bought a one x in late april from phone retailer in London after careful research and upon recommendation from friends. Initially I was impressed by the design, the camera and the screen. Build quality seemed solid too.
    After 4 days however the screen began to develop yellowish-green streaks across the bottom edge. I returned the device to the store and got a replacement. But amazingly this too had the same the problems and what was worse, the screen showed flickering bands across the entire width on top of the decolourized streaks. Seriously p***ed off I went back to the store to get my money back but they told me I had to contact HTC customer service as other customers had notified them of the same screen issues!
    To cut a long story short, the phone went back and forth from the repair centre only for HTC to admit it was a design fault and that it was irrepairable. They offered me another replacement but this time I said enough was enough and got my money back instead.
    The phone had drawbacks to start off with – the unremovable battery and no expandable memory are the obvious points-  but I was prepared to overlook these shortcomings if the phone delivered on its promises. As it is, the One X is the MOST DISAPPOINTING phone I’ve ever had, its speed and camera notwithstanding.
    My advice – DON’T buy the One X, it has major quality issues and judging by amazon reviews I’m not the only one.
    Go for the Galaxy S3 instead, I have and I’m glad I did. Its quality is far superior to the one x with a slicker UI and IMO a more subtle, svelte design.
    Factor in the battery, SD slot and Samsung’s brand cachet and it really is a no-brainer.

  8. Jaredprado says:

    I mean if you like the One X there are so many flaws I just can’t like it no matter how many times you try to sugercoat it this is my second One X handheld. My flaws crappy screen viewing angles remind me of an EVO fro 2010 the keyboard is so bad I cant type a sentence withu
    out atleast 2 mistakes. The quality is BS i dropped it One time no pun intended and my screen has a little crack and no additional memory is sad but I dont care. And it lags a LOT with a easy looking live wallpaper. Also Sense is bull. Overall I give this piece of- a 5 of 10

  9. Sam says:

    HTC one x, what a phone! God I hate the s3 with it’s feeble plastic. The one x is the best phone provided you know what to do about battery life. You have two options, one is not game when out for the day. You’ll be able to phone, text, listen to music and all other things and it will last fine. Option 2, search on Amazon for tecknet iep380. Portable phone charger that will give you 3 full phone charges when out and about. Will fit in a jeans pocket along with the one x. Hope this helps.

  10. os says:

    i bought the one x about a month ago and i must say that this
    phone is truely amazing!!!.i switched from the desire hd that is amazing by itself
    i have no idea why some people say that htc have bad build or the customer service is not good when infact it is just the oppisite.all updates to my phones were on time and anything i emailed to htc customer service got answered within a couple of hours!!
    the build and designs are perfect the sesne ui is a dream
    love htc phones love htc!!

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