Apple iPad Mini possible image surfaces

The speculation over Apple delivering a smaller version of the Apple iPad has been around for quite a while, and we have seen some mockups of what the supposed Apple iPad Mini could look like, but there is no real evidence that such an iOS tablet exists. However that evidence may have now hit the net in the form of alleged images of the iPad Mini.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the chaps over at ZooGue have received an email from a source of the unnamed variety as usual, and in said email were pictures of what is alleged to be the the Apple iPad Mini, or as ZooGue is referring to the device, the iPad Nano.

However previous rumours had it that the Apple iPad Mini would sport a 7.85-inch display, but apparently according to ZooGue this smaller Apple iPad sports a 7.58-inch display, and the images shows what looks like a smaller dock connector as well.

Obviously as this is supposed to be an Apple product we are talking about there is no way of confirming whether the image is indeed of the Apple iPad Mini, iPad Nano or simply a fake, or it could even possibly be a prototype Apple has been tinkering with in the past.

One thing does stand out as pointing toward this not being the real deal though, and that is the blue colour Apple logo, whilst the design according to the Ubergizmo guys does seem to be a bit off.

So as with all things Apple the best thing to do with these supposed Apple iPad Mini images is treat it purely as rumour and a possible fake for now, but hopefully we will hear more about the iPad Mini when WWDC 2012 kicks off on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Apple iPad Mini possible image surfaces”

  1. Catzzilona says:

    its real. Blue Apples have been growing in several countries now.

  2. anon ymous says:

    it is a fake, but an apple approved fake. i think this because of the blue apple logo. we  all know apple has an obsession with looks and form and therefore would not ruin the looks etc with a tacky looking blue apple logo that does not go with their other products. also the picture came from a supplier of cases etc for apple. apple are increasingly looking for leaks and trying to root out those who can not be trusted. they are more secretive than the nsa and cia put together. this smells like a trap to see exactly who leaked. for instance maybe they give out a ‘sample’ ipad mini case to a few suppliers and have each one slightly altered so that it is not easily spotted then they look on the net and can there fore tell who leaked and go all heavy on them.

    their probably will be an ipad mini as it make so much sense on all levels and apple would be mad not to, though just because this photo is probably fake doesn’t mean their will be no ipad. a few websites (including the inquirer i think)have reported that their server logs show apple devices visiting their sites with various screen sizes running ios 6.

    add that to all the other rumours and signs and we have a probability(not a certainty) so wait till september/october and then we will see.