Battleship for Windows Phone with Xbox LIVE Multiplayer

We have news today for those readers with Windows Phone devices, as the classic Battleship game is now available for Windows Phone complete with Xbox LIVE multiplayer function. Although this app is more expensive than Battleship apps for other platforms from Electronic Arts, it does offer true Xbox LIVE multiplayer use as well as Xbox LIVE achievements and leaderboards.

The Battleship game is available now priced at $2.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace here and is compatible with devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or later. You can also try it out for free. The full version is a 14MB download and features three game modes. The Classic mode is as you would expect from the traditional game while the Salvo mode has a slight difference allowing ships that haven’t yet been sunk to fire once in each turn. Finally the Superweapon mode includes unlocks to various new weapons to use.

The Xbox LIVE multiplayer feature via Bluetooth or local WiFi also has a Pass ‘N Play capability according to everythingwm. Players of Xbox LIVE can use their existing Gamertags or create new ones using the Windows Phone 7 menu to access leaderboards or track achievements. Other features of the app include a smooth user interface and convenient help and about section and what could be more exciting than working your way up from humble Seaman to an Admiral.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Battleship app for Windows Phone. Will you be downloading this game forthwith? Maybe you have already played it and could recommend it, or not, to our other readers so do let us have your comments.