BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB ditched by RIM confirmed

As I am sure most know fortunes in the Research In Motion camp haven’t been going too well for quite a while now, with the Canadian company losing market share hand over fist to rival devices, and shedding employees, although RIM’s hopes are pinned on BlackBerry 10 devices pulling back some of that lost loyalty; however it appears that when it comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM has decided to cut and run with the 16GB version of the slate.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Engadget, numerous reports have claimed that finding a 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook is becoming quite difficult as shelves are not being restocked with the 16GB tablet and only existing stock remains.

Apparently the guys over at Engadget reached out to Research In Motion on the matter, and have received confirmation that the BlackBerry maker will no longer make the 16GB version of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

According to the guys a Research In Motion PR replied with a statement basically saying they are ditching the 16GB model but will still be available for retailers and distributors as long as quantities last, whilst they remain committed to the tablet space and will continue to deliver the 32GB and 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook, as there is more value for customers with these versions.

So there you have it, Research In Motion is definitely ditching the 16GB version of the BlackBerry slate because the larger capacity models offer better customer value, and not due to the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook having a lower profit margin as previously speculated.

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