No Windows 8 tablets from HTC

In the past there have been rumours that HTC would deliver a tablet running the next version of Windows, Windows 8; however it would appear that for the time being anyway, HTC will not be delivering any slates running the Windows 8 operating system because HTC and Microsoft have had a fall out resulting in Microsoft not giving HTC access to the software.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, the guys over at Bloomberg are reporting that Microsoft has locked out HTC from using the Windows 8 operating system because they have concerns that HTC doesn’t have the experience at building, marketing and selling tablets, and as such Microsoft doesn’t have confidence HTC would be a worthy partner.

One does have to agree that HTC tablet sales such as the HTC Flyer and HTC Jetstream haven’t been all that good, probably due to being somewhat overpriced, and this could explain just why Microsoft has thus far opted to go with Samsung, Acer and Asus for Windows 8 slates.

The Phone Arena guys also suggest that another reason for Microsoft putting the block on HTC is that HTC engineers had been pushing for a customised home screen on the Windows 8 RT slate so it could differentiate itself from rivals; however Microsoft possibly wasn’t too fond of that idea as they are all about selling Windows.

Thus it would appear that the mobile space will not be seeing any tablet from the HTC camp offering a slice of Windows 8 for now, but who knows what the future holds, maybe Microsoft will change their mind later down the line, but even if they don’t no doubt there will be plenty of Windows 8 slates arriving to go around in the future.

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