Another new video claiming to be of the iPhone 5

We could still be quite a few months away from seeing the next version of the iPhone, but that hasn’t stopped a steady procession of alleged leaks and rumours of what the device will bring, and today we have a new video claiming to be of the iPhone 5.

WWDC 2012 kicks off June 11th and last week Phones Review showed you a video of the front and today we are showing you the back, at this rate we will have all the pieces to build a complete iPhone 5, ok that was a joke but WWDC 2012 will reveal all we hope even if it’s just for an event later in the year. This latest video that can be seen below features an iPhone 4S being compared to a back plate, which according to AppleInsider is identical to a part that has previously been leaked via some images.

The video comes courteously of component company ETrade Supply, and gives a detailed look at what seems to be an aluminium back that was first seen last month, and adds weight to evidence that the part could be genuine. There is a comparison with the new part and the chassis and back glass panel of the iPhone 4S, and side by side it shows how the next iPhone could use a uni-body design.

This would mean the iPhone 5 would feature a metal body and do away with the back glass panel, and the new component is very slim so may mean a device much slimmer than the iPhone 4S. Away from the obvious height and depth differences the layout of the buttons looks to remain the same, and the positioning of the volume adjustment and power button keep their relative positions at the top of the handset.

The narrator of the video notes that the SIM card tray on the leaked component is a lot smaller than the equivalent found on the iPhone 4S, which would mean that the two parts are incompatible. It seems this new SIM card tray could possibly use the new nano SIM card format that has recently been taken up by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

Do you think this back panel is a genuine iPhone 5 component?


One thought on “Another new video claiming to be of the iPhone 5”

  1. Erestyn says:

    Why would somebody leak such an important component that gives us a lot of information about the build and form factor while they’ve got their companies logo in the background?  Apple have never been happy about leaks and suppliers are very aware of this, if it’s real it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    That said, it does look promising.  Apple have recently pushed for nano-SIMs so it’s definitely got some potentially true features.  That said I’m not holding my breath.