Verizon not on new Facebook mobile payments system

The advancement in mobile phone technology in recent years has seen the way we lead our day to day life’s changing, and today we have news of a new mobile payments system from Facebook but Verizon are not on it.

Facebook has begun pushing out its new mobile payments system, which according to Cnet will reduce the number of steps that users will need to make to finalise a purchase down to two from seven. The new system is now available to the majority of carriers in both the UK and US, and over sixty countries around the world the social networking giant has revealed.

In the US carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are offering its users the new system, but Verizon are not on the list of carrier partners. Facebook software engineer, Jessi Xu, said that the system is simple to use, and added “users who want to pay for a virtual or digital goods in a mobile web app open the payment dialog and confirm their purchase”.

Back in February Facebook announced that it was currently working on ways to rework mobile payments to lower the amount of steps needed to complete a purchase. Facebook CTO, Bret Taylor, commented at the World Mobile Conference that the payments system was “broken for end users”, and revealed that the company was working “with operators to improve the user and developer experience around operator billing that will eliminate the SMS verification for vast majority of customers”.

Developers that have already use the Facebook Payments into their mobile Web will not need to do anything extra to upgrade to the revamped system, and they can include the new system into their Facebook apps by using the social network’s Payments API.

Do you hope that Verizon will join the Facebook Payments system?