Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) app for Android and iOS

We thought we would mention a little about an old app called “Living With Body Dysmorphic Disorder”, the reason we are mentioning this is because we have had a few emails asking if there is such an app that talks about this syndrome. The app that we have found for both Android and iOS users was released August 11, 2011 for Android and Sep 01, 2010 for iOS.

We have tried searching for more apps about ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ but can only find this one, but please do let us know if there are any more. BDD originally known, as dysmorphophobia is a mental illness where a person is worried/concerned about their body image such as physical features, in some cases those that suffer with this will complain about their general appearance that can cause psychological distress. BDD mostly happens to those with emotional depression and anxiety, as well as social isolation or social withdrawal.

The “Living With Body Dysmorphic Disorder” app was released after Lea Walker who appeared on Channel 4’s Big Brother in 2006 who caught the eye of millions who had a history of abusive relationships and eating disorders, her life was surrounded with unhappiness, being a single parent and who had a failed marriage. She battled her distorted body image, she now tells her story via this app and proves that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which will help others understand.

This is a full-length Ebook with an advanced reader, all you need to do is download the app and them read the book, there is no need to install other apps to start reading. The volume keys on your device will turn the pages over, read where you left off after shutting the application, and the sections and chapters can be accessed directly from the Table of Contents.

Other features include: Bookmarks can be saved at any point within the book, bookmark any text with the Menu/Bookmark, comes with either day and night reading modes, contents are cross-referenced, which are link. Select different font sizes, select font colours, select background colours and so much more.

To get this app and learn about Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ please visit Google Play or the App Store.