iPhone 5 pressure well & truly on

The buzz around the Apple iPhone 5 appears to be building in much the same way as for previous iPhone launches, maybe even more as many of us are expecting something extra special this time around. Although we could still be months away from a release there has been speculation about a possible reveal or further details at WWDC 2012 next week and for Apple, the iPhone 5 pressure is now on.

We’ve heard so many leaks and rumors about the next iPhone, as always happens before any iPhone launch and only in the last few days we’ve had some camera news, details of a higher resolution display and given a wish list of features for iOS 6. It’s fair to say though that with the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 as very credible Android competition, Apple needs to step up its game and that’s what most of us are expecting of course. Apart from top-end specs and big improvements there will be major disappointment if Apple don’t come up with a completely fresh look for the iPhone 5, especially as the current iPhone 4S looked exactly the same as its predecessor.

That’s already one area of pressure then and we do feel that Apple has an awful lot to live up to when it does finally choose to unveil the iPhone 5 (or new iPhone or whatever else it may be called). An article on MarketWatch also discusses mounting pressure on Apple to really come up with the goods for the next iPhone and outlines a few interesting points that all add to the burden.

With all the build-up and hype surrounding the next iPhone, one thing that many will be waiting to see if whether Apple CEO Tim Cook can finally step out of the shadow of Steve Jobs. For years people have talked about how Apple has revolutionized the tech industry and the whole way that we think about our gadgets and devices. Cook must know that the company has to keep that innovative edge it is so famous for, or many may start to write him off.

The “supreme buzz” surrounding the Apple brand is also pointed out and the question asked, “Will Cook’s Apple inspire the same sort of awestruck envy?” The success of the iPhone 5 will be pivotal to this and the top dogs at Apple will no doubt be feeling the pressure. One thing that Apple really has to get a grip on to avoid consumer letdown is its Siri voice recognition. Many of us were pulled in to the iPhone 4S because of the promise of Siri but it’s fair to say that it has not lived up to the expectations of many of us just yet. If Apple makes major improvements in time for the iPhone 5 though, that will go a long way to inspiring consumer confidence.

Cook and the rest of Apple’s supremo’s do have a big factor in their favor though, that might alleviate some of the pressure in the build up to the next iPhone. In the time between the sad death of Steve Jobs last October to June 6, Apple stock has rocketed by 51% so certainly on the face of it Apple has nothing major to worry about. Nevertheless we still feel the launch of the iPhone 5 will be extremely important as that momentum has to be maintained to avoid pointing fingers if stock begins to fall.

Ultimately then, the pressure is on for Apple to deliver an outstanding iPhone 5. This will need to have a new design, high-end specs and maybe some new groundbreaking feature not yet rumored or even thought of, but is Apple up to the challenge? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you agree that the iPhone 5 needs to be something really special for Apple to stay on top of its game? Maybe you disagree and think that by previous reputation alone Apple can’t go wrong with the next iPhone? Let us have your comments on this.


43 thoughts on “iPhone 5 pressure well & truly on”

  1. Applebite says:

    ZZZzzzzzzzz why do you keep publishing these same old articles now going over the same old stuff, oh yeah just being greedy to get some extra traffic!

      1. Applebite says:

         I Know but there has been a couple of other articles on here recently basically saying what is in this article thought Google were stamping out all this duplicate content on the web

        1. semi-apple fan says:

          REALLY…. people just need to wait for the new stuff. Apple will come out with something new. look at most things we buy. computers for example have the same things just better ram, more space, sleek designs, faster processor. i the end its used for the same thing. eventually the upgrades we can do will cease until something revolutional comes out like iron mans touch computers and holographic gadgets.  yes siri will get an upgrade os it can understand you and hopefully take words in context better. a new chip may make it go faster a bigger screen would be nice but you know if you look at all iphones always had the samne size screen and nobody complained then why now. yea i have a droid bionic big screen. my phone’s screen fits the iphone inside it and i like it alot but you who want the same size in an iphone should look at the ones you bought back then.  iphone 3 came out i had droid x and fit the iphone inside just my screen. same with 3gs and same with the 4 and 4s. if you bought those DONT complain about size. it hasnt changed before and YOU STILL BOUGHT THEM. dont forget that.

  2. BenFitz82 says:

    Yer I’m in agreement, think apple do need to pull one out of the bag otherwise I’ll just keep the 4s and then move brands in 6 months when my contract is up. I think apple like to hype up their minor adjustments to their updated phones and obviously suck people in like myself with these minor adjustments and after the 4s disappointment I won’t be easily swayed now because as mentioned the Samsung phone is now better than the apple phone, it runs better, it has better applications than apple, so to blow everyone out the water and send everyone back to the drawing board I hope they come out with something fantastic and leave a lasting legacy for jobs with this design (iPhone 5) being his last input to the iPhone before he passed away. Well fingers crossed for monday and lets hope for something great, if not I can see them losing a couple of million customers overnight if they dont provide the goods

    1. Guest says:

      It’s amazing how we always want more. Do these things happen overnight. No. You guys are behaving like spoilt brats who didnt get their Poni for Xmas. Be patient young Jedi the force will come. LOL.

  3. abighammer says:

    I’m up for an upgrade from my iPhone 3g and looking for drastic changes from Apple to continue to be an Apple consumer.  I’m in agreement with BenFitz82, if its same old same old minor tweaks from Apple Ill be turning to the Samsung Galaxy III for something new.  Anxiously waiting for Monday’s debut.

  4. Dave Wright says:

    i would like a really good telephone dont need massive screens and fancy gadgets just a decent ariel and good address book android aint even close on that issue.

    1. Giovanni says:

      Android auto updates contacts and phone numbers with facebook. Yeah been doing that before apple. Good antennae = 4gLTE.

      Got ya beat on both points so you should reconsider and possibly.invest in some.google.classes.

  5. Crocandy says:

    I have to say i am looking forward to finding out what’s new on Monday.  I am in total agreement that the New iPhone or iPhone 5 needs to be ground breaking and packed with new features.  I can honestly say that I am starting to sway towards the Samsung Galaxy s3 ot HTC One X as money has become a factor.  I’ll happily pay the premium price for an oustanding iPhone but not for a rebranded minnor tweaked version. 

  6. Stevemitchell says:

    Everyone (except apparently u guys) that the 4s wasnt going to be a drastic upgrade on the 4. They didnt have the phone they wanted ready a year ago and they didnt want to put out a more elaborate but POS iphone. If u woulda paid attention to the product ur so worried about u would have forgone the 4s and saved ur contract upgrade for the 5 like I did. This upgrade will be substantial like the upgrade from the 3s to the 4. Go ahead and switch to ur samsung galaxy ill be laughing when apple once again prevails with the hands down best cell phone on the market

    1. Benbuckley says:

      and when did apple do that? they still have the worst bluetooth protocols i have ever seen!! samsung smashed them out of the water last year and will do the same this year  because everyone will fall for the elaborate apple hype or maybe they might have stolen more android invented things……maybe even multi tasking 🙂

    2. giovanni says:

      I agree with Ben and everyone else who says Samsung just destroys apple.

      Ditched the 4s for a galaxy note. So did my sister. Siri is so ineffective it’s laughable.

      I hope the elongated 4″ design isn’t real because I will be the one laughing when apple.yet agains comes out with an over-hyped sub-par telecomunication AND internet communication wait wait wait… AND an mp3 playback device!

      I’ve owned them all by the way.

  7. JC says:

    I need a new phone and I’m getting bored with the speculation. For God’s sake just give us a date! Looks like I’ll have to consider a different make.

  8. ringsgeek says:

    Forget Apple, which has lost all innovative strides and is now merely playing catchup to other Android phones. Samsung is the only real way to go now. A 4″ screen that is merely taller? Give me a break, Crapple.

      1. ringsgeek says:

         Yeah, it looks like they’re just stretching the screen vertically (or rather, expanding it vertically) – the width should remain the same.  DUMB!

  9. nightops says:

    They definitely need to step up their game.  I’m hinging bets that they will release an A6 CPU that is dual core (A6X to be used for the next iPad) that will boast tremendously increased graphics performance to manage the increased 4″ screen size @ringsgeek:disqus 
     Retina Display DPI.  They should stick with the dual core CPU because quad chews up more battery and doesn’t really offer a significant performance boost, unless they can offset the quad by an enhanced battery such as… ORB.  40% longer talk time, with a sub-30 second charge?  That would just be insane.  I doubt it will make it to this iteration, but if it did, it would really draw TONS of attention.
    4G/LTE is a MUST.  NFC is a “nice” feature, but definitely not mandatory.  802.11ac would be awesome, but 802.11n is still perfectly fine for now.  Bluetooth 4.0 would be a “nice” feature as well.  Though any manufacturer can pull 4G/LTE + 802.11ac + BT 4.0 in a single Qualcomm chip that has VERY low power draw…  that would be another huge win for Apple.  Especially if they were able to harness ORB.

    1. Nitebreed . says:

      You want a retina display? you mean you want a screen with a ppi over 300? that’s all a retina display is. You can’t distinguish between any ppi over 300. Apple just named it Retina display and everyone that gets an Apple product say their the only ones with a retina display and it’s great. It’s just dead space area over 300 and Apple gave it a name. Nothing special

      1. nightops says:

        Yes, I think we are all aware that Retina Display is just the label Apple puts on it’s displays that are +300 DPI/PPI.  Just stating what I thought the specs would be for the upcoming iPhone.  Maybe “boasting” wasn’t the right word…but it’s what I believe Apple will do concerning the new screen size/resolution.

  10. blackciti_fo5 says:

    Im eligible for an upgrade in august and I have the HTC evo 4g. Been had this phone since October 2010 and I’ve enjoyed the phone and the Android platform. I’m leaning toward the new galaxy s3 but I also like Apple products. I have an ipod touch. If they come out with the iPhone 5 between now and august I might get it. If the screen is 4 inches or smaller I’m going for the s3 hands down. My hope is that the iPhone has at least a 4.5″ screen AND comes out before my upgrade eligibility since I will get $150 off. I might still get the s3 but if the iPhone comes out at least I will have a choice and I can see what new features it may offer and I can make my decision then.

  11. accept your purchase says:

    This is hilarious, basically no one knows who has the best platform available, but like children you’re all worried that you might not have bought ‘the next best thing’! Stop complaining about which company is the best, if you love Samsung, buy Samsung, if you love Apple put up with the silence and overwhelming internet hype. No matter what it’s just a communication device and surely you’ll be happy with your new toy, unless someone tells you theirs is better?

    1. Nike says:

      Read the article carefully!
      I was an iPhone 4 customer and because of crappy iPhone 4s I moved to Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now it is time to go back to iPhone 5 (if they reveal something nice) or I have to stick to Android…
      This is called business and they need to attract me as a consumer. It matters to us as Apple fans and you do not understand it.

      1. accept your purchase says:

        I too am an Apple fan, I just wasn’t ignorant enough to believe the internet hype about the 4S being a complete overhaul, as with the move from 3G to 3GS which I avoided. Barely any phone company is going to bring out a ‘revolutionary’ new phone every 12 months, it’s only hype and ignorance which makes us believe differently.

        1. Nike says:

          It wasn’t supposed to be iPhone 4S but iPhone 5!
          Now we expect iPhone 5 after 2 years, and not iPhone 4SG or 4S2 or… That’s what I am saying

  12. Erwin says:

    I think the next conference will be for the new macbooks and not for iphones..

    1. Guest says:

      If thats the case i’ll cop a Samsung SIII …. I held out a year since there last disspointment with the iphone 4s if they pull another anti-climax like that this time round it definately be a SIII for me…. and i’ll probrably love it too 🙂

  13. Ragingserenity0 says:

    Apple could cut out a piece of cardboard, call it the iPhone 5, and millions will flock to purchase it.

  14. Ricky says:

    First of all, IDK if you have noticed, but the iPhone 3G, and 3GS looked the exact same just like the 4 and the 4S. It’s a cycle that Apple has been focusing on. I honestly do not care what the phone looks like. I more or less care about it’s features and usefulness. More than likely, with Apple’s next product launch they will have a iPhone 5 and then next year they will have a 5S. Just based on past trends.

    I love my iPhone, and I’m a die hard Apple user. Everything I own is Mac. They’re so reliable and they just work! I sell cell phones, and you wouldn’t believe how many android phones you see coming back to the store because they don’t work, or they got a virus, or whatever. Apple is awesome because all of their devices are automatically protected against viruses and malware – they do their job and out of the 100’s of iPhones I sell each month, very very few of those come back due to a defect. They honestly thought of everything! Android is nice, but honestly, why would you settle for something LIKE the iPhone when you could just buy the iPhone? Shoot, I remember when the original iPhone just came out. We didn’t even sell it with a discount with a 2 yr contract, yet people would be lined up at all the AT&T stores and Apple stores waiting to buy this revolutionary product. I give Apple props because they created a market for themselves, and it’s grown so rapidly ever since. 

    Those are my thoughts, and I anticipate great and wonderful things for Apple’s next product launch. Already at our store we are talking about getting a live feed for the WWDC conference so that we can find out (just like our customers keep coming in to ask us on a daily basis) when the new iPhone will launch and it’s many new features. AT&T and Apple are very hush hush about many of the release dates (even with it’s own employees) but that is why we are waiting for June 10th to come! There is much hype over what the new device will offer, and I guarantee you that Apple has the best intensions to do what it takes to keep it’s customers happy! 

    1. Nitebreed . says:

      You’re full of crap. What Android device got a virus? Name it. Make and model. You’re the first one that ever saw one. People say it can happen but you’re the only one that has seen one. Also you say Android gets viruses and Apple products “Just work” I hate that phrase “just works” Sign of a non thinker. that’s the Apple mantra “Just works, “ease of use” lmao. Really. Use your own words if it “Just works” Apple doesn’t get viruses. MAC 600,000 infected? oh I’m sorry. that just doesn’t happen to Apple. You brag about it enough and get enough users than hackers will decide to infect your stuff. 

  15. Christysakowski says:

    I agree that people should be happy for what they get, and I agree technology can only go so far now until a new revolutionary feature(s) have been brought out. And I do think its silly to want “the latest and best toy on the market”…but we all have to admit, those marketing strategies put out by companies are meant to be compelling, and we ALL feel lured to them, at least at some point another. (Name-calling is far more immature, IMHO.)
    But I agree with the author of this…realistically, and from a marketing standpoint, people WILL want something different, this new revolutionary stuff, and Apple NEEDS a touch of that with the new iphone in order to stay afloat in the cell phone industry. And I beleive they can do it, and they will! Even android phone makers have to admit, Apple is brilliant.

  16. Django says:

    I love three iconic brands – Mercedes, Innes & Gunn and Apple. The first two have never dicked me. The third has an apology to make, and I will accept this apology only in substance, not contrition . . . the apology must be for Siri on the 4S which is a grift, a con, more of a let-down than being fellated by a girl who’s only doing it to distract you while she steals your credit cards.  Say sorry for Siri Apple, by making the beta better. Or I’m just cheering Mercedes and Innes & Gunn from now on . . .

  17. iPhone Geek says:

    You know, I’ve always supported Apple in the phone wars, but I think S3 is a winner this, unless of course Apple make the iPhone 5 as big as S3, which is unlikely. S3 looks much sleeker.

  18. Limeberg_1929 says:

    its time to say good bye to the thieving apple,they do rot,there are so many phones  out there that make any apple look sick,apple had its hay day now step aside.we need phones made in the USA or countrys that support fair labor the repos have sold the usa to china and now its pay back time,first bye bye Repo’s and hello  USA, WAKE UP WE HAVE THE TEC.LETS USE IT and put our people back to work..

  19. Anon says:

    OK, I don’t usually comment on blog’s but just some of the ignorant comments I have come across are frustrating the heck out of me. 

    First things first, 3 months before the very first apple iPhone came out in the UK, I was wholesaling them for stupid money bought from a guy in Texas, I used to unlock them and sell them on. 

    I would say I have been here with the first iPhone since its birth, I can assure you, all apple products are just as buggy in the software and hardware as any other phone. 

    Whatever you think, this is a simple fact.

    Apple is what I consider a cult of a company, the software they build are for old people and really young people.  The amount of times my iPhone 4 crashes is just as much as any other phone. 

    Here are some things I find very frustrating:1. Stupid stickers they put in the box of every apple product, wake the F up, why cant you put a useful screen protector inside instead? Some people don’t use these but at least for those who care about selling in the future, it means a bit of extra cash as we can sell these on as mint condition. 

    2. The OS is obsolete, the Keyboard has pushed me to the point of anger before, the iPhone 3g had a much better design and shape in my opinion.  They stole the pull down menu from Android yet dont offer what most people wanted on it, like Wifi or 3g switch.  Too many restrictions and after many years of use you will start to get frustrated at having to go to the settings to turn WIFI off or when your playing around with music, or when you want to delete more than 1 photo. 

    3. How many years did they try punk everyone by locking the phone, it is unlawful for any phone company to lock their phones to one operator, FACT! 

    4. £24.99 for a usb cable, you have got to be joking me. Oh and for 1 metre of it, yeah Im sure there is some magical copper they use, nonsense.  3m cables from eBay work perfectly fine, I know because our team of technicians at the warehouse tested wattage, the cable itself and concluded these were 99.9% identical to so called Genuine apple cables.  I am not a technician but if anyone would like to see our report sheet please ask.

    5. They purposely undersell you a product in advance before they release something just that bit better a few months later, a brain washing money grabbing cult, not for the open society.   Its a scam. Iphone, then Iphone 2, Iphone 3g then Iphone 3gs, then Iphone 4 and Iphone 4g

    6. Apple are money focussed, not consumer focussed.  Firstly they built the Iphone 4 with a huge antenna problem, at first they tried to deny they had built a faulty product, it was faulty because its main use as a phone was pretty much useless and NO you dont have to hold the phone with a death grip apple basically admitted fault by giving away free bumper cases to some, then started selling them for £24.99 again LOL at the $1 item they get from china. 

    7. They are very closed source, unlike Android whom I admire for being so open with their software but I have yet made the switch as I believe they have a little more work to do, something I find very frustrating is that you cant add contacts without a gmail account, cmon Android, not everyone wants a gmail account. 

    8. Is your battery not holding charge just a few months after 1 year? Its OK apple will charge you £120 for a new/refurbished phone! I just want a battery, I don’t want to have to back everything up and reset everything on my new phone.  Its a scam, they want £120 for a new battery, I don’t need and never asked for anything else, again £5.80 for a battery from a decent seller on eBay, works fine never had an issue and neither have any of my 500 plus customers who needed a battery change. 

    9. 97% of applications are useless or garbage, only a very small minority of developers create something useful.  They don’t allow the law of free speech but they will happily allow applications like the torch or “batter saving” applications which actually mess up the torch on your phone and kill your battery life on to Itunes, why? Money maybe…

    10. iTunes is just a joke, a huge bloatware full of outgoing connections that is possibly the most complicated software to add downloaded music from, always coming up with errors, delete forcing of my downloaded mp3’s and I dont mean the illegal ones as I dont have torrents or download music, I mean mp3’s from open source places where the artist is giving them away free. 

    11. How they claim to be so inventive, apple did not invent multi touch or touch screen, they steal alot of their ideas like Internet Tethering which they stole from the colour app guy, the developer who created a covert Light colour application which secretly enabled Internet tethering, they ruled him out claiming he broke their terms then created their own version, the irony of it is just amazing. 

    12. By the time they release anything the technology is already old, 8mp on a phone is not that exciting when they released the iPhone 4g considering you had cameras at the time capable of 12mp and 3d recording. 

    13. The Iphone 4 is not a quality phone, I look inside of these every single day, the components are not great, the only solid piece is the logic board, everything else is a bit iffy, most of my repairs are the touch screen, battery, reception/antenna and the home button, why?  All of the most useful parts of the phone are failing, again I believe this is intentional. 

    I hope iPhone 5 looks exactly the same as this terrible Iphone 4 design, its heavy, horrible to try and grip and you have a 99% chance of breaking it if it falls.  I believe the Galaxy will be a clear winner, they have a more open mindset and listen to their customers alot more.  I have played around with the galaxy and apart from a few gripes, the OS works wonderfully and is much more technical savvy for those who like to explore within. 

    I truly have started to see the true colours of apple, they are rotting from the inside out, their products are shabby and way overpriced and the components are old even from the time of release. 

    Everyone’s wait will be a disappointment especially if they keep this same shite design. 

    Even though I do own some apple products and work with them, I believe my points are critical and as a long user I have noticed some major flaws.  My next purchase will be an android based phone. 

    So long apple