iPhone 5 HD camera details suited for 4-incher

Although many people are hoping to see an announcement of the Apple iPhone 5 at next week’s WWDC 2012 we feel this is still looking unlikely. It hasn’t stopped the iPhone 5 being the subject of continued rumors and leaks though and today we have some more news to bring you, this time regarding an iPhone 5 HD camera that seems to be suited for a 4-incher.

At the weekend we gave you our observations on why the iPhone 5 could continue the success of Apple’s iconic smartphone series despite growing competition from top-notch competition and then earlier today we passed on further news about a possible 4.08-inch display. If you’ve been keeping up-to-date on the rumors about the next iPhone you’ll already be well aware that a larger screen is one of the most widely-reported new features expected for the new iPhone and this seems to be gaining strength with every new leak.

The latest news is that the front-facing camera of the iPhone 5 will have HD resolution and that this would actually be a better choice for the 4-inch display expected on the sixth-generation iPhone. This comes from an analyst insider’s report brought to our attention by Apple Insider. Mingchi Kuo, a KGI analyst, told of a few “essential adjustments” for the next iPhone in a note to investors this week and the step up to an HD front-facing shooter rather than the VGA on the current iPhone 4S would certainly please many potential iPhone 5 customers.

As well as this Kuo said that the camera will be moved to the middle and that a flip-chip (FC) solution will also be used. Many are expecting improvements to the rear camera as well and Kuo says that although the rear shooter will still be 8-megapixels the aperture range could be improved to f/2.2 and that it will also be significantly thinner. The current iPhone photography capabilities were been hugely well received and of course any further improvements will boost the reputation that the iPhone already has for an excellent camera set-up.

We’ve spoken many times at Phones Review about how Apple needs a dramatically revamped look for the iPhone 5 and more news from Kuo suggests this. He discusses how the next iPhone will be the “most challenging iPhone design yet,” and also says that while the iPhone 4S has a CCM of 6mm and lens TTL of 4.8mm the iPhone 5 will have a CCM of 5.55mm and lens TTL of 4mm. You can check out KGI’s chart of various iPhone rear cameras below this story, courtesy of KGI Research. It’s worth remembering that back in April Kuo suggested that the next iPhone may only be 7.9mm thick as opposed to the 9.3mm thickness of the iPhone 4S. We feel that iPhone enthusiasts, both old and new, would also hugely welcome a new-look slimmer iPhone 5.

Of course we have to point out that none of this is confirmed but the closer we get to the iPhone 5 release the more credible the leaks and rumors become and of course plenty of it turns out to be accurate. Other rumored specs and features for the iPhone 5 are 4G LTE connectivity, an improved processor and iOS 6 while most tech sites still believe a fall launch is most likely. However there’s always a chance, however slim, that we may hear something about the iPhone 5 at WWDC 2012 next week.

We’re always interested to hear from our readers so tell us what you think of the idea that the iPhone 5 will feature an HD front-facing camera by sending your comments? Do you welcome the fact that a larger 4-inch display looks even more likely and what kind of new look would you like to see? Send your comments to let us know.


15 thoughts on “iPhone 5 HD camera details suited for 4-incher”

    1. Keatingjdc9 says:

      The front camera is cool for SKYPE or other type video chat. It’s good to have some decent resolution, but you are correct…the rear camera is the main deal for 95% of the phaones use as a camera.

      1. Jack says:

        Totally agree. HD front face camera would be great, but prefer superior specs for the rear.
        Furthermore, phone might be a little larger. Just a little. Screen size min 4″, max approx 4.1″.

        To win the battle: completely new design (minimum bezel) and not just a better iPhone 4 or 4S. And, of course, with ultimate specs. Lack in one of these: Apple might loose the battle.

  1. Imtalented says:

    I just want this phone to finally have flash player or im going back to android which I really dnt want to and also a bigger screen would work

  2. Amyslagle2 says:

    I definitely want a bigger screen.  I’m over not being able to type without the wrong letters coming up.  I would love to have a keyboard option but to keep it thin.  Droid– huge and awful but full of amazing features.  My iphone is so slow that I wonder if its really an apple product!  Needs major upgrades or I am very much going to consider the new tablet phone.  Is it a tablet, a computer, or a phone?????  I love it and am very interested.  Apple better step it up because others are offering what they’re not!!

  3. Haz says:

    How thin do you want it? when you need to keep the damn thing plugged in the charger constantly and monitor usage to ensure you have sufficient battery left to make a call. Beef up the battery and quit making the phone thinner.

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