iPhone 5 observations & why it could prevail

The Apple iPhone 5 is highly anticipated even though the release could still be several months away. As usual its biggest competition will be the latest Samsung Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy S3 (and other upcoming Android handsets) but we have some observations for why the iPhone 5 could prevail.

The iPhone 5 has been subject to rumor and speculation almost since the iPhone 4S was released last fall and just a few of the most recent rumors include a possible front panel spot, a lowdown on the hardware and iOS 6 and news that some of the parts for the iPhone 5 will be manufactured in the U.S. Although no specs and features have yet been confirmed for the iPhone 5 (even the name is not confirmed) some of the inclusions that have been widely reported and expected are an A5X or A6 processor, an improved camera, even higher-resolution display, larger screen, iOS 6, LTE connectivity and more.

So why do we think the new iPhone will be able to hold its own against the competition? First off is simply Apple’s reputation and brand loyalty. There’s no doubting that many people who purchase an Apple device then find themselves sticking with Apple, in much the same way as Android enthusiasts stay loyal to Android devices. Apple has an excellent reputation for high-quality, top-notch goods and in recent years has managed to keep its prices down in an endeavor to counter its earlier reputation for being expensive. Thus the iPhone 5 is guaranteed success almost regardless of what it brings to the table, although of course the better it is the more it will sell.

There’s also the fact that although the iPhone 4S has sold (and is still selling) in huge quantities, Apple probably would have sold even more if it had come up with a new design. Many people held back and providing Apple comes up with a revamp this time around, those who missed out on the iPhone 4S are likely to opt for the iPhone 5. On top of this there’s also the fact that although the Galaxy S3 is highly regarded, one of its only criticisms has been the rather bland design and feel. Please note before Android fans bombard us with complaints that we’re basing this on readers’ comments to Galaxy S3 posts when many of them noted their disappointment on the design. Of course plenty of others have no problem with the look of the S3 and Apple really has to pull out all the stops with the iPhone 5 design.

As well as this there’s a growing acknowledgement that technical specs aren’t everything. Although as a tech site we provide relevant specs and features on new devices some people just aren’t too worried about the internals and are more concerned with the software or a premium look and feel. Although the hardware is always expected to improve with every iteration of the iPhone, or other smartphones come to that, there seems to be less difference between top-end device specs now, with a plethora of impressive devices to choose from.

When it comes to software then, it would be churlish not to note that Apple’s iOS operating system and apps are hugely popular. As Apple’s mobile devices only use one operating system there’s a parity across devices and a focus there that just isn’t available with some other manufacturers devices. Of course these are just our observations on why Apple’s iPhone 5 could more than hold its own against the competition and we know that Android enthusiasts are likely to vehemently disagree. Nevertheless it does seem as though there will still be plenty of good reasons for purchasing the next iPhone but this is where we’d like to hear from you.

Are you an iPhone fan, already committed to the iPhone 5? If so you may feel that no other smartphone comes close to this iconic smartphone? Alternatively you may be an Android user determined to stick with your platform of choice and may want to argue the benefits of another device, such as the Galaxy S3? We’d like to hear from you so send us your comments.


77 thoughts on “iPhone 5 observations & why it could prevail”

  1. Dd says:

    I currently have an iPhone 4 and very pleased with it.
    Will I stick the apple brand? Absolutely.
    When I’m paying for a device I look at design quality,
    The feel of it and it’s software. It’s simplicity at it’s best and apple nails both
    Hardware and simplicity. I’ve used androids and they all seem to have this
    Plastic feeling that makes me think he phone will burn to ashes as the battery heats up.
    It has a lag when switching screens and apple is smooth transition. Most androids look alike and feel the same. Everybody has a smart phone but not everybody has an iPhone.

    1. christopher evensen says:

      New androids don’t lag, and if the old ones you “tested” lagged going from screen to screen it’s because the screens actually have something actively going on on them such as weather widgets, notes, current calendars, emails and messages etc. Iphone just have another row of icons to display. Unless you’ve actually held the S3 or HTc OneX and used it, you haven’t really gotten a good crack at a newer generation android phone. Not that you would switch anyway (which I completely understand). I have been in the android ecosystem for years now and am not re-buying apps on apple, and I understand the opposite thinking. I like customization, options, surprises, and flexibility in my smart phone, so I choose android.

      1. Andy says:

        If you’ve used the new HTC One X, then you’ll know what lag Dd is talking about. EVERY TIME you open or close an app it freezes for like 2 seconds.

      2. Dd says:

        Androids try to hard. Yes I’ve used newer ones and
        It’s just not an iPhone that’s what it always boils down to.
        Customization? Jailbreaking the iPhone is best customization yet.
        All these androids made just to compete with one apple phone?
        That’s says a lot.

        … Not need to worry about malware with an iphone

        1. Schmittscreek says:

          “best customization yet” back that up compared to a rooted Android please.

  2. Guest says:

    I think that both Android and iOS are strong platforms, but they are made for different people. I use an iPhone because I love its minimalism and ease of use. But if I wanted something with more customization, I would go for android.

  3. Danboulter says:

    People are always faithful to one or the other, but I am in the middle. Having owned several Apple products over the years ,I can see that their style and functionality is superb, whereas Android are pushing forward. The Galaxy S 3 is a nice looking phone, and has some cool features, but a lot of these are just gimmicks, we can all live without a phone that can tell if your eyes are open or closed can’t we? On the other hand, people don’t need complex software functions such as Siri. Most Android users, including me, moan at how much iPhones cost, at £500 or more, whereas in reality ,prices of new Android phones from the likes of Samsung and HTC are gradually increasing to similar prices. With this in mind , I personally will be going with the iPhone 5 this time, for the next 2 years, but with the recent success and market takeover from Android devices, the platform of my future phones will be unknown. – Dan Boulter

    1. Guest says:

      I’m waiting for the 5 to arrive, then will choose the best from s3 and 5.

  4. Steve19800 says:

    I don’t understand why loyal to a brand and close your door to another brand. It is for my fun, not their fund!

  5. Den says:

    I like iphone but i never had one, i think it’s an iconic s phone like my beloved oakley sunglasses, i want to try the 5th gen but i’m undecided until i see the specs, design & features not in that order, do you know when they will finally showcase the public these points of interest? i thought it was in june but that hasn’t been announced & it’s now june, man what a new gadget can do to a person lol.

    1. Danboulter says:

      All of these things are showcased at an apple keynote, and yes there is one coming up in June this month, in fact this one is the WWDC (worldwide developers conference). However, although all of us apple fanatics are hoping for an iPhone 5, and there is evidence to suggest it will be announced, there is also evidence against it and its features. For example, its a developers conference, for the app designers etc. and is not usually a place for new product releases than Apple TV. On the other hand there is plenty of evidence pointing towards a June release, such as Apple telling employees that they will be having to work later dates over the next few weeks, suggesting something is going to happen. Maybe this is all just rumours once again, it happens every year, but if we do hear anything, it will be this monday coming, the 11th of June, and if announced, the iPhone will be on sale around 2 weeks after. – Dan Boulter

  6. iDiot says:

    even if they just made on tiny upgrade on iphone5, they still buy it as most would be going from a 3gs, but doubt it would sell well from a 4s. ….but we will see. I stay away from apple because of itunes and there “we know what best for you” approach. 

  7. Zach says:

    No doubt you considered the negative comments from Android users about the design.  The only problem is that it was the ONLY thing you considered.  You basically took the 3 or so negative comments out hundreds of positive ones and made it out like it’s a fact.  You’re a joke.

  8. Zach says:

    iPhone users are like sheep, it’s for lemmings.  There’s absolutely no exclusivity owning an iPhone.  

  9. Psamc says:

    No brand loyalty from me, I have a HTC android phone but will be looking at the iPhone5 for sure. I also have an iPod classic & looking at an iPad. I think for most people it is what they are used to so they stick with it, me I’m open minded to something new.

  10. Austin teshuba says:

    Just so you guys know, i think it will be called the iphone LTE

  11. Rob says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and my two-year contract will soon be up allowing me the option to look elsewhere. However I also have an iPad. In addition to these, I have a significant investment in apps that run on iOS. So I’m not just looking at the functionality of the phone; for me it’s the convenience, reliability and cross-product flexibility that will ultimately keep me in the iPhone camp. Besides that, their devices do look so cool, are built to last using high-quality materials, and “just work”. It’s a no-brainer for me.

  12. Brett Kubler says:

    Nothing can beat Apple’s design. No matter what people say, Apple’s hardwhere is stronger and better built. The sofwhere is faster and just in general a better phone in much more ways. The Android phones slowdown after a few months of owning them. No processor can beat Apple’s processor. Even Apple’s duel core processor beats any quad core processor on the market. (If you do not believe me then look it up). The resolution in the 4s alone is better than the resolution in the galaxy S3.Apple’s Siri is much faster then S-voice (which is on the Galaxy S3). So the iphone 4s is a better phone then the Samsung Galaxy S3. I can’t imagine how much better the iphone 5 will be. To larger screen, improved Siri, faster processor, and even LTE! These are all not for sure but I can say that they are all most likely going to be in the new iPhone, and not to forget IOS 6. Many people love their Android devices, And i agree Apple needs to lesson restrictions. I believe in the near future they will. With the death of Steve Jobs, Tim might see that, In order for apple to stay strong, they need to allow some restrictions to be removed. It’s hard to say what will be in the next iPhone because Apple is so up tight about there release dates and specs untill the idevice is unveiled. We will see soon enough the release if the new iPhone. Probally in early October.   

    1. Sky_Guy says:

      it’s hard for software to be slow when there’s hardly anything to it…it’s literally just page after page of application launching icons, how can you make that slow?

      1. Brett Kubler says:

        There is not a reason that i can think of, But if you download a bunch of apps on the iPhone 4s you wont get a lag after you close the processes. But on an Android device you get lag even after you close the apps. Its because Apple has all those restrictions that developers cant change the phone, but Android developers can.

        1. Sky_Guy says:

          I’m pretty sure it’s because an android phone is continuously downloading the apps while you are shifting to another task (also doing whatever other applications you may have on in the background at the same time)   ..whatever phone you were trying probably had half a gig of RAM and a single core.  Any newer droid doesn’t have any kind of lag when switching tasks because it has significant ram and processor power.  Apple looks  pretty, but you just aren’t allowed to do what you want.

  13. Kisssingyourlips says:

    all i’m saying ..apple no live wallpaper!!! apple no flash support!!! Apple=Cow’s rear end!!!

    1. Brett Kubler says:

      Well, Apple has so much better things than Android. You cant even update Android phones. And if you “can’t live without that” then just Jail Break your iPhone.

    2. slylandro says:

      battery life, battery life, battery life

      most android users dont even know how much customization drains the battery and just isnt worth it.

    3. Dd says:

      That can be done easily by jailbreaking the iPhone or should I say customizing it.
      Who still uses live wallpaper? that was yesteryear.
      Apple killed flash .. Flash is old … Mobile phones will be switching to html5 including androids.
      Apple is the trendsetter..always has been androids follow the trend.
      Damn I’m good.

      1. Danboulter says:

        Best argument against Android I have ever seen! That was pretty impressive! Live wallpapers, dont make me laugh… they wern’t even last year, they were 2 or 3 years ago, in fact I had a live wallpaper on my extreamly old phone which didn’t even feature an FM radio, thats saying something! Also, every company wants to appeal to iPhone users, therefore redesigning websites etc, so there is absolutely no use for flash any more, as like you said, there are ways around it and it is out dated. Android manufacturers basically designed its self on Apples iPhones, so when any android phone comes up with a usefull feature which Apple didn’t come up with a few years in advance, i may re think my views…

        1. schmittscreek says:

          You guys are amazing with your comments. While it is true that everyone copied the iphone initially, apple is constantly copying Android now. The notification trey, wireless syncing, folders, “multitasking”, etc. iOS copies functionality from Android left and right now. I own an iphone, but I fully realize this. The iOS devout get a feature that was out on droid two years ago and praise apple like they invented it. WAKE UP . You’re really calling live wallpaper yesteryear? iOS has barely changed it’s look in five years. Watch, iOS6 will get live wallpaper and you’ll think it’s revolutionary. I might switch to Andriod just because you people are so stupid.

  14. Sky_Guy says:

    Unless Apple has really re-thought the way iPhones work with this new phone then I doubt I will get it.. When comparing my girlfriend’s iPhone 4s to my own Droid X I still prefer android because I just simply have more options and functionality, not to mention my droid is far less tedious when doing simple actions.. I’ll be looking at the iPhone 5 very closely when it comes out..but unless there’s a few big changes it’s definitely a pass for me..

  15. Will27wil says:

    Android isn’t a bad software but there trying to put it on too many devices I’m think if they would stick to just a few they would be more competitive, apple only has one device to worrie about that is why iOS is so great and smoother some android base phones are still running to old software.

    1. Sky_Guy says:

      In theory, since apple only has to worry about their one device, then shouldn’t they be able to blow everybody away by doing something that is actually groundbreaking with the software..?

      1. Danboulter says:

        In reality, i believe that Apple are just showing off, because they can. Thousands upon thousands of people buy the iPhone every year, and they do not struggle for sales, whereas Android, under no fault of their own, have struggled with sales of some of their phones. If Apple can release a nice looking, simple working device which sells like nothing else, they have no reason to change it. Losing one or two customers here and there isn’t a big deal for Apple, they have a loyal customer base which will continue to buy from them, so they have once again, no reason to change. Although i am an Apple fan, i do think it is wrong, and Apple should be using groundbreaking technology, but i guess none of us can change their ways. – Dan Boulter

    2. Brett Kubler says:

      And you can’t update there software. It’s pathetic of Android.

    3. Dd says:

      I couldn’t agree more…think about it all these android phones
      they need to compete with apples only phone.. The iPhone.
      Enough said.

      1. rene says:

        need to check again, the share market on android and iPhone ? read before talk, this is not a fanstadistic, is reality. apple need to grow, look nokia and look blackberry, where are they now?
        iphone is not bad, but people choice is what determined value market when the choose what to buy, 

  16. Brett Kubler says:

    Sky_Guy- This is true but like I said any iPhone duel core processor beats any quad core found in Android phones. And if this bothers you just Jailbreak.

    1. Sky_Guy says:

      how so..? What part of the functionality of an iPhone makes it better than an Android phone?

        1. Sky_Guy says:

          I fail to believe that.  For example, if i get an email on an iPhone and it has a link to a website in it I will have to copy the link, exit the mail application, open the browser, paste the link.  On a droid you just click the link and then it opens the browser.  

          Same goes for street addresses and navigation or map applications..

          I fail to see what is more simple about that.

          1. Silverghost says:

            What are u saying dude? I’m using the galaxy S3 as well as the 4S, S3 being miles ahead of the latter. But what ur saying about opening the link isn’t true. You can do it on the iphone too.

          2. Sky_Guy says:

            I’m sorry, I was considering the fact that you wouldn’t want to use the stock apple browser and would use another like the dolphin browser.  On an iPhone if you have a prefered browser other than the stock you aren’t given the option of a preferred browser and then you must use the copy paste method..

  17. Tra2 says:

    Ifones are no good. They only have 1 button ffs. If the ifone 5 had a back button ill look at it. Otherwise im keeping my blackberry

      1. Jessica says:

        And ifones dont even have a mouse roller. They are feom the age of “glass box” useless asain junk!

        1. Danboulter says:

          If you call an iPhone a ‘ifone’, i personally believe that you are not capable of drawing any kind of conclution between these phones.

    1. Georgehollands says:

      Idiot! You can tap the back button on the iPhone screen!! Blackberrys are ridiculously poor, even when compared to the iPhone3

  18. Brett Kubler says:

    Battery life, speed, processing power, better resolution… so many more

    1. Sky_Guy says:

      battery life is worse on iPhone, any LTE phone has faster download speeds, apple processing power is 1 GHz in comparison to snapdragon 4 processor which varies but is usually about 1.4 GHz, resolution over 300 ppi all looks exactly the same to the human eye (even steve said so himself).  Considering the screen the iPhone has worse contrast than most new androids that are out right now.. so…anything considering the functionality?

      1. Dd says:

        Dude stop already. Contrast really? Have seen the white color and those phones?
        Even newer androids white color aren’t even white they’re so dim sometimes yellow.
        and brightness lacks by far.

        1. Sky_Guy says:

          you don’t understand the definition of contrast do you…?
          Also, what rene said, have you even seen any of these new generation phones?  You should probably take a look at them.  iPhones have a really washed out black in comparison to most droid or windows phones.  Heck, even my Zune HD has better contrast than an iPhone.

  19. Fluff says:

    I’m an old and unlucky user of BlackBerry and I have the opportunity to leave this software. I am still waiting with this (if you dare to say) smartphone until the iphone comes out. This is when I’ll decide between the S3 or the Iphone 5, that is if HTC or Motorola doesn’t develop an attractive phone

  20. Terryjambo says:

    There is nothing wrong with Android besides the fragmented OS and malware. Conversely, Apple’s monolithic OS has decreasing battery life with every update which you can not uninstall without jailbreaking, and is currently being sued for monopolizing the music market with its iTunes store.
    As an owner of the iPhone 4s and a former owner of an HTC hero, I can say I do vastly prefer Apple as the maker of my smartphone, although, android in particular Samsung has added some features, LTE, and 4 inch screens (will not buy phones with screens over 4.3 inches). Additions like bump where you can transfer data by fist bumping are irrelevant noveltys but Apple does need to play a little catch up on more serious features. If the iPhone 5 is not a 4-4.3 inch phone with LTE and some unique features that Android does not have I will leave Apple for good. As a video game player I know brand loyalty matters, but as a phone buyer I also know sticking with a stagnant company is a waste of money. Apple save yourself do not become the COD of smartphones.

  21. uks says:

    I had an iPhone 4 and upgraded to the sensation over a year back and am currently using the latest iPod with the latest OS for music and the sensation as a phone. And there is no doubts what so ever that in terms of user friendliness and ease of use the Android platform is miles better. Firstly i didn’t have to connect my sensation to any software suite like iTunes so i can just start using it. Same goes for transferring of any music, media or data. Yes i know some people don’t have a issue with this but the point is that if you have to use more steps in Option A as opposed to fewer steps in Option B to arrive at the same place then that makes Option A less user friendly. Full stop. Secondly having just one button for the back function and the rest on screen is iffy. Prefer having a couple of buttons like android back menu and zoom. But that is personal preference. Also the apple iOS is smooth no doubt but in terms of visual appeal it seems old. There are no animated visualizations like the android, you cannot have a proper wallpaper/screen saver put on without having it jail broken which negates your warranty?? So battle of user friendliness goes to android in my opinion but quality of the handset, yup its iPhone all the way. The new iPhone seriously needs a bigger screen though. When i got the sensation i thought the screen was too big but now i don’t think i can go back to my iPhone 4 size screen. Will feel too much like down sizing from an Lexus LS to a Toyota Corolla.   

  22. Jessica says:

    Its called spamming Brett. Now take a break and transfer some mp3’s onto that iPhone of yours. Owait.

  23. Fluff says:

    I’m not an old person jajajaa, just an old USER looking for a big change. This doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what’s happening around. For example, Blaclberry will launch BlackBerry 10 sharing things with Android, but I’m sick and tired of their OS I just bought Blackberry over and over again because they offered the BBM and the last time I got a BB, Apple launched the 4s with the iMessage

  24. Fluff says:

    Also, I need ssomething powerful since I run tons of apps at the same time.  I need this without draining the phone’s battery

  25. Imagesbykwane says:

    I’m a IPhone fan for one reason. Reason being the iPhone does what it say it will do right out the box. You don’t have to be a tech geek in order to operate the iPhone. I don’t have a problem with Andriod phones or it’s software platform but tell me this why have Andriod use been waiting on Icecream update all year and the company still produces phone with Ginerbread. If Icecream is your new software and has been for the past year why are you still making phone with Gingerbread. That’s like Apple making the iPhone 5 and have it run on IOS4.3
    Really would you buy it.

    1. Uks says:

       Kind of an odd observation that isn’t……Very simple fact is that IOS is geared towards just Apple product while the android is open based and used by a lot of manufacturers. Apple builds up products for an OS that they own and control, which by the way has  visually been the exact same since it was first drafted (adding apps and icloud doesn’t count as changes) meanwhile other manufacturers are building a product around an OS which is in constant evolution and they have to use the version which was the most complete at the time of the designing and testing of the handset. Its only those manufacturers that have actively worked with Google on the OS that have been able to release their handsets with the latest OS like Samsung. And i would rather go for an OS that has visual differences across the versions then go for one which looks exactly the same from the first iphone in 2007 to iphone 5 in 2012.

  26. Danbev92 says:

    I’ve been an iphone user now for 3 years and, although they are great phones, i think its time for a change!! i’m gonna give the galaxy s3 a go for a couple of years and if i dont like it, i’m pretty sure apple would have released something new by then!!

  27. Ssafca says:

    I have never been an ardent fan of Iphone. Infact, in Oct 2011 I purchased a 4S, kept it for 2 weeks but reverted back to my Nokia N8 merely due to some very basic features which were missing in the Iphone. I then decided to wait for the S3 since the hype was loud & clear. All said and done, when I saw/handled the Samsung S3 a for a few hours yesterday, I wasn’t impressed with the first look. The display is gorgeous, the specs are scrutinizing, yet there is something which kept me off.

    Folks, you have to remember that a phone(smartphone included) is primarily a communicating device – phone calls, messages, mail etc. You will never come across a prof. photographer shooting out with a mobile handset – he would rather use a DSLR pro camera. Similarly a music/movie buff would prefer a 42″ Sony Bravia or a digital music system with a 1000W PMPO  or a PVR screen – why stick around with a 4.8″ S-Amoled or whatever.

    So we have to remember that specs just for fancy aren’t enough. I believe a 4″ screen with useable applications and a user friendly software/interface is all that would fascinate a regular user. Anything larger than that usually requires both hand to handle, which is often inconvenient if you are on the move.

    Hence I believe that an Iphone with a 4″ screen appears to be a more appealing option – I eagerly await the same..