Google Maps for Android gets offline love

Many of us when trying to find somewhere that we haven’t visited before will use Google Maps either at home on our PC, or on our mobile device and today we have news that Google Maps for Android is to get some offline love.

We recently told you that Apple were working on its own maps offering to ditch the Google service in iOS 6, but Google has beaten Apple to the punch and revealed some new features for Google Maps. As ZDnet are reporting Google has revealed a number of new features for its mapping services that includes an offline mode for its Android application.

Just in time for users that are planning their summer holidays Google is going to make it possible for users of its mobile application to use it without an Internet connection. This feature was already available on Android as a Labs add-on, but this needed a procedure where the user had to choose a centre point where a limited area would be pre-cached, but the company has now announced the offline feature will be easier to use and official.

According to Google Maps engineering Chief Brian McClendon the feature will be available in the coming weeks with users having access to over 100 countries offline. There are some other updates on route to the application as the company will be sending out ‘Street View Trekkers’ to take images of wilderness areas, which can only be reached by foot.

Google is also expanding its Map Maker feedback and corrections service to areas such as Egypt, South Africa, and Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland will be added in the coming weeks.

It will be the offline feature that many Android users will like though as they can download the map of where they are visiting before setting off on their travels. Do you use Google Maps much?