Fresh iOS 6 rumours emerge apps to see the biggest change

The 2012 WWDC event is again expected to focus on various new software from Apple instead of any new hardware being showcased, and today we have some news of some new iOS 6 rumours and it seems apps will see the biggest changes.

iDownloadBlog are reporting that a reliable source has came to them and revealed some new information regarding the next update to the iOS operating system that is expected to be announced on June 11th. It is being claimed that there will be no major new additions to the main OS features, but instead all the main enhancements will focus on stock applications across the board.

The source is said to have solid connections inside the company and has proven to be accurate in the past, and the information the source is revealing hasn’t been heard before. Some items that won’t be coming with iOS 6 are widgets, and that the home screen will be exactly the same.

The person in question was pushed on the subject of the rumoured enhanced Maps application to try and find out if Apple had addressed turn-by-turn navigation concerns, but the source would only say that “Maps is completely leaked out” and had nothing new to add.

It was claimed that some cool stuff was coming but the sourced warned not to expect “anything fancy”, but some big things are expected to be coming in almost every stock iOS app with each of them holding improved capabilities and major surprises, and it is being claimed that users won’t realize it is iOS 6 until they “launch apps”.

Apple has reportedly redesigned iOS apps from the ground up using a few new capabilities in iOS 6 to provide what is being called groundbreaking enhancements. These changes in the apps are being described as “impressive” and have said that everyone will be surprised and that the update will be worth it. Both the Camera and Photos applications are in for some major and long expected improvements and as iOS 5 saw iMessage and the Notification Center, iOS 6 could see at least two major new features of a similar magnitude.

It was also suggested that owners of the new iPad “will find the iOS 6 update well worth it”, but the source when pushed wouldn’t detail any possible improvements to how iOS handles multitasking, so we will have to wait and see if Apple will finally enable true multitasking on its mobile devices.

What feature would you most like to see in iOS 6?


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