Motorola Xoom on Verizon 4.0.4 ICS update heading your way now

We’ve been endeavoring to bring readers all the latest developments regarding Android ICS updates to devices on different carriers and for different manufacturers. We know how many of you have been waiting for some Motorola devices to receive the update and today if you’re a Motorola XOOM on Verizon owner there’s good news as the ICS update rollout is about to begin, with a start date of June 4.

Not too long again we gave news of a Verizon device roundup for the Ice Cream Sandwich update and the XOOM was listed to receive the update in Q2 so Motorola and Verizon have managed to stick to the expected timeframe. The Android 4.0.4 ICS update will bring some really nice changes and among the most important are improvements to the Launch Bar, the Usage Center (enabling you to keep track of data usage), the Notification Pop Up Box and Folders.

Other enhancements according to Android Central, sourced from Verizon, are that some issues with 4G LTE upgrades have been fixed, there are policy improvements for Exchange/Activesync, a fix for EAS security, an email search, updated People app and updated browser. The 4.0.4 ICS update will also offer better text input, improved stability, a redesigned App launcher, the ability to launch the camera from the lockscreen, built-in Photo Editor in the Gallery app and more.

As we said, this software upgrade (IMM76) will rollout gradually from June 4 so be patient and you should be receiving it soon. If you want to check on the over-the-air (OTA) update to see if it’s become available to you after June 4 then go to Settings>About Table>System Update. The update is 107.9MB in size according to The Verge.

Have you been waiting for the 4.0.4 ICS update to come to your Verizon Motorola Xoom tablet? When you receive the update, let us know if the process went smoothly and also what you think about the changes to the OS by sending your comments.


11 thoughts on “Motorola Xoom on Verizon 4.0.4 ICS update heading your way now”

    1. Sdarbin says:

      There seems no point in buying Motorola if you don,t live in the americas.
      XOOM is a nice tab but never again will I buy Motorola given the lack of a date for us to have the ugrade

          1. Nigbrews says:

            Another customer here in the UK that will never buy from these jokers again. Customer support last week reiterated a quarter two release date, but lying to their customers seems to be the only thing that department is good for.

          2. Rcj says:

            I have 3 UK wi-fi only Xooms and I have already given up on Motorola UK with regards to ICS.  The next generation of quad Android tabs, coming out in September, will have 1080p screen, on par with iPad retina display and the Xooms will be relegated to chopping boards.  One thing is for certain … my next Android tablet will not be the Motorola 

          3. aquarianlife says:

            Totally agree with the above. Just got a Samsung S3 phone. Fantastic. Love the XOOM but why oh why is Motorola so off the pace. Another RIM in the making?

  1. MontyBest says:

    Like Isac and others below, Google/Motorola have done themselves no favours, I too will not purchase a Motorola product again and I am actually considering the purchase of the hated Apple…

  2. MAD Mart says:

    Has anybody in the UK had the ics update for the wifi only XOOM,as I’ve heard its rolling out across europe now.I no its being pushed out across Germany but what about us brits,when do we get it. If and when we do it will already be out of date because of the Jelly Bean release. PULL YOU FINGERS OUT MOTOROLA UK,THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!
    @peepo50 if anyone wants to tweet me with some info.

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