100 Floors app frustration without cheating

Where do we begin when it comes to the most annoying and frustrating app of all time, yes we are talking about ‘100 Floors’. This is the most challenging app that we have installed to date, and to tell you the truth our iPhone and Android phone has nearly become the best NASA shuttle launch of the year.

This is a game of many levels where you need to open doors to advance to the next level, to get to the next floor you need to solve many puzzles where you need to tilt, swipe, pinch, poke etc.

We have been playing this game for a while, and it is very hard not to cheat to advance to the next floor, you only got to search Google by typing in “100 Floors” and all you see is cheats and walkthroughs. We got stuck on floor 23, the first part is obvious where you need to turn the light on, once this has been done you see a wall with patterns, in our inventory is a square panel with 4 black cut-outs, which we know this is needed. We are still stuck on this level and have no clue on what to do next to open the doors, and we are determined not to cheat. How do you get pass this level? Please do not tell us, no please do, oh stop it and behave Phones Review and get a grip, well do you know?

There are many items along the way to pick up and collect that will help you through the floors, if you install this game here is a little hint for the 4th floor “what is the opposite motion of pinching?” no more help for you.

So glad the hair is thinning out, which means the frustration process will not allow us to rip out our hair. This game will continue to receive updates so that you can continue to enjoy beating yourself up, if you do get stuck on any level why not visit our previous article that shows a complete cheats video of all the levels and how to advance.

Yes we are still here biting our nails, it is getting to the point where we should cheat or delete the app. Good old 100 Floors you really know how to get under our skin, lovely game and very annoying at the same time. Go ahead and get 100 Floors for iOS or Android devices by visiting Google Play or the App Store.

Please do let us know if you have played 100 Floors without cheating yet, we want to know all about your frustration if you are playing this game.


8 thoughts on “100 Floors app frustration without cheating”

  1. Chatabug says:

    I’m on level 56 and thus far i haven’t cheated… yes it’s true i did give up biting my nails 3 years ago only to take it (and smoking) back up in the last week! But hey it’s fun even better when you finally work it out only to realize how simple it was in the begining!

    level 23 – all you need to do is tap the uncovered pictures from right to left, then left to right… door opens and ta da… ur on the level 24… good luck 😉 i hope ur phone survives

  2. Test says:

    made it to 70 yesterday – no cheats used … but challenging to say the least

  3. Julie says:

    I love 100 floors but….. SOoooo frustrated! It’s challenging but they have a lot of bugs. I have no idea WHO to complain too!!! Luckily I found this site in the middle of my frustration! Hopefully this message will get to the right person! (onto my next obsession, The Heist)! I hope I’m allowed to say another game.