Google Dropbox video streaming update for ICS 4.0 users

There are a growing number of ways for us to store our important files away from the hardware inside our homes or the mobile devices we use, and today we have news of the Google Dropbox video streaming update for ICS 4.0 users.

Dropbox has just been updated for the Android operating system, and as The Droid Guy is reporting the service is one of the most popular cloud storage services available for the platform. Users can easily upload any kind of file to the cloud storage, and these can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet, or any computer connected to the Internet.

We have seen a number of improvements in the past to Dropbox, and the company has been busy updating the mobile application to get as many features as possible to the service. The company has also been working with mobile phone manufacturers to offer some great offers. A partnership with HTC saw owners being provided with free 50GB online storage.

There is still one feature missing from the service though, and it was actually noticed to be missing following the recent release of a new feature. Before now users can upload any type of file to the cloud storage that includes video files, but if you want to view that video that has been uploaded users will have to download the video, before playing it on your mobile device via some other third party application.

Now though Dropbox has made things a lot easier for its users by adding a new built in video player so the video can be streamed online. So there will be no need to download the video file to your mobile device to view, and just simply stream it to your smartphone or tablet PC. To download the Dropbox app for Android head over to Google Play.

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