iPhone 3GS not iPad 1 getting iOS 6

There’s some interesting news today for those of you following all the developments with Apple’s iOS 6, especially with the WWDC 2012 keynote speech later today where we expect to see it unveiled or at least detailed. Many are waiting for the official news for iOS 6 but it now seems likely that although it will be available for the iPhone 3GS it will not be heading to the iPad 1.

iOS 6 is a hugely hot topic at the moment and in recent days we’ve discussed a roundup of wish list features, a concept video of how it could look and also news of the iOS 6 Golden Master. Hopefully by later today we’ll have much more confirmed about what iOS 6 will offer and when it will become available and we’ll be closely following WWDC events so check back with us for more.

News that iOS 6 may not be available for the original iPad (or iPad 1) came to us from Phone Arena. Apparently a beta version of iOS 6 that recently went online omitted the iPad 1 from the download list, even though the iPhone 3GS that came out around a year before the first iPad, is included on the list. This seems a little odd and does signify that the hardware requirements for the software are not the reason that iOS 6 is not coming to the iPad 1, since the hardware for the tablet is superior to that of the phone.

Instead it is speculated that the reason behind this is to do with market availability as the iPad 1 has been discontinued while the iPhone 3GS is still available. We shouldn’t forget though that a huge amount of people are still quite happily using the first iPad and so this news is bound to disappoint many. As well as this iPodnn reports that along with the iPad 1 the beta iOS 6 download links are also not available for the iPod touch apart from the current fourth-generation model. Although they note a later beta of iOS 6 may support these omitted devices, it does not appear very likely that this will happen.

Hopefully at the WWDC 2012 keynote today we’ll be hearing more on iOS 6 so do check out some of our WWDC articles where you’ll find details of world times, live blogs and our coverage. We feel that many people may well feel let down If iOS 6 turns up without support for the iPad 1 but we’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you an original iPad owner hoping for iOS 6? Let us know what you think of this news with your comments.


59 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS not iPad 1 getting iOS 6”

  1. Tslocum1 says:

    Well, I got an iPad 18 month ago, so I guess this will be my first and last Apple product. Looks like my next tablet will be an Android tablet. Already got an Android smartphone so might as well add a tablet with the same software as the phone. And also get rid of stupid Itunes that freezes and locks up my PC half the time. Not to mention the all the HD space this hog is taking up

    1. Rapideyemovement says:

      You’ll get the same problem but worse with Android as each manufacturer will release software when they feel like it. Had a Xoom tablet which still has not got ICS, and had to wait ages for my Galaxy S2 on Orange to get ICS, and Samsung did the same by not releasing ICS on the original Galaxy S. The only strange thing about apple’s move is that the 3GS will get it, it is not unusual for manufacturers to only keep their newer products updated, as they want to encourage users to upgrade.

  2. Tehninjah says:

    …it’s confirmed. iPad 2 plus.

    Thankfully, there *may* be a jailbreak tweak to get it. If not, RARGH. If so, shut up and take all… oh, I’m skint.

  3. Sparkymarc34 says:

    They should release for iPad 1 as still going strong we’ve got 3 iPads in our house hold and all the iPad 1 as did have a iPad two but had loads of faults with so swapped for iPad 1

  4. Agrownup says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t seem like That big a deal deal to me. The mobile stuff, FaceTime are useless to iPad anyway. The i
    Cloud and Facebook inserts just seems silly anyway. I just bought a used iPad 1 a week ago but I’m not bothered. Some of those features for iPhone look neat, though.

  5. Coldair Service says:

    I have an iPad 1 and a new iPad and to be fair I feel pissed at them for stopping support on the iPad. Especially as my original one is the one I take to work!!! Very unhappy and may make me think again about buying the new one next year to replace it!!

  6. Meekyno1 says:

    I had my ipad 1 about 15 months ago on a data plan so i still have about 8 months left on my plan and your telling me they have stopped updating my product, i love apple and i love there products but im sorry this is just very wrong, i have no need to update my ipad i have no need for a camera on my ipad or a sliglty faster processor the ipad 1 is still an incredibly good tablet and i cant believe there forgetting about the ipad 1 useres already, apple you should be ashamed

  7. Chrisw491 says:

    theres one things things that iPad 1 is missing: camera integration. this would make at least 4 of the features announced for iOS 6 useless 90% of the time. on the other hand the 3gs can utilize all the iOS 6 features except FaceTime and siri. think about it, without FaceTime, siri, phone, and photo stream sharing (most people probably wouldn’t use this becus there is no camera to take pics with) its not really much of a significant upgrade. Facebook integration just has everyone saying “finally!” safari iCloud tabs are basically glorified bookmarks. mail only became a bit simpler. overall its not really an epic update like the jump from iOS 4 to iOS 5. this would just be minor stuff that a person with iPad 1 could probably live without. this would basically be asking apple to update a product they no longer sell, (and therefore probably no longer develop software on) to make an upgrade where at least 30% of the upgrades could not be used. this is probably what apple thought when making this decision. this is probably one of the same reasons why the ipod touch 3rd generation and lower also isn’t supported.

        1. Alexpiccirillo1 says:

          No one would buy the 4S then if the 4 had Siri! It’s all about the marketing. Siri is a major feature and selling point on the 4S. What’s the point of buying the 4S if the 4 has Siri???

    1. Streecom says:

      Not!  Mail is MUCH better.  Do not disturbe would be nice.  There are plenty of upgrades that we’ll be missing.  I’m not happy in the least.  One of the strong selling points of apple was that is had an upgrade program of 3 years before the device got left behind.  There is no reason to stop now.

      1. Chrisw491 says:

        Its different in the iPads case. Apple only kept the last two iterations of the iPad. Apple does not support upgrades to any iOS devices that it discontinues. Ipad 1 has been discontinued since earlier this year

  8. Vince Foo says:

    Seriously I don’t see why iPad 1 cant support this update since the 3 generations away device with a slow processor and low memory called iPhone 3GS can.

    If I’m not mistaken, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and iPad 1 all utilize the same Apple A4 processor but iPad alone is left out of this update!?

    I’m neither angry or happy right now. I just hope that Apple will eventually realize that they are leaving a great legendary tablet of theirs out and forsaken a lot of people who are still using this great tablet.

    If I’m not mistaken, iPad 1 is the tablet that spark that kickstart the flame of the tablet industry no?

  9. Turnic says:

    I bought a 800€ machine and the drop the support after a couple of years but support the 3GS!
    They are really greedy and disappointing.

  10. Zsam says:

    thats they called bussiness,,they ddnot supported the old one ofcourse so that you can buy a new one,,what is the purpose of new one if they dont have a plan,,just like they are only playing,,playing all of us,,,i am right?!!,,:))

  11. I was an apple fool for years. Everything they brought out was ”Twice As Fast”. No it wasn’t. I hated itunes, and long ago banned it from my computers. I bought an android phone when they first came out, Brilliant! My wife has an iphone, and would swap for an android if she could. Updates  have always been on time and smooth { Galaxy 11, with 3 Ireland}

  12. Linasses says:

    The main problem with dropping the “highly successful” iPad from iOS 6 is twofold.
    1. I sends out the message that Apple will drop you like a hot stone once they have your money.
    2. Developers will not want to forget all those iPad owners, so will dev for iOS 5.1, thereby negating the upgrade.
    Epic FAIL Apple.

  13. ITRepairs100 says:

    Very disappointed with Apple,Had an iPad since they first came out and this just goes to show how greedy and power hungry they have become but the timing wont do Apple any good at all with other companies bringing out tablets that exceed the iPad specification and the new Windows 8 Tablet that connects to other more common Microsoft devices like XBOX,PC etc,this is one ex loyal Apple customer that won’t be upgrading to the next short lifespan model but going for something else instead.

  14. Sharmasantosha says:

    why apple not producing ios 6 for ipad 1 ?
    i have bought iPad in india just before 13 months because it was launch late in india after spending much money behind ipad apple denide to update ipad1 with ios 6 !!
    that clearly indicate that compney is very much hunger for money and which suggest to all ipad users that buy the new iPad otherwise you are out of dated… !!
    compney providing ios 6 for 3gs only due to that phone is selling in market by verious companies.
    even 3gs is older one than ipad!

  15. I´m very disappointed with this. I´m a Ipad1 (64GB – 3G-WiFi) and I don´t see any reason to be forced to change my hardware at this time. So, like other Apple Laptop customers in the past I´ll keep my hardware util it really can do what it does for me right now. I´ll not be so easilly seduced for the appeall of being in the current version of the IOS. Otherwise, I´d should be using my old Ipaq and My Old PC Notebook with Windows … sad …. these neeeeeeeddddd for new features must stop ! There are good features in the current new devices and IOS of course, but we should be more responsible in our gadget hungry … if we reaaaaalllyyyyyy don´t need them, don´t use it and don´t be fool to spent your money. By the way, I´m really satisfied with my Ipad1 and my 3GS, and I WILL NOT UPDATE MY IOS in 3GS IF IPAD1 will be not supported.

  16. Batyr045 Bkg says:

    Ä° think Apple corporation acts unjustly. I am iPad 1 user and I am satisfied with performance of my device. By seeking only profit from customers, company will loose their buyers. I planned to buy Mac Book Pro this summer, after these news I am going to but Sony Vaio. At least, Sony doesn’t make selection like Apple. Shame on you Apple Inc!!!

  17. stp says:

    This really stinks that apple is dropping it the company my dad works for has 500 ipad ones and i think they are going to be very unhappy about this as they just got everythign working flawless and all of them are fully operational could not be working better. 

  18. Plugging along says:

    How SAD, MEAN-SPIRITED, UNKIND, and WRONG. S H A M E on you Apple for excluding iPad 1. I am on a low disability income and cannot afford to keep buying new devices every other year.

    1. Alexpiccirillo1 says:

      Your iPad still works! Who cares if it doesn’t have the latest software?! It’s not like you have to throw it away in the garbage now. Seriously…

      1. ian says:

        Apps get to a point where they require the latest version of iOS, meaning apps that many people rely on will stop working, leaving the iPad as a E-reader and web browser. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Apple is ripping people off by trying to sell new products after old ones come out. They are pushing people to buy new products so they can make tons of money. No iOS 6 for iPad is a strategy to get people to buy new iPad. I am MAD, not disappointed at Apple. Agree??

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m disgusted with the encouraged consumerism. I for one, will not change my original ipad and get a new one. It’s working fine and apple can go **** itself.

  21. JmanJapan says:

    I’ve felt that iOS 5.1.1 has bogged down and made my iPad 1 a bit more buggy, so if Apple decides to still support the iPad 1 with an upgrade of iOS 5 (e.g. 5.2), making it snappier and less buggy (apps are crashing all the time for me), then I’ll be very happy, and also very impressed at how Apple treats their early adapters!

    I’d rather have a stable and fast OS, than support for more bells and whistles that will just make it even slower and buggier.

    If they decide to not improve iOS 5 at all for the iPad 1, then I’ll be extremely disappointed, and I’ll think very carefully before buying another Apple product again!!

    PS: I also have the iPhone 3GS, and even though it will support iOS 6 partially, I am still probably getting the iPhone 5 in September, again, depending on how Apple decides to treat their early iPad adapters…

    1. JmanJapan says:

      Also, if Apple stops supporting the iPad 1 with no more iOS 5 upgrades to make it faster and more stable, then I will probably jailbreak both my iPad and my iPhone 3GS! Why should I be loyal to Apple when they decide to screw us early adopters…? It’s mainly thanks to us early adopters that Apple products have now become mainstream…!

  22. Applehaternow says:

    I know even i am an ipad 1 user and all ny other freinds have ipad 2 and new ipad and they are teasing me as low level and cheap because i cant afford to buy a new one so i am moving to android

  23. Banjo5 says:

    I had to save money to buy my Ipad, now there not updating it? Dont they know a lot of ppl cant afford to buy a new one all the time. This is bad service from Apple. Im really dissapointed.

  24. Ray Whitlow III says:

    I am not happy at all and will be expressing that fact on any social media source I can get on. It is so messed up that IOS 6 is not offered on IPad 1, but it is is for the iPhone 3GS. Guess my next purchase will be the the surface. I have a 64 GB 1st Gen iPad, not a single scratch on, that I now feel is worthless because I cannot upgrade the os. My dealership, at my prompting, bought 75 iPads as sales tools. I have a iPad that is now worthless.
    Thank you

  25. F@cked off with Apple says:

    well, I never tought about jailbreaking my Ipad 1st but now there’s no reason not to! I was just starting to get into Apple I got the Iphone two Ipads 1st gen…
    just waiting now for the jailbreak… thanks apple a FçXk off! not sure I will buy anymore apple products!

  26. Kelly says:

    Obviously a marketing effort to make you buy a new iPad, but my first gen still works so doesn’t really bother me. If things start not working coz it requires the ios6 then that will be a different story!

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