Asus confirmation on Nexus Tablet for June release

While Apple may be about to bring us some new iPad news later today with the announcement of a new operating system, other devices that have made the news a lot recently include the rumoured Google Nexus tablet, and today it seems that the device has some confirmation for a June release.

The device has been speculated about a lot recently, and now as Mobile Syrup are reporting an Asus representative may have let it slip at the recent Computex event that the company was working together with Google on a device, at it is being tipped to be released “at the end of June” and maybe during Google I/O.

This collaboration also involves chip maker Nvidia as well with the Tegra 3 based Kai platform for low end Android tablets expected at the same event. Kai is not a single component but an implementation of Tegra 3, but with a clock speed of 1.3GHz with a low cost DDR2 RAM along with a number of other cost cutting methods, which will keep the price level below $250.

It has been rumoured that the Google Nexus Tablet will be launched at around $199, but this has never been confirmed. It is hoped that the device will take sales of Android tablets to another level by offering at a cheaper pricing level, but with the performance to be competitive with the Apple iPad.

The likes of the Asus Transformer Prime are extremely powerful, but the adoption levels have been hindered by the lack of an app ecosystem in some people’s eyes. With the new tablet along with Android 4.1 Jellybean the company will be hoping to convince app developers that there is money to be had in the tablet market.

It was also revealed by the Asus rep that the PadFone and the 1080p TF700T tablet could be arriving in the US, and maybe on AT&T. Will you be considering the Google Nexus tablet?


3 thoughts on “Asus confirmation on Nexus Tablet for June release”

  1. Marcus Freudemann says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for ages.  Will be getting it put on order as soon as it’s available in the UK.

    1. Ronf57 says:

      i agree a quad core tablet if it has good resolution is on my buy list.
      I wish they’d integrate normal phone or data into them so i am back down to one device again. I feel like the old days of clunky phone, junky pda, dinosaur calculator and pager hanging off my belt….yes nerdy