iPhone 5 WWDC announcement crunch time today

The iPhone 5 is a big focus of attention right now with Apple’s WWDC 2012 starting today, Monday June 11 through June 15. Although we’ve said many times that the event will be centered around software rather than hardware we know that millions of people are hoping to hear details of the next iPhone. With the WWDC keynote announcement later today it’s iPhone 5 crunch time.

The keynote speech led by Apple CEO Tim Cook begins at 10am PT today and if you want a roundup of live blogs available or world times of the keynote for wherever you are across the globe, click on the links. What we are expecting to hear mainly surrounds iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion along with possible new MacBook announcements. However, as we’ve said previously, we feel that a reveal of the iPhone 5 is much more unlikely.

Plenty of comments to our iPhone 5 articles though, show that many of our readers are still expecting some details and so of course we’d like to see a mention even if not a full unveiling of the next iPhone. There have been two trains of thought for some time regarding an iPhone 5 release date though. Although some always hope for a WWDC launch, as happened in some previous years, Apple bucked the trend last year with the iPhone 4S arriving in October 2011, therefore it does seem much more plausible to us that a new iPhone will be here in the fall around a year after the release of its predecessor.

Of course nothing about the iPhone 5 will be official until Apple chooses it to be but widely reported possible specs and features so far suggest it could have an A5X or A6 processor, improved resolution display and also a bigger display size, better camera and iOS 6. Much of this seems pretty likely especially iOS 6 as we have seen the banners for WWDC going up with iOS 6 depicted. Yesterday we also told about a possible new wireless feature along with a new concept of what the iPhone 5 could look like and we’ll continue to keep you updated with leaks and rumors until we finally hear official confirmation.

The big question is when will that be? We’d love to be proved wrong about a big announcement on the iPhone 5 at WWDC today and of course we’ll be bringing you all the news about that as it takes place but we’d like to know what you think. Do you think it’s iPhone 5 crunch time later today and are hoping for a reveal along with a release date soon? Maybe you think it highly unlikely that Apple will bring out a new iPhone only 8 or 9 months after the 4S and are expecting a fall release? Let us know with your comments.


51 thoughts on “iPhone 5 WWDC announcement crunch time today”

  1. Trejo495 says:

    I think Apple will surprise everyone with the new iphone. I think they will announce it last. I do believe that the iphone will be announced. With the Galaxy III right around the corner, Apple better make the announcement.

    1. Jonathan Morrison says:

      I hope so! Imaging when Tim Cook Says “Ok, iPhone, you’ve guys heard many rumors about it, but today where putting all of them to rest, so today we are announcing “The New iPhone”.

  2. Mlehman1994 says:

    The thing about the October release last year is tat Steve Jobs (R.I.P) resigned around the time that iPhone should have been released in June if I’m not mistaken…that could be one reason that iPhone 4S was not released then. Correct me if I’m wrong though. I hope to see iPhone 5 today!

  3. nightops says:

    The 4S wasn’t really a “new” phone, it was what the “4” should have been all along; a-la 3G/3GS.  The 4S was the first true “deviation” from release dates; all iPhones (except 4S) have been announced at the June WWDC, and released within a month after the announcement.  I am purely guessing that this was due to Steve’s health at the time.  I couldn’t blame Apple for doing an October announcement/release of the next iPhone, but I would sorely love to upgrade my iPhone 4 sooner rather than later.

  4. Vic says:

    I doubt it. Seems Apple likes the other “flagship” phones to be unveiled then they improve on areas where others come up short; which is why they are on top. The Galaxy III has yet to drop, so I expect the iphone to come after, to check out the competition. Also a later release date allows 4G LTE coverage to be better implented which the next iPhone is expected to have. Just my opinion though.

  5. Westbrady16 says:

    I could see them doing it simply because they want to get back on track. See they know the got off track when the iPhone 4 went to Verizon in Jan. of 2011 then they had to push the iPhone 4S back to September to avoid pissing people off. Now I see them not caring about pissing people off and getting back on schedule today. This will get them right back on track to do iPad in Winter, iPhone in Summer, and possibly new iPod touch in the fall. They will also probably release it today to compete with the Galaxy SIII. We’ll see though thats just my prediction I mean why talk about IOS 6, but no iPhone?

  6. Josh says:

    Not sure if anyone had posted this. Something hardware related is being released. Apples online store is temporarily unavailable. I assume they wouldn’t do that for software but maybe I’m wrong.

  7. sameold says:

    Got rid of my iPhone 4, went back to my trusty old Nokia, does everything I want and need a “phone” to do, makes and receives calls and sms, flawlessly, at a much cheaper monthly rate.
    Does it really matter what the “new” iPhone looks like, or what the “new” OS is ?

      1. Noemail says:

        No it works for the 3Gs.  Not all features such as Siri will go through for the 3Gs but some of the features that dont require as much of a processing speed will be available

  8. SlapYoMomma says:

    They better hurry, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is KILLING IT, and supposedly better all the way around than the Iphone 5 that hasn’t even been announced. Go ahead Fan Boys, flame me.

  9. Abcdefg says:

    Even though they only announced MacBook Pro, IOS6, and the other stuff, is there still hope that we can see the iPhone 5 this week at WWDC?

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