WWDC 2012 keynote live blog roundup – don’t miss it

Anybody who’s even vaguely interested in the tech world will know that tomorrow is one of the biggest days of the year for us geeks as Apple’s WWDC 2012 begins and the keynote speech is made. Many hoping for an iPhone 5 mention will want to follow every moment of the keynote but there appears to be no live streaming available so we thought we’d round up some sites that will be covering the keynote with live blogs.

The focus of this year’s WWDC appears to be very much on iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion so we think many expecting an iPhone 5 launch could be disappointed. However there is likely to be a huge amount of news coming from the event and iOS 6 will be a big interest to many of us, as it’s the next major operating system for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Mass improvements are expected for the next iOS and will affect anyone who uses an iOS device so if you don’t want to miss a thing then following a live blog is the next best thing to being there.

With that in mind we’ll give you a few details of live blogs that have already been announced but bear in mind many more of the biggest tech sites will also blog the event. Simply hit the links on the sites we’ve rounded up to go straight to their live blog page for tomorrow. Another thing we should remind you of before we begin is that although Apple is not live streaming the event a video is usually available to view on apple.com within a few hours of the keynote ending.

One of the sites that have already announced live blogging for the WWDC keynote is Macworld. All the latest happenings from WWDC at the Moscone Center in San Francisco will be brought to you from Jason Snell and Dan Moren and the live blog begins just before the actual keynote starts at 10am PT, Monday June 11. If you want to see the time of the keynote for wherever you are in the world then head to our worldwide times page here.

Another live blog covering the keynote, led by Apple CEO Tim Cook, can be found on The Verge. Joshua Topolsky’s live blog also starts just before the 10am PT kickoff and interestingly the site will be using a new live blogging tool called Syllabus. Alternatively Ubergizmo has what it calls a WWDC meta-liveblog where they will be gathering info from all over the web and if you visit this blog then you can use the Facebook live stream to add your own comments. The Ubergizmo link above includes a link to the Facebook page for discussing the event and there’s also automatic page refresh.

Finally the Gadget Lab Team at Wired will be liveblogging the event. Coverage will start when the team takes their seats for the keynote and will be available from the front page of Wired on Monday (tomorrow). Also available if you prefer updates in 140-character messages is the Wired Twitter stream available here.

There are plenty of alternatives here then for WWDC live blogging and as we said previously there will be many more available. Please remember that the team here at Phones Review will be closely following all the developments and endeavoring to bring you the news as it happens so please check back with us for much more from WWDC.

As well as iOS 6 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion other things that many are expecting/hoping to hear about are new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, improved Apple TV and maybe also enhancements to iCloud. We’d like to know what you are most hoping to hear about from WWDC so do let us know. Are you most interested in the software such as iOS 6 or hardware such as MacBooks or the iPhone 5? Send your comments with your thoughts on WWDC 2012.


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